Live Thread: Super Tuesday

UPDATE: Very disappointing night, but this is still headed to a run off.

I voted for Mo Brooks.

I also voted for Kay Ivey aka Aunt Bee.

Here in Alabama, I think we take for granted that we don’t have an utterly insane libtard governor like Terry McAuliffe or Gretchen Whitmer or Kate Brown. Watching how badly these people have mismanaged their states over the last few years has made me more appreciative of Aunt Bee’s steady leadership. A debacle like Charlottesville would have never been allowed to happen in Alabama.

Note: In Georgia, I shouldn’t even have to tell you why this would be a nightmare.


  1. Today is also Neil Kumar in Arkansas, and, like I said leading up to the start of this year, he and J. D. Vance were the two big acid tests to whether the Republican Party voter base, electorate and body politic in the United States is truly in the process of changing, or whether it’s all fluff and the reality is business as usual.

    • In hindsight, I should have paid more attention to that race. I forgot about Neil Kumar.

        • Kumar?

          Probably. I think I have read something about him on Identity Dixie. I’m not familiar with Kandiss Taylor.

          • Taylor was the only real conservative candidate who didn’t cuck like Brian Kemp to blacks when it came to Ahmad Arbery, George Floyd, etc etc, or David Perdue a neocon.

            Taylor is in third and I actually spoke to her, she actually had a solid platform.

            She seemed to really be the populist candidate. Her slogan was Jesus Guns and Babies. She got accused of “Christian Nationalism”

  2. Mo Brooks is in second place to Katie Britt in the first ballot dump. Perude is already losing against Kemp. He needs to retire because he lost two very winnable races. I want to stop Stacey Abrams and only Kemp or Taylor could do that.

  3. The Georgia governor’s race was called for Kemp with less than 30% reporting. He will likely get over 60% of the vote. Kandiss Taylor will not be the nominee which is a shame. Mo Brooks is in distant third.

    • Although negroes consistently opposed the space program since the beginning, NASA goes out of its way to kiss their asses.

    • “Hidden Figures is just wishful thinking bullshit.”

      Hidden Figures was an inverted corruption of facts.
      The real story:
      NASA’s mercury project had dangerous problems with loss of orientation because they were using vector calculus for orbital mechanics, which is unstable because of ‘gimble lock’. Certain immigrants from a defeated Reich told them they had to use Octonions (hypercomplex numbers) for stability in orbital mechanics .

      The jwz inverted the facts, as they always do.

      I’m sure some American black women were well versed in the properties of the field of hypercomplex numbers, a number field over the Reals.

  4. >UPDATE: Very disappointing night, but this is still headed to a run off.

    So what’s it looking like? — is a political solution possible? — please review commenting rule #1 before answering — ‘muh Constitution’ — ‘vote harder’.

    >Neo-con Steve Womack

    Womack’s Twitter timeline filtered for ‘Israel’ (link) leaves open the question: does he tweet more often about Israel or Arkansas?

    >At least Gap Tooth Stacy Abrams, all 400 Lbs. of her

    I would not discount her chances, since one obvious goal of the political and media establishments is to humiliate and demoralize white men to the maximum extent possible — can you think of a better way to do that?

    >I’m not familiar with Kandiss Taylor.

    That would be Dr. Kandiss Taylor (probably in education or some such bullshit) — chubby white woman — speaks with a heavy southern accent (link) — ‘JESUS, GUNS, AND BABIES — MORALITY OVER MONEY!’

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