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  1. Just another clown-pageant. So Kang Cyrus-Maga endorsed at real-Murikan TeeVee figure named ‘Mehmet’ (Turkish for Mohammed). It’s like Idiocracy mated with Ground-Hog Day – except worse.

  2. So the Dem Fetterman will win, and the Demonrats pick up a Senate seat, thanks to Blormf.

    BTW, the Russians have been blasting Azovstal mercilessly nonstop, and 700 more have surrendered today (Wednesday). Azov Nazis are being put in prison trucks and sent into Russia. The others have been sent to a camp very near the front, presumably for prisoner swap. Maybe only a few hundred left in the tunnels. It is about over.

    • I don’t think so. From what I understand, he is so far left he’ll almost certainly lose no matter who the republican nominee is.

      Oz might be useless, but the point is he is the Trump candidate, so if he gets the nomination, it will at least keep the Con Inc candidate (McCormick) out, which is a gain in itself.

  3. In the late Roman Empire, the Romans looked to barbarians to solve barbarian problems. Look where that got them.

    Trump and the GOP need to take note!

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