Ex-FBI Adviser: I’m More Concerned Going To My Home Than When I Was Chasing ISIS

Back when Donald Trump was actually the president, I remember him sucking up to the generals and praising the FBI as great American patriots and pardoning a bunch of black rappers on his last day in office. He seems to have changed his tune in a good way at his rally in Pennsylvania last night.

New York Times:

“WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — In his first rally since his home was searched by the F.B.I. on Aug. 8, former President Donald J. Trump on Saturday lashed out at President Biden and federal agents, calling his Democratic rival “an enemy of the state” and the F.B.I. and the Department of Justice “vicious monsters.”

In an aggrieved and combative speech in Pennsylvania, Mr. Trump stoked anger against law enforcement even as the F.B.I. and federal officials have faced an increase in threats following the search of Mr. Trump’s residence to retrieve classified documents.

Mr. Trump’s remarks echoed the chain of similar, escalating attacks he wrote on his social media website this week, including posts that singled out one agent by name. That agent has retired, and his lawyers have said he did not have a role in the search. …”

The Revenge Tour needs a platform.

If Trump were to commit himself to abolishing the FBI and firing the Pentagon generals like Mark Milley and getting rid of the Global American Empire and cutting off Ukraine, I would probably vote for him. We need something more tangible to show for our support than a big tax cut for millionaires.


  1. “””…If Trump were to commit himself to abolishing the FBI….””

    I think Donald arranging such a chaos that entire system burn itself down with all it’s institution.

    Donald didn’t commit himself to radicalisation but somehow it happened ?

    • “””…If Trump were to commit himself to abolishing the FBI….””

      His words and his deeds don’t always mesh.

  2. Lenin didn’t walk into the Kremlin and keep the Czar’s secret police or his Army. Seriously all of DC needs to be given the pink slip. I’m not kidding around when I say we need a new national capital more centrally located. A new President shouldn’t even go there or stay in the White House. They should on day one create new organizations with their own loyal people and fire the DC bureaucrats. Run the nation out of Tallahassee or Joplin or something, somewhere where the populace is loyal to you. Biden doesn’t even have to worry about the peasants with pitchforks as happened in Sri Lanka, the local populace is loyal to his regime. Stay away and cut them loose.

    • He did.

      A lot of Czar police worked for Lenin, infamous “Give me a man and I will find the crime.” Vyshinski most known. Also Red Army officers were former Czar officers.

      Trotsky and Lenin knew well human psyche and understood that demoralised career people do not care who to serve.

      This was one reason why Czar was killed. Trotsky announced that he is new Czar and who want to succeed in life, plz leak his ass.

      Many educated people know that loyalty get you killed and changing sided on time is the key to future success. I am sure that Donald also knows that demoralised filth does not cares who is the master.

    • Juri is at least partly correct. A significant portion of the old Czarist officer corps ended up commanding Red Army units. Others ended up in command of White Army units (like Wrangel) during the ensuing civil war. The thing you’re missing is that Lenin did not directly replace Czar Nicholas II. The Czar abdicated his office as a result of the widespread food riots in February 1917 which resulted in the establishment of the so-called ‘Provisional Government’ headed by Kerensky. The largely mythical “storming of the Winter Palace” took place in early November (October under the Julian calendar, hence the ‘October Revolution’). It was not the heroic battle as the Soviets advertised it for decades. The palace, seat of the Kerensky regime, was closed at the time and guarded by a very experienced cavalry unit who was bribed to ride off with colors flying. Lenin, Trotsky and his fellow gangsters were then easily able to overpower the few night watchmen on hand.

      There was fairly serious fighting in Moscow in January of 2018 but even then the units guarding the Kremlin left in order that the many historical monuments and churches would not be destroyed in the fighting. Russian civil war followed soon after. The whites consisted mainly of those who wanted a constitutional regime on a western model. Monarchists were a definite minority. There was a lot of desertion in the Imperial Army in 1916 and the Czar renounced the throne so any fealty to him was a moot point by 1918. Lenin, Trotsky and the rest of the Bolshevik leadership didn’t arrive in Russian until April of 1917. Even according to the PMC author of this Smithsonian account, Lenin enjoyed a fairly luxurious trip back to Russia from Switzerland.

      • Lenin returned to Russia in a “sealed train” provided by Germany. I guess Berlin was hoping a Red Revolution would take Russia out of the war so the German army could focus all its attention on the Western Front. For a long time the Soviets denied that Imperial Germany played a significant role in helping the Bolsheviks come to power.

    • Nightowl: Excellent suggestion about relocating the national capital. I would suggest Montgomery because it has a better climate than DC and it is in the Deep South, far away from the Eastern Seaboard and its “prestigious” Establishment institutions. But if the USA is going to break up then it’s a moot issue.

      • I was thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of Missouri. Somewhere that is sort of south, but also sort of midwest. Although right now the defacto centers of political power for what is left of 20th century gentile America is Florida and Texas.

        • Lexington, Kentucky, is where our capital should be, beautiful horse country, we could have the most beautiful capital in the world, makes perfect sense, Appalachia and the evangelicals, will give birth too our reborn Republic, my first.visit too South Carolina, I was intoxicated with the beauty of the land, especially between Columbia and Charleston and the hospitality and culture of the low country, but I tell you plainly, the horse country of kentucky is as beautiful as any place on the Earth, the people who abide there, are of the highest quality, the blue grass of kentucky, the class of our republic, we thank God for kentucky and all his blessing’s…….

          • How is that going to work out when India’s and China’s Militaries occupy California?…You live in a Fantasy World…

  3. I could not be less interested in Trump or anything he might say.

    Trump’s rhetoric had a similar anti-Establishment tone in 2015/2016 — but everyone could see what kind of man he is during his four years in office: buffoonish, shallow, approval-seeking — not at all detail-oriented (he’s too stupid), he was a disinterested manager who was also a poor judge of character in those he hired and appointed, people in whom he apparently inspired no loyalty (in part a verdict on Trump’s character) — he had no goals other than enjoying the trappings of office, and essentially accomplished nothing of consequence — his foreign policy is neocon-ish: he was in office only a few weeks before he was lobbing cruise missiles into Syria.

    I think that about covers it.

      • >What have you done in your life worth mentioning?

        I was never president — but actually I have accomplished a few things ‘worth mentioning’ in my own niche life — here’s one:

        Are you familiar with the EAS? — if you ever hear any severe weather alerts on the radio, maybe a tornado warning, or even the weekly test, there is a very good chance it is being sent on a unit designed and put into production by just me and two engineering colleagues (one of them our boss, who was a very experienced DSP expert) — after its introduction, for some time our unit was dominant, with over 50% market share — it is still used by radio stations around the country (they are required to have an EAS unit).

        TFT EAS 911 to BURK EAS-32 Demo

        Thanks for asking.

        • Lol don’t worry this guy is fighting his own rear guard Ulster Loyalist campaign against the popish menace in the dissident right. Well done on the broadcast medium.

    • Ikr, the fbi were wiping Israel’s and their controlled politician’s asses long before the Dump raid. It’s funny, the DOJ really do have the goods to shut Dump down right now, in that he was passing classified intel on Iran to Israel but since the head of the DOJ is another stooge of Israel, they’d rather take the L and make Dump more popular than ever (which could be a bonus since he’s controlled opposition anyway) than have any mention of where the documents were going. If anything, this whole affair is just another blatant example that the fed is a ZOG.

  4. Dump is good at reading the tea leaves but that doesn’t mean he will do anything different if he is elected again. He’s good at saying the right things but that doesn’t always translate into actions. Besides, I don’t think this country can be saved. There’s way too much corruption in all facets of govt and let’s not forget the two parties.

  5. “he’ll put Jared in control of the White House again”

    That kind of remark right there is a good example of why I take these comments with a grain of salt.
    There is ZERO chance that Trump will put Kushner back in his administration if he gets elected again. None whatsoever.

    I don’t disagree on certain aspects of Trump that are unfavorable. But he still is a sledgehammer to the system, which says more about how shitf*cked the system is than it does about Trump. He’s still liable to make horrible appointments, but one of those won’t be Kushner.

    • I don’t think The Swamp would allow Blormp to become president again. If he were to win it might set off a new civil war. But it wouldn’t be a conventional and chivalrous conflict like the first one. It would consist mostly of terrorism and street violence, with BLM and Antifa type goon squads bashing open the skulls of anyone suspected of being a “fascist” or a “racist”.

  6. Trump is a potent symbol which is why the Regime is trying to obliterate him and his supporters remain emboldened.

    In reality and practicality, he appointed the Jewish DOJ AG Bill Barr who backstabbed him and worked against him 24/7.

    And he’d do it all again……

    He lacks the fundamental capacity to acknowledge to himself that the Jewish people whom he used his entire life to enrich himself and married his daughter off to went on a bloody and ruthless crusade against him when he decided to run for President as a Republican.

    This is also one of MAGA’s main flaws. MAGA continues to find and elevate Jews to present an acceptable image to the Jewish establishment in the hopes of being taken seriously.

    These ‘MAGA’ Jews then act like a cancer within eating away at the vitality and strength.

    This is an empirical scientific reality which is why we say “with Jews you lose”.

  7. Former Alabama Senator and US Attorney General Jeff Sessions looked like a deer in headlights when he found himself immersed into the heart of the The Great Satan.

    Surrounded by some of the most bloodthirsty and ruthless Jews, he was so scared and bewildered he recused himself when the entire Russian Witch Hunt was completely fabricated.

    The Jews were boxing him into a cage. DOJ Jews were working with the Jewish media to paint him as KKK guy to the public to neuter and silence him while they ramped up the Russian Hoax.

    And it worked.

    • >was completely fabricated

      You’re right about that — and as I said before, none of the hypocrites who cry today about a ‘threat to democracy’ would ever admit that they did everything they could to undermine Trump after he was elected president, including the absurd Russiagate probe.

      >he recused himself

      He did so because he was involved with the Trump campaign, so he didn’t think it proper that he should now, as AG, investigate the Trump campaign — while one might argue about whether it was really necessary for him to recuse himself, I think his motives were honest — I always felt Sessions was both an asset in the Senate as well as a decent man, and I think it is a shame what has happened to him since he (perhaps foolishly, in retrospect) aligned himself with Trump.

  8. If Putin holds firm and shuts off the gas to Europe, we’re in for a worldwide depression this winter. In that case, Trump might be the first man to win the presidency from a prison cell. The Adults in the Room really screwed up the global economy.

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