David French: GOP Christian Nationalists On The Rise

Why does Christianity have to be liberal?

Why does conservatism have to be conservative liberalism?

Catholic Spain in the Counter-Reformation wasn’t a liberal place. Calvin’s Geneva wasn’t liberal. Lutheran Northern Europe wasn’t liberal until well past the Enlightenment in the 19th century.

Lutheranism used to be synonymous with Christian nationalism. The people who weren’t Lutherans in Northern Europe had the right to emigrate and to go live elsewhere. In Iceland, for example, a Catholic priest didn’t set foot there for hundreds of years.


  1. Protestantism was a Nationalist Revolution against the Catholic Empire(s). I’m not convinced “liberalism” is not just a code word for “Naval and Coastal cultures” with their trips to foreign ports – globalism! – vs. good conservative old fashioned land locked cultures where they keep their feet on solid ground, like God intended, if he wanted us on the water he would have given us flippers!

    That is why landlubbing Germany is based while perfidious Albion is Leviathan the Beast of the Sea.

    Normal, White, conservative Christian Southerners are not anti-white, they don’t go for queer stuff, they says build a wall and deport them all. Give them someone to vote for, or a way to organize, and they gladly will.

    When the GOP comes to try to co-opt the movement to steer it toward GOP bs and wars for Israel, the Movement will be there to stop the GOP establishment.

    LOL just kidding the Movement will be trolling people about Hitler or Odin or whatever bullshit. Or shilling for Putin or pretending to be Catholic vs. Orthodox in internet flame wars.

    David French is a nobody with zero influence and he gets paid by Jewish Zionist neo-cons, who cares what he thinks?

    • Well, David adopted a black kid, so that makes him better than all of us in every way and we should listen to everything he says.

      • I have had this discussion with several blacks of all political persuasions, and they all seem to agree that being adopted by non-blacks is the worst thing that could happen to a black kid. It is the present-day equivalent of being colonized by someone with a Kiplingesque “white man’s burden” mentality.

        I tend to agree. I guess the only worse fate for any kid would be to be adopted by a gay/lesbian “couple”

    • An island is really a double edged sword with respect to immunity influence from outsiders. You have to go looking for the world when you live on an Island. So overall, I would say peoples confined to islands tend to be more conservative because they can keep people out if they want much easier. “The British by nature are in love with what they regard as the security of their island and tranquility of life which that engenders. It explains their innate conservatism, their ability to compromise, their pragmatism as well as their quite revolutionary voyages of the mind.” Roy Strong, The Story of Britain

      I would cite Japan as another example of a more conservative people, a people more resistant to outsiders.

      I wouldn’t think the German races are landlubbing, considering the Angles and Saxons invaded Britannia by sea over about three centuries. Then the Germans engage in effective submarine warfare in WWI to free up for themselves the waters of the open Atlantic, so global trade is something they’ve always been concerned about too.

      And then landlocked countries get culturally upset far, far more often. Just look at the size of Central Asia, both in terms of land area and population. And it’s just a total mishmash. These areas have been reinvaded and reinvaded constantly and their ethnic and religious makeup is one latticework over another. You don’t get conquests of Islands nearly as often.

      • I think Central Asia is a fascinating mixture of Celtic, Chinese, Greek, Buddhist, Islamic, Russian and Persian influences. But it’s too dangerous to visit. I would however like to see the ruins of Persepolis and the long-empty tomb of Cyrus the Great.

    • Banned hipster – while your post was basically BS, the last sentences at least were correct. I agree.

  2. The Catholic Church tried to pick who they wanted on the various Scandinavian thrones. The Catholics went as far as sending hit men from Italy to murder Scandinavian contenders and heir apparents. This was going on long before Luther’s criticism of the Catholic Church. So when Luther came along the Scandinavians were ready for him.

    You have to wonder how much Luther new of the politics of Scandinavia? We are now finding out that Luther knew more of Wycliffe & England than anyone ever thought in the past.

  3. Yeah, and look at Scandinavia now. The situation in there now is the perfect analogy of what the jewish-Christian contagion can do to a people. Once upon a time, the Scandinavians were warlike pagan Vikings conquering & pillaging across Europe, Africa & Asia; but once the humanitarian Christian ‘virtues’ infected them, universal love and turn the other cheek, love your enemy, they were transformed into passive altruistic moronic slaves, submitting to the rule of their jewish overlords.

      • What’s so pro-white about distinguishing the Vikings from any other group who raided? The Vikings were mostly opportunistic raiders. They engaged in trade as well, especially with well fortified cities such as Constantinople, which they referred to as Mikkelgard.

        • The 80 years war in the low countries, the century of warfare in France. I dunno, if not the petty influnce of theology, people would find another pretext to slaughter each other.
          The slaughter of Troy was 1200 years before Christ. The destruction of Carthage was 250 years before Christ.

          People just like to slaughter each other.

          • I agree bad things happen with or without Christian influence. I would also apply this fact to many positive things that occurred under Christianity, not necessarily because of it.

        • In Gulliver’s Travels , Jonathan Swift parodies human nature in the war between two states over which end of an egg should be cracked.

          People like to kill in mass, a kind of group hysteria, reinforced by leaders who have much to gain.

      • Come on man, you can’t be serious — what an absurd reply/question — are you really that desperate? — you’re beginning to rival Ron Unz for trolling your own blog in the comments (and that’s saying something, because Unz is a real asshole about it).

        The comment did not say or imply that ‘raping, murdering, robbing and enslaving people’ was pro-White.

        But since you asked, and speaking purely hypothetically, since the whole of human history has been about tribal survival via securing territory and protecting it from ‘the other’, I’d much rather my tribe ‘rape, murder, rob, and enslave’ others than allow the same to be done to us: passively allow our lands to be conquered and ourselves to be subjugated by invading foreign tribes.

  4. Will French call out the jewish nationalism and their atrocities?

    How about metzitzah b’peh, the sick art of jewish circumcision?

    Not a chance, Christians are more of an easy target and don’t have the political power the jews have.

    • French is what is known as fake-opposition. The face of cuckservatism is 100% bought and paid for by GloboPedo. He’s a lair and an enemy. You’ll never see him criticize or even mention Jewish supremacism. He’s probably got a white pedigree as good as Liz Cheney does. Yet we have those here who persist in thinking that such whites are somehow not truly the enemy. In light of the behavior of white yankees against white southerners in the wake of the civil war, one would think such notions would be long-debunked as nonsense – and that’s just one example of hundreds which could be cited.

      This is the rock upon which the notion of white nationalism collapses. How can there be a racial indentitarian movement or party when 35-40% of the race under discussion wants to see all whites exterminated in concert with the Jews and negroes they worship and adore? As HW has repeated here ad infinitum, race exists and it’s not a social construct any more than gender is. It is one essential component of civilization, insufficient to carry the load on its own. Other elements are essential too. Maybe Christianity is now dead – one could certainly make a convincing argument for it in the west at least. In western Europe churches are being burned, torn down or turned into mosques every day. We’re not far from this in Murika. Woke mobs have already burned chuches in Canada.

      If we’re going to toss Christianity onto the garbage dump of history what do its critics suggest for a replacement? Atheism is not going to work since the vast majority of atheists are really members of the Church of Woke, which demands white extermination. Atheists who truly oppose wokeism are a tiny minority, about the same percentile as Jews opposed to wokeism. Islam is one religion where whites are reproducing at above replacement. It’s universalist in nature but there are white nations in the Ummah – Albanians, Chechens and various nationalities from Caucasia, etc. Islam is not demanding that they sacrfice themselves on the altar of diversity, in contrast to Church of Woke which is now the state religion of the west. Muslims certainly know about Jewish behavior, too.

    • The Egyptians invented circumcision, Moses was most likely trained in Egyptian medicine who codified much of their current medical knowledge into moral law. Seeing hideous medical photos of filthy, stinking uncircumcised penises that look like a dog I’d say circumcision is a civilized practice same as shaving off these nasty beards that so many hipsters in Generation Bastard are going around looking like their in the Taliban.

  5. Are you being deliberately obtuse? I didn’t say they were pro-White, but the point is they were an extremely strong and masculine people, and very much unlike the wimps they have become since they became infected with Christianity.

      • They were Christian for centuries. The damage done to them isn’t even religious, it’s because they are white.

      • Those Catholic Spaniards & Portuguese were sure a bunch of wimps ! They only conquered all of South America & parts of North America !
        And those wimpy Protestant Christian British who not only conquered most of North America , but also Australia & India.
        If only they had been like Vikings lol

        • It was the clergy who encouraged the Spanish men to mate with the Indian women, so now you have all of these Amerinds speaking Spanish and having Spanish surnames. It really seems to confuse most Whites, even though it’s pretty obvious. To say they are half Spanish right now is a big error, since they haven’t been mating with the Spanish since 1492.
          So it was the clergy who promoted race-mixing.

      • That’s true…The Normans do have a very ugly rape..pillage…and plunder history in Europe….to what extent did this open up Europe to Muslim conquests…and Mongol conquests…

        Sweden is a Nation of Atheists….

        • Scandinavia was one of the last places in Europe to accept Christianity and one of the first places to leave it aside for atheist materialism. The only country of the lot to have any colonies was Denmark – whose colonial role was very minor (the US Virgin Islands were purchased from Denmark). 150 years ago there was no diversity in Scandinavia. Now you have Nigerians as “Miss Finland” and the like. The state churches there are de-facto atheist – or openly Satanic – temples. Swedes and the rest of them are well on their way to becoming minorities in their own lands – and they openly embrace it. Yet there are Scandinavians signing up to go and defend the fake borders of a fake country run by Jews in the Jewkrainian International Legion. Talk about dumb as rocks….

  6. There’s good argument that Christian nationalism, white identity etc were created out of DEFENSIVE needs and not desires for supremacy and conquest, a major point of neglected history

    Fact is, Europeans dealt with major Muslim attacks, occupations, and capture and enslavement of whites, from the 600s well into the 1800s, Muslim armies threatening to destroy European society for more than 1000 years.

    It’s argued that –
    – Uniting Europe, first done under Christianity, and establishing pan-European identity, were important to avoid Muslim conquest
    – Colonialism, endorsed early on by the Popes, was at core an attempt by whites to gather the resources needed to win their 1000-year battle of survival, Muslims only just in 1492 chased out of Iberia … whites were so hugely successful eventually, that the survival motive was forgotten
    – Europe-wide consensus, such as the 1648 Peace of Westphalia ending Europe’s misguided Christian religious wars, were vital to Europe turning the tide against attacking, nearly victorious Muslim armies in the decades that followed

    The gigantic threat to European whites included hugely dangerous events such as Charles Martel’s battle with Muslim armies at Tours in the year 732, and nearly a millennium later, the Muslim siege of Vienna in 1683, broken with the arrival of allied forces under Polish King Jan III Sobieski.

    Over a million Europeans and whites, including some early Americans, were captured and enslaved by Muslims over time, that crime only finally winding down with the actions of ‘white supremacist’ US President Thomas Jefferson, who expanded the Navy to help put down marauding Muslims of North Africa.

    Europe’s wars with their old Muslim enemy, continued through the 1800s in the Balkans and finally into World War I. Whites won so big, it is now forgotten that whites lived under threat of being overwhelmed for many centuries. And if they hadn’t united as whites, we wouldn’t be here today.

    • Superb historical point. Nice to see someone who knows of it. You will not find out about it in university history courses taught in Murika or Western Europe. The blackwashing of history is already massively under way in the Empire of Lies. Tours is now home to a huge mosque in France of course. The Jews who fled Spain into Morocco were massively involved in financing the slave raids which extended all the way up into Scandinavia and (as you noted) even managed to capture Americans in the late 18th century.

      Whites never had to deal in the past with such a massive percentile of brainwashed traitors in their own ranks as now. But, you made a good point that white nations have come together in the past when faced with an existential threat. Note that these alliances referred to took place when Christianity was strong. Atheists didn’t defeat the invading Muslims armies at Tours or Vienna, nor did they fight a seven-century campaign to retake Spain. WW I seems to be the key event that broke the white man’s will. We’ve been declining ever since.

    • It’s really a shame that France & Britain saved the Ottoman Empire in the Crimean War. Constantinople & maybe even a majority of Anatolia would be Christian today, but the British just couldn’t stand the thought of having a strong Russia to deal with , so they fought for the Muslims 🙁

      • “Constantinople & maybe even a majority of Anatolia would be Christian today”:

        Yes, a million or so Anatolian Greeks would not have been forced to leave Turkey after WW2, and Cyprus would never have been invaded and partitioned, and millions more Orthodox Armenians and other Eastern Orthodox Christians would be alive today if they had not have been genocided, which was made possible by the British Empire’s support for Turkey.

        Turkey has just announced a five fold increase in the tolls it charges ships to pass through the Dardanelles between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, and it has been refusing to allow some Russian navy ships to pass through, while allowing all U.S., British and French navy ships.

        • I just noticed “after WW2” – a typo, I meant WW1. 1,221,489 ethnic Greeks were removed from Turkey by 1923. It would never have happened if the British global empire had allowed a Russian victory over Turkey in the nineteenth century.

        • The British Empire has been controlled by Jews since at least 1700. It is not surprising that their actions increased Muslim power and allowed Constantinople to fester under Islam. If the UK were truly Christian I suspect Constantinople would have been retaken.

    • @TonyT—-it is the Jews who are at war with God. Gender affirming surgery is only the latest flavor, the latest variant of that war.

    • @Tony Yes, they deny it. They believe all that matters is going to heaven. They don’t really care about this earth. They believe everything is God’s will.

    • “Pro-White Christians are featured throughout.”

      I don’t see how Christian Universalism and racial stratification-separatism are reconcilable.

      • @Arrian,

        It was a backhanded statement– never intended as a compliment.

        Other than George Lincoln Rockwell, the other pro-White Christians in the documentary use biblical pretzel logic as their ideological foundation. KKK tier reasoning quite literally, as they are prominently featured in Blood in the Face.

  7. Protestantism is judaizing. That’s why it’s encouraged by the Jews. Anything but traditional, actual Catholicism or Orthodoxy.

  8. Oh ye punchable face!

    Very punchable indeed!, maybe second only to Lady Bug herself

  9. ” jews convinced modern christians to be liberals.”

    Jwz will corrupt any system, just as fungus will destroy any organic matter.

    Jwz are the fungus of civilization…..AH

    • You ought to copy & paste the text too, especially if you think it important enough — this costs you a bit of extra effort, but saves everyone else the trouble of following the link.

      Political realism dictates that there must be an alliance of ethnocentric Christians, Pagans, Nietzscheans etc. We don’t have time to settle this religious contention, and people who think it is more urgent than securing European ethnic homogeneity are deluding themselves.

      • >We don’t need these people.

        466 migrants waiting to dock in Europe on Ocean Viking ship, only 21 are womenAnother example of how the vast majority of the migrants coming to Europe are fighting-age men, with women making up only a tiny minority

        Anyone who visits the public spaces, especially the town squares, of European cities and towns will see how ugly the cumulative effect of this is — young Arab and African men just hanging around, being loud and obnoxious, glaring and laughing at die Einheimische, smoking dope, dealing drugs, committing crimes, and generally creating a kind of menacing atmosphere that drives away the natives.

        One of the sadder things about it is seeing the rare interview with an older European who has the guts to say how migration has destroyed the atmosphere and feeling of community in their town.

        people who think it is more urgent than securing European ethnic homogeneity are deluding themselves.

        People who countersignal those who focus, above all else, on preserving the demographic heritage of Europe are not ‘pro-White’, no matter how often they say it.

    • We don’t need these people.

      They are a detriment to what we are trying to accomplish. They can fuck off back to their atheist internet ghettos

      • Pro white atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, etc. have always welcomed and stood side by side with Christians who were pro-white. The hostility is on your side. If Christians acknowledge who the problem is, they are golden. What you’re promoting is divisive and you need to take a step back.
        You paint a stereotype of atheists as some kind of leftist blue haired neckbeards, and that’s not what most pro-whites are like.
        Like Eah said above, we don’t have time to indulge everyone’s issues.

        • Yes, typical “Christian” intolerance to fellow Whites who don’t “believe”. Of course, and again, there is no atheist movement of any kind in White Nationalism because our first and foremost concern is with the defense of our race, not our everlasting, eternal, afterlife that atheists don’t even think about.

          “Belief” is only a half-way-station between ignorance and knowledge. Anyone can “believe” anything and still be wrong no matter what they “believe” or how many believe it. Insofar as Christianity — no matter what they believe, they are wrong because they don’t know. They just “believe”. And since they don’t know, they fill in the blank spaces with what they “believe”.

      • >They are a detriment to what we are trying to accomplish.

        Who’s ‘we’? — and what are you trying to accomplish? — are you trying to prevent Whites from becoming a minority in their own countries? — it doesn’t look like it — and given the open racial hostility evinced toward Whites today, what goal is more important than that?

        So like a true free speech advocate (I’ve seen you claim before that you ‘default’ to free speech), it looks like you have now decided to no longer publish my comments; if you can’t beat ’em, ban ’em — sad — it doesn’t surprise me though, really — turns out all that COVID fear porn posting was a real ‘tell’ after all — as was your repeated failure to straightforwardly answer simple, politely-put questions (which led to some frustration and acerbic commenting from me, which I do not regret, and for which I do not apologize).

        And, as I hinted before, I see you as absolutely no different from Richard Spencer (whom you ridicule) on the key question of the future of Whites in their own countries.

        >They can fuck off back to their atheist internet ghettos

        If you say so, tough guy — another tolerant Christian.

        Suggestion: why not another esoteric post about the historical importance of Calvinism while the next statue of a white man is taken down? — or maybe as an accompaniment while white kids are taught about their ‘privilege’, and how their forebears profited from ‘institutional racism’?

        • @eah Things will get really bad, and they will realize they had no agenda to stop the destruction. They will lobby to get prayer back in the schools, to make porn illegal, etc., the things they “think” are destroying the US. They won’t face what is happening to our race. They are more concerned with third world populations having food and being able to come to the US for free medicine and housing.

          It’s been the Christians from the start, who allowed this takeover of our government, banks, and currency, by the tribe, and it’s still alright with most of them.

          All of us need to take care of ourselves and our families, and ride the wave out, because like Keith Woods said, “No one is coming to save you.”

          • No matter how much they pray, their god never helps them. Then they will quote, “God helps those who help themselves”, which is NOT in the bible. It’s a stupid meme, like if you could help yourself, you wouldn’t ask god for anything.

  10. You’re quite correct in describing the mechanism. Cyrus Scofield’s abomination had vast influence beyond the fundamentalist Protestant sects who endorsed the dispensationalist heresy. It paved the way for rank and file Christians accepting moral pronouncements from the Synagogue of Satan. In a healthy church any clergy who supported gay marriage and other Church of Woke dogma (doctrines of demons) would be excommunicated at once. The way it’s headed, any who oppose such dogmas will end up excommunicated. Christianity in the west is a total wreck.

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