1. Sibel Edmonds said her fellow Turk Cenk Uygur was a spook. He’s “left wing” but it makes sense he would interview “right wing” Yarvin because he’s a spook too. State Department father and his “Moldbug” career was started by neo-con Andrew Sullivan of the Atlantic and he’s funded by Elon Musk’s best Paypal buddy Peter Thiel.

    Yarvin’s brother has been alleged to be behind the “Yale Pipe Bombing” apparently a :false flag” meant to set up a Palestian student weeks after 9/11.

    Yarvin is on Tucker Carlson too, the “dissident” whose dad was an official propagandist on Voice of America.

    Yarvin is a troll whose entire output is essentially a modern update of the Protocols of Zion. He is a smart guy, he is fully aware of what he is doing.

  2. Off Topic: Laura Loomer lost in her primary challenge to the retardican incumbent in Florida tonight.

    I’m sure the ADL will claim it was anti-semitism and White Supremacy that cost her the election.

  3. I don’t get Cenk.
    On the one hand, he admits academia, the scientific community and dinosaur media have been largely bought up by the rich, but on the other he tends to trust them, especially the scientific community.
    I guess Cenk’s been bought up himself or he’s just not that bright.

    So who has the power?
    Longhair says it’s the civil service, which has a lot of power, including the power to tax and regulate big business, and is unaccountable to voters and donors.
    He also mentions academia, the scientific community and dinosaur media, because they have ‘the facts’ and ‘the truth’, the public tends to think of them as being beyond question.
    Cenk says it’s the ultra rich and big business, because they bribe politicians, who have a lot of power, and they bribe academia too and so on.

    I’d say they all have a lot of power and tend to work together to fleece the sheeple.
    To me it’s a false dichotomy, by and large they are one entity, ‘knowledge’ or (dis)info, power and money.
    Money, power and knowledge have always gone hand in the hand, tended to work together to shackle the people.
    It was that way in the medieval world, back then it was kings, nobles and the church, today it’s politicians and civil service, big business, academia and media.
    Superficially these institutions have changed a lot, but underneath it all, the new boss ain’t that different from the old.

    Same with leftwing and right.
    In practice, not that different.
    Cenk thinks Bernie would’ve been different.
    That the ‘justice democrats’ are different.
    We’ll see what these so called ‘rightwing populists’ will do.

  4. I guess what Curtis is saying is we don’t really have a democracy, we have the civil service or deep state, which is unaccountable, and we have politicians, which’re accountable to their wealthy donors, so just do away with the bureaucracy, inefficiency and bet everything on one man, have an absolute democracy or electocracy, where the people elect someone subsequently given absolute power, including the power to do away with elections.
    Since this person would be free of all checks and balances, he could get a lot accomplished, and he wouldn’t be dependent on anyone for anything, at least officially, and so he’d be less corruptible from outside.
    Of course he could still be a horrible person, but at least he wouldn’t be dependent on others, like the deep state and politicians, who’re by and large corrupt anyway, he’d be more free to express himself and his will, whether his will be benevolent or malevolent.
    It’s a gamble, but I can see his point.

    It may come down to that some day, sort of like how Rome went from being a republic to a dictatorship.
    There was massive corruption, inefficiency and feuding between politicians and political parties, populares and optimates.
    Then general Caesar stormed the capital, killed the elected consul Pompeii and anybody who disagree with him, and the people didn’t care because their republican system had broken down, wasn’t working anymore, and hey loved Caesar, shortly after he was assassinated his nephew Octavian became the first official emperor, I could see us going down that path.

  5. Yarvin is a typical Jew playing typical Jew tricks. What does he do? His Jew buddies have destroyed the country with illegal Supreme court decisions that,
    1. Took away regional Senate representation in all the States senates which protected minorities, us.
    2. Took away voting restrictions like, a high school diploma which protected, us, from the mob.

    Then they tell us that Democracy is not working, we now need a KIng. Never mind if we just went back to what we had that was working, a Constitutional Republic, that we wouldn’t need mobocracy or a King. When I comment this…crickets. This is just another typical Jew trick where they give you bad choices that they make and then pretend that there’s no other choices to be made but the bad ones they put forth.

    What we really need is to deport the Jews. That would solve a vast amount of our problems all in one swoop.

    By the way his parents were commies which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  6. I didn’t watch the video before my first comment but now I’m about 10 minutes into it and it’s the biggest Jewish pile of offal and bullshit you’ve ever seen. An incoherent babble of Jew tropes where he makes all these statements as “fact” when in most cases they are just as I said, the Jews destroyed everything and then blamed it on some nefarious other. I can’t even watch any more. Maybe I”l try and finish it later so I can see what the latest line of rubbish they are pushing is.

    I also note he is looking more like a rat faced Jew every day. It was my very first thought when he came on screen. There he is, the rat faced Jew.

    The real question is what the hell is wrong with White people that they read or hear anything he says and decide it’s a good idea? Was his whole “persona” and supposed popularity all BS from the beginning? When he was so….popular, I read maybe two or three of his articles and no one even had to tell me he was a Jew to recognize this lying stream of drivel as a Jew driven. In one of those few articles I read he actually came out and said, in the same article, that he was lying to the readers. I stopped then and never read any more.

    • I think he calls himself a New York Jew in the video.

      I do agree with his basic point though that “the Cathedral” (a stupid term, but whatever) runs the country: the media, the universities, the NGOs, the big donors, the Pentagon, federal bureaucrats, etc. Trump was a reality television politician. He was repeatedly stymied by these people.

  7. The term “Cathedral” conceals the Jewish nature of the US oligarchy. The term “Synagogue” should be used instead. Yarvin conceals the reality of Jewish power since he is Jewish.

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