Donald Trump Endorses Katie Britt

You already know my low opinion of Dump and his negative influence on Alabama politics.


“Donald Trump has endorsed Katie Britt in Alabama’s Republican Senate race, calling her an “Incredible Fighter” and likely shoring up her already significant lead ahead of the June 21 runoff.

The former president made the announcement late Friday, just hours after two new polls were released showing Britt with a double-digit lead over Rep. Mo Brooks. …”

At least he endorsed Blake Masters and J.D. Vance though. The former happened while I was on the road out West and is much more important. Masters would be a huge improvement over the likes of Jon Kyl, John McCain, Jeff Flake and Mark Kelly.

Sadly, Britt was probably going to win this race anyway. Britt and Tuberville aren’t ideal, but Britt (the smiling woman) won’t vote any differently than Richard Shelby who is retiring. Tuberville has been generally been better than I expected.

Note: I haven’t missed much while I have been on the road. The 1/6 committee hearings is the political equivalent of driving across this endless desert from Arizona to New Mexico to Texas.


  1. The few times I have noticed a Tuberville vote in Congress it has always been the way I would have voted (e.g. “No” vote on funds to Ukraine), so I have been with him.

  2. >You already know my low opinion of Dump and his negative influence on Alabama politics.

    Is that the only reason for your low opinion of Blumpf?

    linkThe MAGA supporter is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a White terrorist, a racist, a cuck, privileged it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But tell him Trump was a fraud and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “you must be a nazi Biden fan!”

    The 2016 Trump campaign was positive in that he said things lots of people had been thinking, and this helped them feel free to say them too — but his presidency was ein großes Nichts, mostly because Trump is a dumb narcissist who more than anything just wants people to like him and to be accepted by the Establishment — his continued political presence is harmful in that he absorbs energy on the Right when he is not a real alternative.

    • No, it is just one thing among others that I hold against him. I think Mo Brooks would have lost this race anyway though.

  3. Hunter;

    Just curious, what was the range of gas prices on your trip out west? $5/gallon up the street from where I am for now.

    • Cheap gas in Auburn, AL was $4 a gallon when I left. Average was $4.29. It was around that price through Oklahoma. I talked to my dad and he said it was going up again back home a few days into our trip.

      Gas jumped in price in Colorado to like $4.70 or so when we got into the Rockies. It went up again in Arizona and Nevada to over $5. It is over $6 everywhere in California and more expensive at the Chevrons than ARCO. The highest price we saw was over $7 a gallon around Santa Monica.

      I gassed up the car in Corona, CA for around $6 a gallon. The price dropped in Arizona to around $4.70 at the truck stops around Quartzsite on I-10. It was $4.50 in West Texas and around $4.70 in the outskirts of Dallas where we are now.

      I’ve been writing down in my journal every time we got gas and how much we paid for it. I will total it up when I get home. I’m glad we went ahead with our road trip which we had been planning for a year, but this was like the worst time to go in around 50 years.

      Gas is anywhere from $1 to $2 a gallon more expensive in California than Texas and elsewhere in the South. It is more expensive in the West, but especially in California.

      • CA has the highest (state) gas tax in the country (link), but I don’t think that alone accounts for the difference in price between CA and the other states you visited — probably the generally higher cost of living and doing business in CA accounts for the rest.

      • Chevron has the best additives in the industry and commands a premium price. I’ve heard mechanics have opened up engines that ran exclusively on Chevron for years and they are as clean as a whistle inside.

        • You just buy into the media. Probably just as many libs in any other state.
          The loudmouth liberals and politicians there, but there are a lot of working class people who don’t want that. Just proves voting is a sham, too.

      • “It is more expensive in the West, but especially in California”

        A state that is among the largest oil producers in the nation , 6th.
        There are over 45 oil fields in the LA basin, 3 of them world class in reserves.

  4. Trump is fake and controlled by Jews.Every time he failed to support or endorse good candidates and instead endorsed open borders,Jew controlled candidates.He turned on supporters like Kobach,Sessions and Brooks and embraced opponents like Graham,Romney,etc.Trump is no Christian or pro-White man.He loves the f’ing Jews.He raised his daughter to care so little about Jesus that she renounced our Savior to kiss up to the Jews.Ivanka committed the unpardonable sin of renouncing Christ she did so in embracing Satanic Judaism.Basically Trump is like the rest,owned by the controlling Jews.But our side has the good Lord and the Master Jesus and I couldn’t feel more happy about that.Bless all here in good faith.

    • Ivanka recently tossed daddy beneath the bus for telling the Jan. 6 Kommissars that she didn’t think the 2020 election was rigged. So now he’s finally pissed at her. Total narcissist. Why is anyone still paying attention at all to the worthless grifter? As the alleged commandante in chief, Zion-Don could have stopped or at least slowed down the vast gravy train of arms and munitions flowing to Tricky-Dicky Piano-Man’s cash laundry but of course didn’t do a damned thing – as usual. BTW, a gang of Repuke senators have ‘made a deal’ for more gun control. Be sure to voat moar harder because R-jerseys always have your back (in their sights).

    • Agree with most of this, but not the religious part. Christianity worships the jews. It’s not a couple of them, it’s MOST of them. As long as this servitude and compliance goes on, we will never be free.

    • “Trump is fake and controlled by Jews.”

      Oh, really? Then that must be why organized jewish interests are so interested in taking him down along with all his supporters? You know a lot of these conservatives make a big show about being friendly with the conservative jewish minority in a futile attempt to try to show that they don’t want to gas 6 million jews by simply endorsing a return to mid 20th century healthy American life. That doesn’t work though, they want no white gentile control of any of our power centers, so many of them are so paranoid, hateful and neurotic they can’t help but destroy the west.

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