Axios: House Passes “Assault Weapons” Ban

In the last month, House Democrats have banned “assault weapons” and codified abortion, contraception, gay marriage and interracial marriage into federal law. The only thing stopping them from pushing this through is Senate Republicans.


“The House on Friday passed a ban on assault weapons, 217-213, a largely symbolic step as the measure is all but certain to fail in the Senate.

Why it matters: The legislation comes after a spate of mass shootings in the past few months. Friday marks the first House vote on an assault weapons ban in nearly three decades.

Five Democrats voted against the bill, and two Republicans voted to support the ban. …”


  1. It better fail in the senate. Then again. you never know what the cuck and sellout Republican will do.

    • They signed off on the last gun control bill. It solved nothing. Democrats are back for more as always. Fortunately, this is just a messaging bill

      • Sooner or later they will pass “Assault” weapon bans because the Republicans will side with the dems just like they have on other issues. It’s only a matter of time unless the two party oligarch is defeated and destroyed.

        • Where are the Christian Nationalists on this? It seems like they don’t care, unless it’s something that affects going to church.

          • I think they are in the same boat as most 2A people, this AWB push has been ongoing since the 1994 law sunsetted in 2004. Most 2A ppl look at it as an ‘unlikely today, yet inevitable tomorrow’ type situation. Not allot of panic mostly just people realizing we are on a terminal trajectory and one day soon the balloon will go up.
            About the only thing to get 2A ppl excited at this point would be seeing the NFA/GCA end up at SCOTUS.

            Christian Nationalism is a movement, not a single issue voter, and most types in it are under no illusions as to the necessity of possessing a means of force. Personal possession of arms is the societal equivelent of mutually assured destruction should the culture war go too poorly.

    • If I’m doing my math correctly had those two Republicans voted against it the vote would have been tied and the bill wouldn’t have passed. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory seems to be a GOP specialty.

  2. Since I don’t really follow or understand politics, Mr. W., this moment, by which I mean the upcoming midterm elections and these two months or so that remain before them, will be, for me, an interesting test of your–what’s the word? Perspicacity, I guess. On the one hand, you often strike me as really understanding these things, as when, for instance, you, on the basis of one Midwestern poll whose results were released in just the final week of the campaign, called Trump’s 2016 victory. Not one other commenter, fringe or mainstream, made that prediction, on that almost outlandish basis, as far as I’m aware. On the other hand, you misread, in advance, Unite the Right, which you declared would “Change everything” (as it did, though not in the way you’d hoped or expected). You simply did not see, in advance, the amateurishness and–what would be a word?–“provincialness” of it all.

    So–again: You posted a triumphal “BOOM!” when Roe v. Wade was overturned; but now, we’ll see whether the main effect of that overturning will be an undoing of any threat the Democrats had been said to be facing in the midterms. Roe v. Wade gets overturned, and suddenly you, for the first time ever as far as I know, are posting and posting about “Christian Nationalism,” when it’s possible the midterms will, as a result of the overturning of Roe, mean not only a sidelining of Christian Nationalism but a strengthening of everything with which you’re not in sympathy.

    Well–that’s how it strikes me, anyway. I don’t really understand these things.

    • We’re covering Christian nationalism because it has been in the news this week. The same was true of the demise of Roe v. Wade. It was big news.

      I’ve been burned so many times hopping on bandwagons and branding myself with labels that I not getting involved with Christian Nationalism. All I am doing is sharing my thoughts on the subject like you are here in the comments.

      • Fair enough. That’s not how I read your Roe v. Wade BOOM, which, as I said in my original comment, above, struck me as triumphal, but maybe I simply read that wrong.

        Shortly before I posted my comment above, I saw at YouTube, a Planned Parenthood advertisement that seemed to me to be trying to get out the midterm vote for the Democrats. Because I didn’t really pay attention to it until it was almost over, I’m not sure that that’s what it was trying to do, but I think that’s right. When Planned Parenthood was identified, at its conclusion, as its presenter, I was struck by two things. One was that it was neither unprofessional nor shrill; the other was that a Christian Nationalist equivalent of it is hard to imagine. Whether Planned Parenthood would present such an advertisement on mainstream television, as opposed to merely YouTube, I don’t know, but would a Christian Nationalist equivalent of that ad appear even on YouTube? “This November, you have a chance to ensure that Christ’s earthly reign, in the form of a Godly America, will be established. Vote 2022.” That seems unlikely to me.

        • I’m pro-life.

          I was mostly trolling, exaggerating and making fun of the situation though with The Handmaid’s Tale banner.

          It is a bitterly polarizing issue. I would love nothing more than for the types who are worked about this to go their own way. It would be like amputating a leg infected with gangrene

          • It sure is bitterly polarizing, though I’d add that it’s vexing. Yes, there are persons on each side for whom the question has a clear answer, but it doesn’t seem to me to have one.

            I found it odd that a number of pro-lifers in the public eye hastened to say, upon the overturning of Roe, things like, “This doesn’t mean abortion is outlawed. There are states where it will still be available.” For half a century, they’d pressed for the overturning of the thing; and the first thing they said when they’d achieved their goal was, in effect, “Don’t worry—we don’t really mean it.” Similarly, I was astonished by their reaction to that story about the ten-year-old who’d gone interstate to get an abortion. They reacted as if, in the half century they’d been pursuing the overturning of Roe, they’d not considered for a moment what such an overturning would entail. I didn’t follow the story from the start, but I gather their first effort was to try to dismiss it as a fabrication—as if it were preposterous. When that didn’t work, they tried some scrambled effort to put the abortionist in the light of a criminal, i.e., one who, in providing the abortion, had somehow broken the law. I’ve never regarded pro-lifers with scorn, but I’d say they earned scorn with their reaction to that story.

            PS Among the comments I’ve heard on the question across the past half-century, the closest thing to a straightforward position came from a woman who was speaking in a classroom situation. “Abortion is murder,” she said, “but we should say it’s murder of a form we allow.” Whatever else might have been said of her, she couldn’t have been said to be evading the question.

      • Here’s a question: Is it really big news – or is it instead something the gaslight media wanted to focus on this week (perhaps to draw the idiocracy’s attention away from something else). First and foremost, anyone who thinks gaslight media propagandizes on anything whatsoever that has not come down from their owners knows nothing about how they operate. The narrative-message goes out each day at 3 AM. There are numerous videos showing the identical or near-identical phrases being repeated all over the country by ‘local’ stations. Presstitutes don’t even rise to the level of whores.

        As some here have already pointed out, the ‘seven mountains’ notion has been around since at least 2013. Vox Day and others have explicitly called themselves Christian Nationalists since 2018 or before. The sudden jewsmedia blitz about the big bogeyman Christian Nationalism looks increasingly like an attempt to shore up the shitlib base for the midterms as their screeching seems to have abated a bit over the recent SC decision, which did not outlaw a single abortion, contrary to what some of the dimmer commenters here have asserted. Just an observation. MTG jumping onto the latest gaslight media phrase means she wants more attention.

        Yes the overturn of Roe v. Wade was big news but its net effect will take years to settle out, assuming the collapsing wreck is around that long. Overturning Wickard v. Filburn would be a good thing too. That one’s pretty important too, because the blackrobes decreed that you don’t have the right to grow food on land you own without government permission – because interstate commerce.

        • Of course ‘Christian Nationalism’ is a phrase picked up by the media last week. Nothing has changed except the Jew media has spread the word to attack Christian conservatives using the phrase.

          In coordination with the media, the ‘Movement’ is collaborating by attacking white Americans, the majority of whom are Christians.

          The purpose of the Movement is to ghettoize pro-white sentiment, and the Movement has a near perfect 60 year record of doing that. The latest crop, like the TRS crowd, are even better than the ones I remember in the 90s, far more sophisticated.

          White Southern Christians have not changed in the last two weeks.

          What changed in the last two weeks is the Jew media and their assistants in the Movement are attacking Christians hoping to use various social issues as wedges.

          Hopefully white people, Christians and non, get it through their heads to never have anything to do with the Feds and Jews of The Mooovement.

        • “There are numerous videos showing the identical or near-identical phrases being repeated all over the country by ‘local’ stations.”

          In skimming, decades ago, Oswald Spengler’s Decline of the West, I was struck by a passage in which he, Spengler, spoke of the newspapers’ ceaseless stream of “catchphrases” and—oh, I can’t remember the other words he used, but things like that. Though I can’t now find that passage on the internet, the following— which is at —is, if it’s excerpted accurately, probably part of it:

          “To-day we live so cowed under the bombardment of this intellectual artillery (the media) that hardly anyone can attain to the inward detachment that is required for a clear view of the monstrous drama. The will-to-power operating under a pure democratic disguise has finished off its masterpiece so well that the object’s sense of freedom is actually flattered by the most thorough-going enslavement that has ever existed”

          Also— from —if, again, it’s excerpted accurately:

          “The press to-day is an army with carefully organized arms and branches, with journalists as officers, and readers as soldiers. But here, as in every army, the soldier obeys blindly, and war-aims and operation-plans change without his knowledge. The reader neither knows, nor is allowed to know, the purposes for which he is used, nor even the role that he is to play. A more appalling caricature of freedom of thought cannot be imagined. Formerly a man did not dare to think freely. Now he dares, but cannot; his will to think is only a willingness to think to order, and this is what he feels as his liberty.”

          Note well: published from 1918-23. “… hardly anyone can attain to the inward detachment that is required for a clear view …”

          PS The parenthetical “the media” in that first quote looks to me like something that was inserted, by the excerpter, to clarify the quote’s context. If that’s what it is, it should have been in brackets, not parentheses; but otherwise, it’s probably a fair insertion.

      • Well, in the Art of War you win a battle and then you fight it. This Abortion stuff is very premature and may actually cause the battle to be lost. You need to trick the people in order to come to power, and this abortion is a sacrament to the white suburban woman who already is very hesitant to vote GOP. If you plan to implement a bitter pill tough love for the greater good you need to achieve power before doing it. To implement a social reversion of the cancerous changes from the 20th century you need total power and a purge of your enemies first before you can start doing these things. The strategy should be that of Islamists “one man, one vote, one time” and you need to lie, cheat, and trick your way into power by hiding your true agenda. The Roe thing was letting the cat out of the bag and now the rebellious children may well chose keep these democratic demons in power.

      • @Hunter Wallace It seems you are siding with Christian Nationalism, especially since you are friends with those Pro Christian groups, like Political Cesspool.

        • I have a positive, preliminary take, but I said clearly on the show that I am not jumping on bandwagons again. I’m monitoring the situation

  3. Democratic Reps. Henry Cuellar of Texas, and Democrat Vicente Gonzalez of Texas, Mexicans from the south Texas border area both voted against the bill.

    Republican Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, treacherous Irish Mick voted in favor. Like the Irish in general Fitzpatrick, is pro gun control, pro-fag marriage and wishy-washy on abortions.

    Is Babe the Pig Boi Irish??

    • Robert Brown Head with a Black Face, you are judging all Irish by the actions of a few. You do not know the Bible. God condemns individuals for THEIR OWN sins, not the sins of their ancestors. You are condemning the innocents you claim you want to defend — you hypocrite. The reason you hate white people in general so much is that you are ashamed of your own ancestors — your own black Uncle Teds, your own non-white Aunt Karens, etc.

      Even the poet Robert Browning’s grandmother was of mixed race and Browning himself was dark-complexioned.

      Margaret Tittle was said to have had a mixed race ancestry. Both her son Robert Sr. and Robert the poet were dark-complexioned, which raised eyebrows. According to one account, Robert Sr. – on visiting the family plantation in St. Kitts – was made by the church beadle to sit with the “colored” people rather than with the white. The two poets Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning were married in secret in 1846.
      — “Browning Surname Meaning, History & Origin”

      Hey, Irish-hater, do they make you “sit with the Blacks” in your church? Do they? Come on anti-Irish Celt-basher Black-face, tell the truth for once.

      Now the Irish are the opposite of what you try to portray them as, they will take you out if you cross them with the kind of lies you are spreading and they do have a history of not being too fond of dark complexioned people (and I am not condemning them for it and that’s probably why you hate them so much since you are a mixed-race coward).

      A few examples of Irish vs Blacks stand out in my mind:

      In Chicago, the Irish dominated social and athletic clubs that were closely tied to the political structure of the city. Some had acted as enforcers for politicians. As the first major group of 19th-century European immigrants to settle in the city, the Irish had established formal and informal political strength. In Chicago, ethnic white gangs had been attacking people in African-American neighborhoods, and the police, overwhelmingly white and increasingly Irish-American, seemed little inclined to try to stop them. Meanwhile, newspapers carried sensational accounts of any African American allegedly involved in crime.

      An example of territory was the Bridgeport community area, an ethnic Irish neighborhood just west of the Black Belt. The Irish had long patrolled their neighborhood boundaries against all other ethnic groups, especially African Americans. One group known as the Hamburg Athletic Club, whose members included a 17-year-old Richard J. Daley, future mayor of Chicago, contributed to gang violence in the area.

      Longstanding racial tensions between whites and blacks exploded in five days of violence that started on July 27, 1919. On that hot summer day, on a segregated Chicago beach, a white man was throwing rocks at black swimmers in the water at a beach on the South Side which resulted in Eugene Williams’ death. Tensions escalated when a white police officer not only failed to arrest the white man responsible for Williams’ death, but arrested a black man instead. Objections by black observers were met with violence by whites. Attacks between white and black mobs erupted swiftly. At one point, a white mob threatened Provident Hospital, many of whose patients were African American. The police successfully held them off.

      There was also attempts by the ethnic Irish gangs to incite Southern and Eastern European immigrant communities to commit acts of violence against blacks, as they had no history of hostility towards them. In one instance, members of the Ragen’s Colts donned in blackface and set fire to Lithuanian and Polish homes in the Back of the Yards neighborhood in a deliberate attempt to incite the immigrant community to join them in committing acts against African Americans.

      The Chicago riot lasted almost a week, ending only after the State of Illinois deployed nearly 6,000 Illinois Army National Guard troops. The troops were stationed around the Black Belt to prevent any further white attacks. By the evening of July 30, most violence had ended. The majority of the rioting, murder, and arson was the result of white ethnic groups attacking the African American population in the city’s Black Belt on the South Side. Most of the casualties and property damage were suffered by black Chicagoans. Newspaper accounts noted numerous attempts at arson; for instance, on July 31, more than 30 fires were started in the Black Belt before noon and all were believed to be arson. Rioters stretched cables across the streets to prevent fire trucks from entering the areas. The mayor’s office was informed of a plan to burn down the black area of Chicago and run its residents out of town. There were also sporadic violent attacks in other parts of the city, including the Chicago Loop. Because of the rioting, 38 people died (23 African American and 15 white), and another 537 were injured, two-thirds of them African American. Patrolman John W. Simpson was the only policeman killed in the riot. Approximately 1,000 residents, mostly African Americans, were left homeless because of the fires. Many African American families had left by train before the rioting ended, returning to their families in the South.

      The Chief of Police, John J. Garrity, closed “all places where men congregate for other than religious purposes” to help restore order. Illinois Governor Frank Lowden authorized the deployment of the 11th Illinois Infantry Regiment and its machine gun company, as well as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd reserve militia. These four units totaled 3,500 men. The Cook County Sheriff deputized between 1000 and 2000 ex-soldiers to help keep the peace. With the reserves and militia guarding the Black Belt, the city arranged for emergency provisions to provide its residents with fresh food. White groups delivered food and supplies to the line established by the military; the deliveries were then distributed within the Black Belt by African Americans. While industry was closed, the packing plants arranged to deliver pay to certain places in the city so that African-American men could pick up their wages.

      Once order was restored, Lowden was urged to create a state committee to study the cause of the riots. He proposed forming a committee to write a racial code of ethics and to draw up racial boundaries for activities within the city.
      — Wikipedia: “Chicago race riot of 1919”, (excerpts from)

      The New York City draft riots (July 13–16, 1863), sometimes referred to as the Manhattan draft riots and known at the time as Draft Week, were violent disturbances in Lower Manhattan, widely regarded as the culmination of white working-class discontent with new laws passed by Congress that year to draft men to fight in the ongoing American Civil War. The riots remain the largest civil and most racially charged urban disturbance in American history. According to Toby Joyce, the riot represented a “civil war” inside the Irish Catholic community, in that “mostly Irish American rioters confronted police, [while] soldiers, and pro-war politicians … were also to a considerable extent from the local Irish immigrant community.”

      President Abraham Lincoln diverted several regiments of militia and volunteer troops after the Battle of Gettysburg to control the city. The rioters were overwhelmingly Irish working-class men who did not want to fight in the Civil War and resented that wealthier men, who could afford to pay a $300 (equivalent to $6,600 in 2021 though a typical laborer’s wage was between $1.00 and $2.00 a day in 1863) commutation fee to hire a substitute, were spared from the draft.

      Initially intended to express anger at the draft, the protests turned into a race riot, with white rioters attacking black people, in violence throughout the city. The official death toll was listed at either 119 or 120 individuals. Conditions in the city were such that Major General John E. Wool, commander of the Department of the East, said on July 16 that, “Martial law ought to be proclaimed, but I have not a sufficient force to enforce it.”

      The military did not reach the city until the second day of rioting, by which time the mobs had ransacked or destroyed numerous public buildings, two Protestant churches, the homes of various abolitionists or sympathizers, many black homes, and the Colored Orphan Asylum at 44th Street and Fifth Avenue, which was burned to the ground. The area’s demographics changed as a result of the riot. Many black residents left Manhattan permanently with many moving to Brooklyn. By 1865, the black population had fallen below 11,000 for the first time since 1820.
      — Wikipedia: “New York City draft riots”

      Black-face Brown-head, you have a tremendous inferiority complex. Take your race-mixing mixed-up nightmare somewhere else. And quit attacking Whites for once in your life.

      • @Banned For Life—I got it. Babe the Pig Boi is Irish but he likes to drink his own urine because he likes to drink his own urine NOT because he is Irish. Just like Uncle Ted is a pedophile because he is a pedophile NOT because he is Irish The Irish are to remain blameless for the sins of the Irish. They are a people who are without sin, right Christ killer?

        • @RB

          How many of these so-called 217 were actually “Irish” who voted for the ban? I am “sure” you know all the demographics involved — so you can even identify all 213 as “non-Irish” who voted against it. Is there anything too hard for you — the Black-Sheep of the White race?

          ========== IN FAVOR OF THE BAN ===========
          Adams Democ North Carolina
          Aguilar Democ California
          Allred Democ Texas
          Auchincloss Democ Massachusetts
          Axne Democ Iowa
          Barragán Democ California
          Bass Democ California
          Beatty Democ Ohio
          Bera Democ California
          Beyer Democ Virginia
          Bishop (GA) Democ Georgia
          Blumenauer Democ Oregon
          Blunt Rochester Democ Delaware
          Bonamici Democ Oregon
          Bourdeaux Democ Georgia
          Bowman Democ New York
          Boyle, Brendan F. Democ Pennsylvania
          Brown (MD) Democ Maryland
          Brown (OH) Democ Ohio
          Brownley Democ California
          Bush Democ Missouri
          Bustos Democ Illinois
          Butterfield Democ North Carolina
          Carbajal Democ California
          Cárdenas Democ California
          Carson Democ Indiana
          Carter (LA) Democ Louisiana
          Cartwright Democ Pennsylvania

          Correa Democ California
          Costa Democ California
          Courtney Democ Connecticut
          Craig Democ Minnesota
          Crist Democ Florida
          Crow Democ Colorado
          Davids (KS) Democ Kansas
          Davis, Danny K. Democ Illinois
          Dean Democ Pennsylvania
          DeFazio Democ Oregon
          DeGette Democ Colorado
          DeLauro Democ Connecticut
          DelBene Democ Washington
          Demings Democ Florida
          DeSaulnier Democ California
          Deutch Democ Florida

          Velázquez Democ New York
          Wasserman Schultz Democ Florida
          Waters Democ California
          Watson Coleman Democ New Jersey
          Welch Democ Vermont
          Wexton Democ Virginia
          Wild Democ Pennsylvania
          Williams (GA) Democ Georgia
          Wilson (FL) Democ Florida
          Yarmuth Democ Kentucky
          = 217 YEA/AYE’s

          ========== AGAINST THE BAN ==============
          Aderholt Repub Alabama
          Allen Repub Georgia
          Amodei Repub Nevada
          Armstrong Repub North Dakota
          Arrington Repub Texas
          Babin Repub Texas
          Bacon Repub Nebraska
          Baird Repub Indiana
          Balderson Repub Ohio
          Banks Repub Indiana
          Barr Repub Kentucky
          Bentz Repub Oregon
          Bergman Repub Michigan
          Bice (OK) Repub Oklahoma
          Biggs Repub Arizona
          Bilirakis Repub Florida
          Bishop (NC) Repub North Carolina
          Boebert Repub Colorado
          Bost Repub Illinois
          Brady Repub Texas
          Brooks Repub Alabama
          Buchanan Repub Florida

          Malliotakis Repub New York
          Mann Repub Kansas
          Massie Repub Kentucky
          Mast Repub Florida
          McCarthy Repub California
          McCaul Repub Texas
          McClain Repub Michigan
          McClintock Repub California
          McHenry Repub North Carolina
          McKinley Repub West Virginia
          Meijer Repub Michigan
          Meuser Repub Pennsylvania
          Miller (IL) Repub Illinois
          Miller (WV) Repub West Virginia
          Miller-Meeks Repub Iowa
          Moolenaar Repub Michigan
          Mooney Repub West Virginia
          Moore (AL) Repub Alabama
          Moore (UT) Repub Utah
          Mullin Repub Oklahoma
          Murphy (NC) Repub North Carolina
          Nehls Repub Texas
          Newhouse Repub Washington
          Norman Repub South Carolina
          Obernolte Repub California
          Owens Repub Utah
          Palazzo Repub Mississippi
          Palmer Repub Alabama
          Pence Repub Indiana

          Steube Repub Florida
          Stewart Repub Utah
          Taylor Repub Texas
          Tenney Repub New York
          Thompson (PA) Repub Pennsylvania
          Tiffany Repub Wisconsin
          Timmons Repub South Carolina
          Turner Repub Ohio
          Upton Repub Michigan
          Valadao Repub California
          Van Drew Repub New Jersey
          Van Duyne Repub Texas
          Wagner Repub Missouri
          Walberg Repub Michigan
          Walorski Repub Indiana
          Waltz Repub Florida
          Weber (TX) Repub Texas
          Webster (FL) Repub Florida
          Wenstrup Repub Ohio
          Westerman Repub Arkansas
          Williams (TX) Repub Texas
          Wilson (SC) Repub South Carolina
          Wittman Repub Virginia
          Womack Repub Arkansas
          Zeldin Repub New York
          = 213 NAY/NO’s

          What’s the score? Did 217 of the “Irish” vote for the ban and 213 “non-Irish” vote against the ban, Black-faced Brown-Head? Some names don’t look very Irish or very non-Irish at all, do they? I am sure you will cook up another set of lies to cover it all.

          So basically you just hate White people in general and not just the “Irish”, because your ancestry is not all White and you hate all of us Whites. Just how much more Black can you get? Right, BrownHead/BlackFace?

          • @Banned For Life—-the Pig Boi is Irish Mick, Irish, just like you, just like you and he drinks his own urine and brags about. You are going to play stupid now and pretend you know nothing about the deviancy and debauchery of your own kind, right Mick?

          • @RB

            Coming from a black-white race-mixing porn-distributing mongrel like yourself, I take that as a compliment. I guess you will just have to get back to your child-porn distribution project until the “IRA” or legal authorities catch up with you…that’s all you’ve got, BrownHead.

            …Robert Sr. and Robert the poet were dark-complexioned, which raised eyebrows. According to one account, Robert Sr. – on visiting the family plantation in St. Kitts – was made by the church beadle to sit with the “colored” people rather than with the white.
            — “Browning Surname Meaning, History & Origin”

  4. If it ever gets down to it, the people will need assault rifles to have a snowballs chance- “They” know this- that’s why assault weapons will always be in their cross hairs.

    • Back when the Constitution was written, people knew the people around them. Not so now. Most people have no idea how their next door neighbor thinks. So the idea that people will come out of their homes and become an army is a fantasy.

    • The national security state will always seek new enemies to justify its existence and budget — that’s why despite the dissolution of the USSR, there was never any real rapprochement with Russia — it’s also the reason for the continuing tension with China.

  5. Again, another non issue White American Conservatives are stressing about.

    In a multi racial, multi cultural BLM, Antifa, ZOG, LaRaza world we need all kinds of controls

    Immigration control (any cowboy rancher, old and out of it patriot like Cliven Bundy and his sons who thinks we don’t need any immigration controls and mass Central American Orc migration, cheap labor is a good thing – don’t try to use reason with these idiot, traitors, just bitch slap them.

    Birth control – for the third world and the POC, Black underclass. Do you really think any patriots with AR15s will be able to kill, cull 20 million plus POC, Black gang members, BLM, Antifa – birth control is needed for the 3rd world and urban America, finesse the abortion issue. Read Freakenomics.

    Gun Control – don’t call it “Gun Control” call it… responsible gun policies – in 85% POC, Black areas, migrant areas we can’t let people own guns, sure if you live on a ranch in Montana and your closest neighbor is a mile away, you can play with military guns, that’s not feasible in the South Bronx or areas close to where I grew up on the South side of Chicago.

    Again, A Hitler led a Socialist Workers party, he was an artist, he implemented government universal healthy insurance, he opposed international finance he had sensible gun restrictions as do the safe, orderly East Asian societies of Japan and Singapore.

    It’s so so much long time to get out of the race denying Constitutionalist, NRA, Pro Life, Religious Right sandbox.

    Hell yes we need lots of controls.

    Anybody that doesn’t make strict immigration control and birth control for our enemies, terrorists – don’t try to reason with them, bitch slap them.

  6. Not going to be able to vote your way of it sooner than later. These people rejoice over every mass killing and want to use it as an excuse to strip you of your self-defense and destroy you. That’s their game. They are godless Communists! They don’t care about kids getting shot unless the effect brings about the entire White race getting shot, destroyed and all their property becoming theirs — turn the whole country into a 3rd world ghetto with all the loot, valuables, etc becoming theirs or sent back to their countries of origin.

    Secede now! Not tomorrow! But RIGHT NOW!!!

    May God Save the South!

  7. When there are enough Hindus in Virginia….The Hindus will have the voting bloc power to take guns away from Men of the South….and Hindu Federal Judges will sentence them to long prison terms…

    And you thank the passage of the 1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant increase Act ….reprobate Teddy’s monument of White Genocide to honor the memory of JFK….another treasonous reprobate….

  8. It’s the voting bloc power of the nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc





    That’s who taking your guns away….

  9. My mentor Jost Turner of NS Kindred (Viet Nam War Vet) had very sensible, practical views about guns and pretty much everything.

    Here’s his comments about military assault weapons – jost was against them as not being practical. I agree:

    “Firearms: The Great Equalizer by Jost

    Clearly, violations of the laws regarding possession and use of firearms have been responsible for sending more White racialists to prison than anything else. There are probably thousands of different firearms laws in this country, all varying from state to state, county to county and city to city. Most of these laws are blatantly ill-written, but enforced with the fervor of an inquisition. Petty firearms violations were used as the government’s justification to attack both Randy Weaver and the Waco Davidians. Without a doubt, possession of firearms is the greatest danger to White racialists in general, and to Folk-communities in particular.

    Nevertheless, we strongly encourage all (White Americans), especially our women and even our children, to be armed and highly skilled in the use of firearms. This is because the country is being invaded by hordes of criminals and gangs from Non-White countries notorious for violence and savagery. Neither the government nor the police are making any real effort to protect the public from these lowly evolved creatures, and so it is quite likely that we all will have to deal with them ourselves sooner or later.

    Being armed is very effective against criminals and gangs. This was dramatically proven during the Los Angeles Rodney King riots. Invariably, the mere presence of a firearm was enough to send the rampaging gangs in the opposite direction – actually firing the weapon was unnecessary. This is because criminals ang gang members are by nature extremely selfish, indulgent and really quite cowardly. Hence, they prey only on the weak. However, they do not look on a man or woman with a firearm as “weak prey”. A firearm is really nothing more nor less than a very effective “equalizer”. It makes you equal to virtually any adversary, even a whole gang. Unless their courage is propped up with an enormous amount of dope or alcohol, you can be sure that even in mass these gangs are not likely to stick their necks out after looking down the barrel of a confidently held firearm. Looking towards our dismal future of lawlessness, violence and gang-land feudalism, we recommend that (White Americans) endure the real dangers in order to ensure the safety of their families with a firearm in the home.

    The Most Effective Weapon: Your Skill

    In general, a rifle is designed for attack and a pistol for defense. Although less wieldy, a shotgun is also a good defense weapon and requires less skill than a handgun to use effectively. Many people advocate the so called “assault rifles” (semi-automatic rifles with large magazine capacities) for defense. We discourage buying assault rifles. They are very expensive, not anywhere near as effective as one would believe, and, legally speaking, they are far more dangerous as virtually every day new laws are being passed restricting their possession. The same can be said of the large magazine capacity semi automatic pistols and “assault shot guns”. Frankly, any simple firearm, rifle, shotgun, or handgun – even a .22 plinker is perfectly adequate for defense. What is important is not your choice of weapon, but your ability to use the weapon effectively! I’ve witnessed it myself: a simple, single-shot weapon in the hands of a skilled marksman is far more deadly than a troop of mediocre riflemen armed with the latest “assault rifles”.

    Necessities: Training & Information

    To become a skilled marksman, you need to fire at least 20 rounds a week form the off-hand position. Handle your firearm often, so that using it is almost second nature. Learn something about human and animal anatomy. Learn where to place your shots to effectively stop and disable any adversary – including one out of his mind on dope. Be aware of all federal, state and local firearms laws. We recommend joining the National Riffle Association. They will keep you informed of all new laws and they are working hard fighting in the federal and state legislatures, as well as in the courts, to stop the flagrant disarming of the public. The liberal anti firearms hysteria is driving the NRA more and more in our direction. We are happy to report that the November issue of the American Rifleman, the NRA’s monthly magazine which circulates in the millions, carried an excellent feature story on the Randy Weaver tragedy, noting his “White separatist” religion with no derogatory connotation. They also endorsed Kirk Lyons multimillion dollar lawsuit of the Waco survivors against the government – and they know full well where Kirk stands! Firearms owners need all the support they can get. The NRA’s information legislative, and legal service are an important asset.

    Defense Against Government Attack

    While we feel that the growing lawlessness, violence, and gang-culture in this country warrants the possession of a firearm for defense, we do not advocate keeping firearms to defend against the police or the government. It doesn’t matter how well armed you are, you are not likely to win. You might get one or two of them (four in the case of the Davidians), but you won’t last long. The government had an inexhaustible supply of men, ammunition, and advanced technology (the best that tax-payer money can buy). Taking on the government would be like trying to fight a charging elephant with a .22. When an elephant attacks and you only have a .22, your best recourse is to run, hide and sneak away until you are out of danger. Shooting an elephant with a .22 will only make it mad. And if it’s mad, it will be much more difficult for you to get away. As both the Weaver and Davidian tragedies graphically illustrated, shooting it out with the government just isn’t practical.

    Violence & Armed Revolution

    Beware of those who advocate firearms for any sort of violence or guerrilla warfare against non-Whites, liberals, or the government. First of all, there is a good chance that these individuals work for the government and are interested in sending you to prison. Even if they do not work for the government, it should be apparent that they do not know what they are talking about! We have pointed out that anyone who knows anything at all about revolution or guerilla warfare would certainly be aware that there is absolutely no support for it in this country at this time. Without public support, all violence is counterproductive. This is not theory, it is a cold, hard fact!

    Be aware that mediocre strategists always seem to do just what the enemy expects or wants them to do, and the followers of mediocre strategists are doomed to defeat. The government expects you to arm yourselves and be violent. The government wants you to do this. The government would love for lots of new “Order-type” organizations to spring up and lash out in armed violence. In fact, if none come about, the government will do everything it can to create some, as can be seen by the recent government entrapment of White racialist youths in Los Angeles! The government is ready and waiting for armed violence. Don’t fall in to their trap! The greatest of military victories have been won by a disciplined force doing exactly what the enemy never expected – or never thought possible. A brilliant example of this is how the British Colonel Lawrence easily took the Turkish stronghold of Aqaba with a ragged band of Arabs. That’s solution-oriented. A final note on armed revolution: In 1923 Germany was ripe for revolution. A. Hitler had 55,000 registered supporters, professional military officers (even Generals), the active support of hundreds of armed, trained, combat veterans, and public support, the like of which we could not even imagine! On November 8, 1923, he attempted an armed revolution and failed. Think about it. If he failed in such an opportune situation, then why should we consider armed revolution in a country not ripe for it – with no public support, no trained veterans, no leader, no military officers, and no organization with more than a hundred or so registered supporters? Even though in later years Hitler’s support grew and the threat of Marxist take-over increased, he never again considered armed revolution. Instead, like his Marxist adversaries, he carefully build a solid, Folk-based movement which ultimately could not be denied power! This is our task today.

    It is our duty to defend our families from an onslaught of violence and lawlessness which the government is allowing and encouraging to proliferate. But as (White Americans), we must do so intelligently and responsibly, training ourselves in the skilled use of simple weapons, while keeping abreast of the changing laws which govern their use and possession. Just as in NS Germany, the next revolution will be a revolution in thought. – Jost

    • @Jack Ryan,

      The wise words of our old comrade Jost remain as relevant as the day he wrote them.

      • November writes:

        “The wise words of our old comrade Jost remain as relevant as the day he wrote them.”

        I respond:

        Agreed and very well said. Jost was like a father to me. I’m not comfortable about the way and the time he died. Also, he seemed to renounce this world, this country in his last few years – and this is something consistent with the highest Eastern religions.

        I might be getting close to doing that myself.

        Hey N – are you interested in publishing some of Jost’s best writings?

        • @Jack Ryan,

          Where online?

          I have never seen any of Jost’s writings on Telegram. I could create a channel devoted to his essays on different surjects.

  10. to jaye ryan- you’re right-Guns are the great equalizer- As was often said down South in my childhood, “God didn’t make all men equal, but Colonel Colt did!”. You may not need assault rifles for dealing with street punks, but you will if our enemies bring the military against us, and I think that they will eventually get around to that.

  11. Roof Koreans Tribute

    From the comments:

    Take a close hard look at this footage. This is one of the scenarios the forefathers of this country had in mind when the 2nd Ad was adopted in 1789. When social services has abandoned you or no longer available, and you are left to your own devices to defend your life or livelihood, you do what you need to do.

    The government, which is composed of people sworn to uphold the Constitution (‘A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed’), must not be allowed to forbid and/or take weapons.

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