1. This will help the acceleration nicely.

    The anarcho-communists in charge of our govt are only to going to get more extreme and violent in their quest for permanent command and control of America and it’s citizens.

    • Agree. I wondered what they were looking for, then realized this was done to just provoke his base. They’ve been trying to provoke whites into a fight for a long time, and nothing’s worked.

      • I think Christian Nationalism has them spooked. Also, if Trump gets power again, the Deep State are gonna get fired, and replaced with a new Deep State, so they are going to pull out all the stops to protect the gravy train.

        • Why would they fear “Christian Nationalism”? They worship the tribe and support their every move. They’re the reason the j’s are in power.

    • “quest for permanent command and control of America and it’s citizens.”

      “Hey goy, you’ll get used to kosher kontrol , until your absolute slaves.”

  2. As usual Trump’s statement is filled with oddly capitalized words — it’s weird.

    I can’t stand Trump so I don’t really feel sorry for him — still this adds to the enormous disgust I already feel for the government, as well as the ruling media and political classes.

    • “ As usual Trump’s statement is filled with oddly capitalized words — it’s weird.”

      It’s a boomercon behavior, you see it all the time on Freerepublic.

    • Maybe it’s a coded message for the Q-tards. After all, one of the phrases emitted by the mysterious Q was that “the first arrest will shock the world”. If the Garfinkel’s (((Just-us))) department arrests his pathetic clown ass, he can’t run against either Joey Shitpants or Brown Willy’s Heels-Up ho. The Repukes will probably send up someone like Lady G as their nominee, or perhaps her house-negro Mr. Tim.

  3. They’re pulling out all the stops now to prevent that “tour”.

    I bet the orange turd now regrets not giving them REAL reasons to hate him.

    • Yes, he had a chance to slow this down, and he didn’t.
      They were going to hate him no matter what, so why, when the BLM rioting was going on, why didn’t he just arrest them? He wasn’t going to get in anyways.

  4. Boy, are they going to start a war. This was pretty stupid. This was so obviously a partisan political stunt. It will make his base even more infuriated, he will be even more determined to get revenge. The democrats seem to lost any political cleverness. It’s just clumsy bullying now. It will also piss off Santis, for doing this in his state.

  5. I love this. This helps acceleration as “America Always” noted. I think this is just karma and that we should not do anything to defend Trump. He never defended the alt right nor his maga base. An old man like him and other conservatives don’t have street protection like antifa because they threw the old alt right under the bus.

    Do not defend this zionist con man!

    • I couldn’t agree more. From what I am seeing and hearing on GAB, the dump-tards are racing to his house to peacefully protest the FBI raid.

    • I agree, too. He showed he is not on our side. Too many stupid MAGA people only care what he says. “He really showed them!!” because he tells the other side off. The other side doesn’t care, and keeps their agenda going. Trump had a chance to stop this, but he worried more about “the black vote” and the “Latino vote”.

  6. If you take a shot at the king, you had better hit.

    Trump spent his campaign and his presidency making threats towards powerful, evil people. Then he never followed through.

    Now those same people he threatened are back in power and are far more serious than the MAGA clown show.

    A high price will be paid for MAGA childishness and stupidity

  7. Oh dear.

    Now might be a pretty good time to throw out, shred racist literature (that includes Shakespeare’s the Merchant of Venice, Charles Dickens Oliver Twist, certain parts of the New Testament Bible where JC made negative comments about certain J Money changers like George Soros)

    Also, I highly HIGHLY recommend everyone make sure their firearms are legal and their CCL, FOIDs are in order.

    I wouldn’t keep many, any guns that look like bad guy, military guns – guns that can be used responsibly for hunting should be OK.

    Also, might be a good time to clear out some hard drives etc.

    Oh dear.

    That J FBI Director looks very creepy.

    • “That J FBI Director looks very creepy.”

      How about the DOJ head, garfinkle.
      He looks the typical troll from a medieval painting. There’s a reason medieval painters gave witches and trolls big hooked noses.

    • “FBI Director Christopher Wray cut his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee short on Thursday, saying he had a plane to catch. Flight logs shows the FBI Gulfstream jet Wray often uses for personal travel flew later that afternoon to the director’s favorite vacation spot in the Adirondacks, according to a new report.”

      Must be nice, use the USZOG taxpayer funded Gulfstream , fuel and crew for a private vacation.

      When do i get to use the Gulfstream ?

  8. If nothing else, this proves that Trump, for all his flaws, wasn’t controlled opposition. They don’t arrest their own.

    • I disagree. The Jewish-dominated ruling class is roughly comprised of two factions: Zionists and Globalists. The Zionists seek Jewish dominion over Greater Israel while the Globalists seek Jewish dominion over the Earth. The Zionists view their control of the US as a means to Israeli expansion while the Globalists view their control of the US, EU, and UN as a means to Jewish domination of the Earth. George Soros does not concern himself primarily with Israeli affairs as much as Global affairs while Sheldon Adelson concerned himself with Israeli affairs alone. Sheldon Adelson along with other Zionist oligarchs like Bernard Marcus and Paul Singer backed Trump in the 2020 election. George Soros along with other Globalist oligarchs like Tom Steyr and the Pritzker family supported Joe Biden. The largest donors share their Jewish identity but belong to either faction.The Zionist faction appears to have less aggregate power than the Globalist faction in the US.

      For example, would it be considered more socially acceptable at Harvard, the New York Times, or the State Department to praise the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians or to laud replacement migration in Europe?

      • “The Zionists seek Jewish dominion over Greater Israel while the Globalists seek Jewish dominion over the Earth. ”

        WRONG !
        Both seek global dominion, just by different means.

      • @Pilot…

        Beware of becoming so clever you take nothing at face value.

        The Jew England Yankee United States of America is on record for hating Trump.

        To destroy his candidacy and presidency, they engaged in massive and deeply echeloned conspiracies numerous times.

        Those things were not staged, anymore than is this.

  9. We don’t need a Trump; it’s getting close to where we need a Pinochet. It’s looking a lot like 1973 Chile.

  10. The new inflation reduction act bill also doubles the number of IRS agents, most of them allowed to be armed. Some of them I’m sure will be looking into Trump’s taxes, the rest will be coming after us.

  11. I feel something… Argh… I am radicalizing at this very moment!

    Not quite sure why the Democrats are doing this. I think they must be paranoid. Gavin Newsom would have a decent chance against Trump. Plus Trump was pretty ineffective in office. No Wall & few Deep Staters fired. The Dems must be spooked by MAGA but now it will be Ultra MAGA.

    The FBI is the new KGG also.

  12. After the November elections the Deep State is going to really take the gloves off regardless of the outcome. Look for more arrests, more jailing without charges, more ruinous lawfare, seizure of bank accounts etc. against MAGA and any other real or imagined “right wing” enemies. The Republican Party will publicly complain but secretly approve of these actions to knock Trump out of the box.

    Congress is also likely to pass a bill of conscription because the military doesn’t have enough manpower, especially of the non-diversity type. Not only is the U.S. Government fighting a proxy war against Russia but it’s also antagonizing China not just over Taiwan but also joining with India along their joint, ill defined border at 10,000 foot altitudes in the Himalayas. The recklessness and war mongering of the U.S. Government knows no bounds until they bring disaster down upon the heads of everyone.


    Were it not for the unlimited money printing of the Federal Reserve none of this would be possible. After the U.S. Government ruins the dollar through inflation, Weimar style, the GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire will grind to a halt. Money is the glue that holds things together and when that goes bad it’s every man for himself and devil take the hindmost.

    The Ruling Class is so arrogant, so obtuse, so self-referential in their closed loop they don’t believe things will ever come to an end. Louis XVI thought the same way too about the Ancien Régime.

    • @12AX7…

      “After the November elections the Deep State is going to really take the gloves off regardless of the outcome. ”

      I agree.

      In fact, the gloves will probably be off long before then.

      That said, they run a severe risk of severely aggravating tens of millions of people; they who are salivating for Trump to get back into office.

      One these people are given such full strength red and black pills, they are not going to be easily consoled….

      • The damn fools may make a martyr out of Trump by the time they are done, the U.S. Government never knows when to stop. The clear use of the police powers of the U.S. Government to throttle a political opponent, even an inept, failed opponent like Trump smacks of desperation. The Democrat establishment and their Republican allies are paranoid, they may be handing victory to Trump by the time the dust settles.

        By trying to discredit Trump by invoking arcane laws regarding handling of Federal documents to deny Trump the chance to run again the Government is discrediting itself and confirming conspiracy theories. What better way to encourage Qanon types than to do stupid things like today’s actions in Florida. This further blackens the bad name of the FBI and the rest of the Government in the minds of people, some of whom don’t even like Trump.


        Lenin was right: Worse is Better and the FBI as well as Merrick Garfinkle are making things worse at a rapid rate. Dumb bastards.

        • @12AX7…

          “The damn fools may make a martyr out of Trump by the time they are done, the U.S. Government never knows when to stop. The clear use of the police powers of the U.S. Government to throttle a political opponent, even an inept, failed opponent like Trump smacks of desperation.”

          They are desperate, indeed, because they wish to dictate events and run the country without a shred of virtue.

          Sometimes they succeed in a battle, like the Bolivian Government overthrow a few years back,or the bio-engineered coup to mitigate the last mass White Tribal meeting place (Sunday church life), the Covid lockdowns – the greatest wealth transfer (power) in the history of this country, all to prevent Trump’s reelection.

          If 2015 was the year that the US Government declared war on the US, then 2020 was the year of it’s Operation Barbarossa.

          That said, they have also failed a lot in recent years – like in the 2016 election, the attempts to overthrow Trump, while in office, or in regime change operations in Syria, Byelorussia, Afghanistan, and now, more spectacularly, in The Ukraine.

          What is against the Jew England Yankee United States’ Government is that they are prideful to the point of having no reverse gear, corrupt and venal as the July day is long, and they have lost the narrative – permanently

          The result is that the average American has lost his love of this country, lost his faith in institutions, and is quietly angry and frustrated.

          The Biden Administration, though it appeared to be the result of a successful US Government Regime change operation against it’s own people has put the final nail in their coffin.

          This debacle, in the eyes of normal people, is the last straw.

          In this I am reminded of Pastor John MacCarthur who recently, at 3:44 in the video, he talks of this nation in a very naked way…

  13. I’d like to refer back to my comment about a week ago regarding how arresting Trump would radicalize the normie cons, and I stand by it. Let’s goooo.

  14. Kinda hard to understand stuff if 1. The US is under ZOG 2. Trump is a hardcore Zionist 3. The establishment hates him. Maybe he is just there to muck everything up. on purpose.

    • “Kinda hard to understand stuff…”

      Most likely Trump has had a NIxon moment, where he’s said ” it’s those GD new york jews causing me all these problems” and the jwz around him have reported back to the grand rabbinate his words. Which has put the rabbinate into high gear for his destruction, same as Nixon.

      I wonder if Trump slammed his fists on the table, as Nixon did ?

    • David, you just put your finger on exactly the problem with the dissident right. It can’t see past the JQ and so misses the forest for the trees. There will never be a politician who runs for office that they can support, and thats the point I think. Theres always a Jew under a rock nearby and they just need to point to it and the politician is indicted henceforth by association.

      The JQ is an intellectual article of faith that once professed is a cul de sac your reasoning can’t see past.

      25% of the people in the dissident right are mentally deficient/ill (just like the fringe left). 25% are Feds and Grifters, while just the remaining 50% or so are actually earnestly White Advocates (mostly anons who actually have lives) who see glaring contradictions as problems. The former half has no vested interest in whether the dumb shit they say makes sense taken to its logical conclusion. The rest of us that are busy actually being White in reality, not just Larping as white online are still left with the decision of what to do thats best for White interests. Our own kids and families. Our businesses etc. Real stuff that the JQ and the bullshit worldview of the dissident right is useless to explain.

      Indeed, the jews probably injected this idea into White Nationalism just to stump us, like a Chinese finger trap. I’m being facetious obviously, but I think its illustrative of my point.

      The JQ Isn’t a coherent worldview in and of itself and there’s more going on. Alot more.

      Its taken me years to get over the red pills side effects. But its slowly becoming clear there are some turds in this punchbowl.

      There is no substitute for common sense.

  15. Evangelical Christian Nationalist Trumptards are on a war footing with bibles, MAGA caps, flags, and rattlesnakes in their kit.

  16. I just woke up to the news and saw it here first. So the Yankee Empire is coming apart (as if it hasn’t already).

    Will Russia send in troops to help? And tons of food, maybe? Some of that captured US military equipment from Ukraine might help. Maybe China, Hungary and others can pitch in as well?

    Has a counter-attack been made yet against the Clintons or King Biden himself? Or have they already moved to emergency bunkers? Has Trump revealed where all the super strategic stuff is located so we can take it out and cripple the military?

    Prep, prep, prep…

    Where do we report for military duty?

    All hands on deck…

    This is war…We are being attacked by a 5th column yet “foreign enemy” of tranny fags using “foreign” pronouns and genders…

    In fact, this may be time for the South to stand up since the attack was made on Southern soil in a Southern state — one of the original Confederate states.

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  17. On the night of August 8, 1969, Manson directed Tex Watson to take Susan Atkins, Linda Kasabian, and Patricia Krenwinkel to Melcher’s former home at 10050 Cielo Drive in Los Angeles and according to Watson, kill everyone there.
    — Wikipedia — “Manson Family”

    I guess the “Manson Family” — the Clintons, Obama and King Biden — thought August 8th would be the perfect time.

  18. Glad Trump lost 2020. These Commies would be doing this and much more to just us instead of Trump and the entire Right.

    War Time!


    New Country!

    New Start!

  19. It only took 22 years from Rubicon to Empire the first time around. That means by 2044, things should shake out. I’ll probably live long enough to see it all transpire, and thankfully, from afar.

    It’s all just a matter of names, dates and proper nouns, and seeing who is sitting in the last remaining chair after the music stops, seeing who gets to be the American analogue to Augustus. If the history holds, there will be at least one major assassination along the way.

    Those interesting times referred to in a Chinese curse? We’re going to get our interesting times whether we want them or nah.

    August 8, 2022, a day that shall live in infamy.

  20. I should note that Olaf Scholz is still under investigation, and in fact, they’re getting closer to finding a smoking gun, from a scandal back from his days of mayor of Hamburg, that scandal is called Cum-Ex. I wonder if some cops will raid his house.

  21. Your daily reminder that George Washington’s personal bank account with the Bank of England was not forcibly closed, blocked or even officially investigated, all the while he was leading an effort that official public parlance on The Island still to this day refers to as “insurrection,” “rebellion,” “secession.”

    • Guess who appointed the blackrobe who signed off on the raid? None other than Cheetohead the Clown himself (appointed 2018) – no doubt through his most trusted advisor (and Talmudic Satanist) Jared Kushner. Why the whole event might even be staged very nicely, though with Cheetohead one can never rule out sheer dumbass stupidity. Seems to be a lifelong swamp creature with stints in private ambulance-chasing and in the “Justice” Dept. It just keeps getting better….

      • I have a correction. Cheetohead did not appoint Llord Rinehart. I mistakenly was under the impression that Reinhart was a federal district blackrobe. He is in fact a magistrate blackrobe and these creatures are ‘elevated’ to their exalted status by their fellow blackrobes. So we can’t give Cheetohead another own-goal for this. Reinhart not only has the Jewface, but also the Pedoface (frequently found in Satan’s spawn as they are so fond of the practice – which pleases their “God”).

  22. Would you look at that? Now I guess Donald Trump, the common Republicans, and let not forget about Alex Jone….now all of them know how corrupt this country really is. We Southerners and White Nationalists have been saying that for years like since 1861. Deo Vindice !

      • @Arrian,

        The “tigers” have already been released in the forms of feral non-whites and White mutants high on agitation propaganda from the usual sources, and Pharisee lawfare.

  23. Judge Reinhart has a completely scrubbed internet presence. Nothing on his religion or on his family. Nothing. But he has a nose about the size of Jew Jersey, which is where he grew up. And I don’t think Mossad agent Epstein had a Goy defense attorney (he was Epstein’s lawyer). Crypto much, Judge Reinhart?

    • Not to worry, Rangewolf. Just take a look and your vision will remove all doubt. The visage is almost as Jewy as that of Pope Nosferatu of the ADL. Guess Llord Rinehart never got around to getting a nose job.

    • “(he was Epstein’s lawyer). ”

      That alone should be justification for the death penalty.
      From the facts you posted, 95% chance a crypto.

      As I’ve stated before, the grand rabbinate has assembled its minions for the kill.
      Donald has a bullseye on his silhouette.

    • ” Crypto much, Judge Reinhart?”

      This points to the systemic problem when jwz infiltrate a nation.
      Jw supports jw who supports jw …. until there is an impenetrable web that strangles all gentiles.

  24. The lesson we ought to have learned during the Trump interlude is that the system can no longer be reformed from within. Voting cannot save us.

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