Tucker Carlson: Biden Has Made Things A Lot Worse

Several generations ago, Americans used to head down Route 66 to southern California. Today, their descendants in states like Missouri head to Florida for their summer vacations.

Note: I will never forget the guy in the white Tesla who broke down on the side of that toll road in California. He left an impression on me. I’m don’t miss the toll roads and $7 a gallon gasoline. Life steadily becomes more affordable as you travel from Los Angeles to Alabama.


  1. Tucker is another Judas Goat, steering us stupid dumb ass whites away from the jew. He knows damn well who owns/runs/’controls everything but keeps us dummies tilting at phantom windmills.

    • If he mentioned the word “Jew”, he’d be taken off the air immediately. And by talking about how bad things are he attacks Jewish power indirectly because the message of the Jew is, “This is the best things have ever been. Only conspiracy theorists and bitter losers think anything is wrong.”

  2. Biden is just an openly retarded puppet who can’t even competently read the messages provided for him by the real string-pullers. Those running the show get a charge out of hearing all of the morons repeat “President” Biden over and over. The only thing that drooling old fart presides over is his rectum – even then only on limited occasion. Carlson and others in this discussion need to point this out continually, as the average IQ of the populace in Murika is on a steadily declining slope. As Vox Day notes: Clownworld literally makes you stupid.

    • Most whites are too stupid to realize that Biden is doing what he is told to. They keep talking about how he and Camela are dumb, stupid, make mistakes, incompetent, have dementia, etc.

  3. Biden has made many things worse, I would also blame jerks on the so called right, who never seem to care about anything except capital gains tax cuts and endlessly creating ‘democracy’ in some third world garbage dump. The country likely wouldn’t have had ‘gay pride’ month in the first place if the so called conservatives had said ten or fifteen years ago that homosexuality is not a perfectly acceptable alternative lifestyle. What did the yuppie ass clowns do? they have lots of gay friends, they’re fine with it.

    This is how we got 53 genders, fags participating in girl’s sports, drag queens reading stories to first graders People on the right should have tried to stop the decadence, instead they have to virtue signal to the liberal assholes, and let them call the shots.

    I’m guessing that this is what happens when people don’t care about what’s right, only looking socially acceptable.

  4. Mexico offers much more freedom than the US and its big cities are safer than big US cities.

    • If you want to live there…I’m not a Native American or mestizo, so I have nothing in common with them. I didn’t grow up there. That’s not my culture or race.

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