Greg Sargent: Amy Spitalnick Sees Ominous Signs In Mass Shooting

While I still haven’t watched The Handmaid’s Tale, I plan to do so because I am intrigued by Gilead which is the feminist dystopia in the series where a century of “progress” has been rolled back.

Washington Post:

Sargent: What’s the end goal of inspiring future attacks?

Spitalnick: The end goal is a White ethnostate that includes this very far-right extremist vision for what this country should be: a White, Christian, straight, male nation. All others are no longer part of that country — or subjugated.

That feels fantastical to say. But if you read everything these extremists have written — and if you even read the supposedly more mainstream versions — it’s all about protecting this very narrow vision of what this country should be. …”

Christianity is controversial among White Nationalists. White Nationalism is controversial among Christians. And yet, there appears to be a merger going on at some levels.

If the ideas that animate the movement about the White birthrate and changing racial demographics ever really did gain mass traction and came to power, it would ultimately have to go through White evangelicals. That’s who is sympathetic to nationalism and populism in this country. That’s also where the growth has been in concern about the “trans” craze, Wokeism and the Great Replacement.

In the future, I expect White Nationalism will become just one grievance among a host of others. Christians who are alarmed by the decline of Christianity is another grievance. Men who are angry about the excesses of feminism is another grievance. I expect that these grievances will all merge and that mainstream politics will become a big fight over national identity and culture. You could say that we are already there.

In the long run, opposing the Great Replacement is going to become a litmus test issue like supporting gun rights or opposing abortion and this whole underground scene will be normalized.

Note: I’m half joking, half serious about this.

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  1. I believe the segment included of this discussion on Russian State TV is a fair approximation of the facts on the ground.

    Russia is facing total international isolation, Sweden and Finland instead of being deterred from joining NATO, are fast tracking membership. Ukraine will follow as its a necessary humiliation to inflict on Russia in the eyes of Zog. Ukraine is mobilizing zillions of patriots willing to fight to repel who they see as invaders. This is a predictable outcome. They should have taken Kiev in the first two weeks or not bothered at all.

    Ukraine cannot at this point be subjugated by Russia. It simply doesn’t have the means. Its gonna have to settle for some face saving detente. Sooner the better for Russia.

    Russia isn’t going to start nuking Europe. Their threats in this are hollow, and that is a sign of their weakness. Putin screwed this up badly.

    • “Russia is facing total international isolation”

      Isolation from irrelevant countries in Europe is not “total international isolation.” Everywhere that matters (China, India, Africa) is moving closer to Russia. Europe doesn’t matter in the big picture because the only thing Europe had going for it was a higher than average quality of human capital. They have decided to destroy that human capital by giving up what little sovereignty they still had to the USA, thus ensuring endless floods of migration from Africa in the very near future.

    • Keep dreaming, NATO lover. No ‘patriot’ would fight for the filthy zionist Zelensky.

  2. > Christianity is controversial among White Nationalists.

    Yes, because “White Nationalist” is a meaningless category. It is about as useful a category as “Marian Utopian.” It is an aspiration, at best – in reality it is a reactionary stance.

    To the extent that self-identified “White Nationalists” exist it is a sub-cultural of cranks playing dress up and theater and online content creation and a lot of them are Jews and Feds.

    Christianity isn’t “controversial” among normal white people, rural Americans, most suburban white Americans, and even most secular people go to Church when the occasion calls for it.

    There is no “controversy” at all, except among the Fed-Jew “Movement” which is really just a couple of hundreds online comment accounts.

    People like Amy Spitalnick exist to play along with the fake Fed-Jew movement and come up with these Fantasy Nazi scenarios for Democrats to pretend to worry about.

    • Christianity is a cult that worships the satanic God of Israel who elevate satanic Jews above God himself.
      No European, African or Asian should be worshipping some satanic Middle Eastern God of Israel.
      Christians are fully enslaved by the Jew liar and deceiver.

      • And Ken makes my point for me. As I said:

        “A sub-culture of cranks playing dress up and theater and online content creation … really just a couple of hundred online comment accounts.”

  3. Jews literally rule over America.

    White Christian America worships Israel and is devoted to dying for ZOG on the battlefield.

    Spitalnick: “Send me money, we have to fight duh Nahteez”


  4. On related news, last night, I finally finished up watching the entire show. It has four seasons, and there’s a fifth one scheduled.

    Truth be told, the show could have ended with that fourth season. There was closure to most of the main plot holes, and the only big one that remains is to take down Gilead itself. I imagine thats where the fifth season will go.

    Since you plan on watching it, Hunter, I won’t spoil you on exactly what happens, but there are two powerful, moving scenes in the show that put a chill up my spine. One of them was actually the prayer scene featured in your website banner, and the other is when there is a public show of support from a clique of Canadien citizens for the Waterfords and for Gilead.

    The show, of course, is trying to display the “horrors” of both spectacles, but that only works for people who already buy into the feminist dystopia to begin with. Divorced from its intended framing, those two scenes would make Leni Riefenstahl proud. Particularly the Waterford scene.

    I know you’ll approach it with the proper frame of mind, and I hope to see you write a review of it whenever you get through it. Its the most culturally relevant show in Hollywood right now.

  5. The Jews are in danger of losing black support. They have already lost significant numbers of Hispanics/Latinos. The signs are all there.

  6. In Europe they’re already charging people with ‘hate crimes’ just for publicly reading parts of the Bible (anti-gay etc)

    And one can see along similar lines, a problem for USA white evangelicals given the pressures now on church leadership … the increasing number of people feeling alienated when they go to a church thinking ‘trad’ but getting hit with ‘globohomo’ or other unwelcome propaganda

    Christian leaders who are anti-globohomo or non-ZIonist will be increasingly menaced with the same kind of sidelining now dished out to Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam

    There are difficulties in sustaining trad Christianity without leadership, thru another generation, on a large scale … it’s already significantly a kind of ‘nostalgia’ grass-roots holdover, given the way the Bible itself is intrinsically a back-door for Jewish cultural influence

    In retrospect the late 20th century wave of influence of Jerry Falwell etc may have been a kind of swan song

  7. I could get behind Positive Christianity, but I find the Old Testament too objectionable…who said that the God of the Old Testament was the most unpleasant character in all of fiction? The thing is, it’s not possible for many of us to believe these just-so stories in the Bible. Science makes it impossible to really swallow all this childish Bronze Age middle eastern mythology. I don’t know if you really expect most white people to believe like it’s the 15th Century. So no idea where you’re going with this evangelical stuff.

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