“Pro-Democracy Republican” Liz Cheney Defeated In Landslide In Wyoming


This is by far the biggest scalp yet on the Revenge Tour. The haters and losers are being purged one by one.


        • Liz Cheney is one of the worst neocons in Congress. Hageman sounds a lot better


          “I’m an America First candidate,” Hageman told me in a June interview, explaining why she would have voted against the $40 billion aid package to Ukraine that Cheney supported. Wyomingites, she says, care about border security, inflation, and protecting energy jobs. “I think about what Americans need. Liz Cheney thinks, What does Lockheed Martin need?”

          • I had just finished reading that article myself when I saw this comment. Hageman sounds like a Reagan Conservative grounded in the interests of her own state, which I think is fine.

            But, she rejects secession as a surrender of her country, rather than a return of her states sovereignty to its citizens. The middle ground is what most people look at as the model, the 15 states that originally were sovereign in their own right, but united by common cause and heritage against a larger common foe, the old Empire.

            Was their declaration of independence the surrender of their ancestral lands in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England? Well kind of I guess. It was a declaration of new loyalty, a change of home base. Many of our families have been forced to make that move across the water, to start over. Leave our history behind. Our ancestors.

            We have nowhere to go this time. But the Empire is unraveling on its own, so this may well be a moot point anyway, but isn’t fighting for the sovereignty of our state in spite of the new Empire basically the exact same thing tge founders were doing at the most basic level?

            I could be overthinking it. If she is for Wyoming oil jobs and pushing the BLM to let go of land for development of the mineral and pasture resources then sticks her thumb in the eye of any other agency I’m ok with her.

            She did oppose Trump in the primaries. Alot of people did.

  1. Lesbian Cheney, she epitomizes the party of john brown, abram lincoln, Fredrick douglass, here is a chance , for the sane of wyoming, too make up for the mistake they made, voting her in, in the first place.

  2. Whenever I look at people like Cheney, I am ashamed of the fact that I once supported these sorts.

  3. All zog politicians deserve to have their wealth seized before being lined against a wall and shot for treason.
    ALL of them.

  4. The fact that she’s an elected official in Wyoming shows how people will vote for anybody that’s a D or an R. It’s pretty sad if you ask me. Deo Vindice !

  5. That’s not a particularly strong margin of victory. 33% of Republicans would go with Cheney, than add all the Democrats in the state, she’d win in a state-wide election, and that’s in one of the reddest states in the union. Things aren’t looking good for the “nationalists” in the GOP. People need to realize that Whites with right wing views are a minority throughout this country, and we aren’t going to vote our way out of this situation.

    • Exactly. When some say, “Whites”, they think all whites are on our side or something.
      Most whites are not. Most whites are fairly liberalized, and “conservative” is certainly left of center.

  6. Great, likely another woman in Congress — Wyoming is colloquially known as ‘The Cowboy State’, but maybe it ought to be ‘The Cowgirl State’, since currently, and it looks like also in the future, 2 of its 3 federal representatives are women — the official state nickname is ‘The Equality State’, which (as I learned) stems from the fact Wyoming (as a territory) granted women the right to vote (1869).

    >I’m sick of hearing about 1/6.

    Her loss is not going to put an end to 1/6, which for people like her (there are many) is more about ‘orange man bad’ than an alleged ‘insurrection’, and the orange man is still around — she was only one of the Republicans (there were more than a few) who ran with the ‘insurrection’ narrative; she was just louder about it than most — which fits her, because as a female, a woman, she seems rather loud and obnoxious.

    While she’s better than the average Democrat (which is not saying much), Tulsi Gabbard voted ‘present’ on Trump’s first impeachment — she also endorsed Biden after dropping out.

    It’s Inevitable: Trump Will Be IndictedAmericans should prepare for the spectacle of Donald Trump pleading not guilty to charges brought by the Biden Justice Department

    • linkLiz Cheneys net worth before being in office was $7M. Now…$44M. The IRS should be auditing our government instead of the middle class…

      ‘public servant’

  7. The Jackson area is full of rich liberals and Laramie has the college professors. Those are the blue islands in the state. Alaska has a huge native population that automatically votes democrat. Both these states have extremely small populations and are quite vulnerable to some sort of boom that would bring in a couple hundred thousand outsiders to turn them irrevocably blue. Cheyenne seems pretty remote when going through E-W on I 80. However coming down I 25 from Yellowstone a decade back I decided to keep going down to I 70 to go back east and I found just 15 miles south of Cheyenne you enter the Denver front range megapolis suburban swell. If this growth spreads north of the border, Denver suburbanites could skew the state into another Colorado.

  8. Such a relief to wake up this morning to see her lose. I noted CNN did a story on Cheney last night, and while noting the opposition to her in Wyoming, the only person they interviewed was a woman who was all for Cheney “I dislike her views, but I’m all for her on the January Sixth Committee. Trump is a monster and has to be stopped.”
    Noted the woman also wore a mask. It figures. The mask is such a key to what people think. Like Anglin said, if they support Covid controls and trannysexs, they’ll support anything.

  9. Her “loss” was just a contrived part of her performance for which she is being well compensated. She did her job painting the Jan 6th citizens as extremists if not terrorists, and any populist leader who might consider running for POTUS no doubt took notice.
    It wasn’t about Trump per se, but it was about the idea of a Trump-like candidate and especially the 75 million that awoke to support it.
    There are NO America first senators or representatives. Just take a look at the endless standing ovation given to Bibi Netanyahu by the US congress assembled if you need confirmation of that fact.
    They are all bought and paid for.

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