Antony Blinken Announces Another $2 Billion For Ukraine

Defending Ukrainian democracy is worth every penny.


“Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced during a visit to Kyiv Thursday that the U.S. will provide $2.2 billion in military aid to Ukraine and 18 other European countries that are “potentially at risk of future Russian aggression.” …”

If you see this as a bottomless pit of gritting that creates nothing but death and destruction around the world while systematically redistributing wealth from American citizens to various parasites that have accumulated influence in Washington, you are probably a bitter enemy of Our Democracy.


  1. If anything this war have been a great boon to Russia

    It have now learned once and for all that you can not reason with the empire and the only language it understand is one of war death and destruction!
    Being naive and trusting in the past it now have come to a final conclusion that “those people” as General Lee called them can not be trusted, our “partners” have now becom our “former partners” …Finaly

    Currently on it´s last legs in Europe the empire is bound to lash out one final time and after this winter heads will roll in the Fatherlands of our people

  2. This war has nothing to do with defending Ukraine. Its about fighting a war against Russia that would drain it of resources, without committing US forces that would start a nuclear WW3. But who is winning? Will anyone tell the truth about that?

  3. >But who is winning? Will anyone tell the truth about that?

    Few Western sources will be honest about the background and origins of the conflict, or about the fact Russia waited 8 years after the outbreak of open hostilities in eastern Ukraine before acting.

    But if you want relatively fair news about how the fighting is going, you can watch this account:

    Telegram/ASB Military News

    The are pro-Russia, but their military coverage seems mostly fair — e.g. right now they are admitting that the current offensive by Ukraine is meeting some success and Russian units are in danger of being encircled.

  4. Our politicians and military must understand that the Russians intend to bleed us dry in the Ukraine. The military and the politicians can’t be that stupid or that greedy not to realize that economic disaster will be the outcome for the US.

    It might take another 6 months, it might take a year, but, the outcome for the US will be economic collapse. I would think it will depend on how harsh and how early the winter is this year in Europe.

  5. But who is winning?

    That an easy one. The (((same winners))) of nearly all wars. The Jarhead General Smedley Butler (who won 2 medals of honor and lived to tell the tale) was onto the scam nearly a century ago and even wrote a little book about it. In terms of today’s players, the winners will be folks like Blackrock, Vanguard, Hunter and the Big Guy, Mitt, Nancy, Mitch the Bitch, Lady G, et al. Country 404 has now made it illegal for women of conscription age to leave the country, and the conscription age for men in now up to 70. (((They))) will literally fight to the last Ukrainian, save for the catamites and young girls carted off to places like Israel and San Francisco to service folks like the “White Nationalist” Greg Johnson.

  6. Was there an appropriation in the House of Representatives to spend this money? That is what their beloved Constitution requires, no exceptions for The Usual Suspects and their friends, either unless it’s written in invisible ink. How about that “democracy” thing the Lügenpresse keeps bleating about? Of course, things like the Constitution, accountability and opposition political parties are pro forma now anyway.

    With a magic printing press, now digital book entry of course The Usual Suspects can spend enormous sums without being held accountable. The inevitable results are immense debts, horrendous inflation, de-industrialization, the offices of the State sold to notorious scumbags owned by The Usual Suspects, endless wars and eventually; collapse, disorder and poverty. The Federal Reserve and its friends in Europe cannot print millions of cubic yards of gas, millions of gallons of oil or one pound of coal, only misery and failure.

    A good read from the time of Weimar Germany’s failure and our future:

    No doubt a version of this will be coming soon to a theatre near you and the rest of the world when GloboHomo Shopping Mall implodes. The USD is still the world’s reserve currency, like it or not. Its destruction through inflation will have horrendous consequences worldwide. Check in with Ceylon and Pakistan for a preview, they ruined their currencies through their central banks.

    N.B. Pakistan has a nuclear arsenal just like its hostile neighbor, India and its hostile neighbor, China. When Pakistan disintegrates will India pre-emptively attack Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal? What would China do to India if this were to happen?

    These are the kind of second and third order things that can result from the money going bad.

    • >Lügenpresse

      Herzlichen Glückwunsch for getting the ü in Lügenpresse correct — now visit the site below to see how to properly post a link using HTML (which is recognized by the comment handling SW here):

      HTML Links – Syntax

      In any case, when posting a plain text link you don’t need anything after the ‘?’ char, if present; that’s just tracking info for the destination server — here you also don’t need ‘ref=sr_1_1’, which is also link syntax parsed by the server (i.e. it has nothing to do with the product designation at AMZN).

      When Money Dies: The Nightmare of Deficit Spending, Devaluation, and Hyperinflation in Weimar Germany

      >The USD is still the world’s reserve currency

      Unfortunately, yes — this enables the federal government/Deep State to finance its nefarious operations because there is, practically speaking at the moment, an infinite amount of money available — it is just created.

      >Check in with Ceylon and Pakistan for a preview

      In this sense, I don’t see Sri Lanka and Pakistan as fair comparisons — in addition, they have small, primarily non-industrial economies.

      Because so many commodities are priced in USD, and so much trade is conducted in USD, the world has been able to absorb all of this new supply fairly well — the recent spike in inflation is largely due to the rise in the price of oil (right now up almost 50% in 2022), but even this is due more to the volatility component of futures contracts, and not so much to any physical shortage (certainly not in the US, which imported less than 2% of its oil from Russia) — similar to an options contract, the volatility component of oil futures contracts price in expectations of future risk, which includes political and supply instability — this is still strongly elevated now, and will be at least as long as the war in Ukraine is ongoing.

      • Thanks for the tip on HTML syntax, I will review that.


        You certainly are correct regarding the trivial size of the economies of Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and Pakistan. Their implosion has zero second or third order economic effects upon the world but I was trying to illustrate that Pakistan’s disintegration could have other far reaching, unpredictable consequences. Not so much for Ceylon of course.

        The economic disintegration of Pakistan has been a long time coming and the blame lies at the feet of Pakistan, not the U.S. or UK. The recent commodity inflation has simply accelerated their decline.

        There is a rough parallel to be drawn with the Arab Spring when BHO was President which was a combination of economic turmoil and the Deep State’s nefarious actions. Food inflation in places like Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia etc. acted as a catalyst for the turmoil then.

        This time the Deep State doesn’t want Pakistan to disintegrate but they appear to be powerless to influence events there. Their attention is focused on wrecking Russia anyway which combined with their gross incompetence means they don’t even care about places like Pakistan. If there is a series of 500 KT air bursts at 3,000 feet above cities like New Delhi, Karachi, Islamabad, Bombay etc. it’s too late to care.

        Good points about oil, there is no single thing more inflationary to a modern economy than a sudden rise in the price of oil. The Ukraine war spiked oil prices but oil was rising before the war anyway, Ukraine just added a war premium. The printing of extraordinary amounts of USD before the war also contributed to inflation although how much is debatable.

        With Dementia Joe as President, Cackling Kamala waiting in the wings and the gross corruption and incompetence of the Deep State any new world crisis will simply be catastrophic for the everyone including the elite scumbags in charge.

  7. Defending Ukraine is the cover story but in realty this is all about the Belt & Road Initiative and restructuring global trade away from the U.S. and moving it primarily to the Eurasian continent and surprise, surprise, what country will be at the heart of this global order (sigh)…..Israel. Israel backs both Russia, Ukraine, and China (and has more loyalty to them over the U.S. as well). Alexander Dugout spells this new order out pretty explicitly except Israel is the heart not Russia (I wonder if some CIA still loyal to the U.S. is behind his attempted assassination). The ZOG is just funding another of Israel’s pet projects and after a few stabs here and some slices there, draining the blood to the last drop.

  8. How much of that money is making it was into the pockets of the (((oligarchs)))? The weapons they’re getting from the US is being traded on the black market

  9. @Black Label

    You beat me to it! This is definitely about the BRI, and the fulfillment of Mackinders Heartland thesis.

    Eurasia is the future. The West must be degraded enough so it cannot prevent this evolution.

    Europe will be eviscerated, so that a Russian/Chinese Marshall plan will be needed to rebuild it.

    The banksteins are behind this. They have ensured a weakened, woke Western military, and the likelihood of kill switches in Western military systems must not be underestimated, put there for the moment the West takes on the East.

    Nothing is ever what it seems. Death to ZOG.

    • This is a nonsensical theory. Why would Jews give up their current power and global hegemony to become lapdogs of the Chinese? Doesn’t even stand up to the weakest scrutiny.

      • @Dart

        Why did most of the world, including the Chinese, go along with the covid scam?

        The banksteins control the world, including China. They may not trust the chinks, that doesn’t matter as they can use Russia and India to keep China in line, in a reprise of the balance of power politics waged against Europe for 400 years by the British, on behalf of ZOG.

  10. Russia is on the verge of defeat, and the NWO on the cusp of running the table. What does it mean? The new axis is the global technocracy vs normal humans of any race. I guess I’m guilty of wanting this to be easy when I knew it never was going to be.

    • Russia losing will give these bastards that much more self-permission for all kinds of new and exciting provocations.

  11. “Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence.”

    Elites are people just like you. Evil people, but still people. They get scared and lose it sometimes too.

  12. >Russia is on the verge of defeat

    No they’re not.

    Russia has significant military capacity in reserve; they are now deploying some of these reserves to help stem the current Ukrainian counteroffensive — Russia has air superiority as well as strategic (precision guided) missile capability, but has yet to really employ these to attack Ukrainian command centers and supply lines — per reports I have seen, they are also not fully using their warplanes to support ground troops (perhaps due to concern about Ukrainian air defense; Ukraine has S-300 systems).

    So there is a lot Russia can still do to prosecute the war — but I do see some frustration in pro-Russia social media accounts because it looks like Russia is still holding back — I think Putin is reluctant to burn any remaining bridges to the West by unleashing his military to destroy the armed forces of Ukraine and oust the regime in Kiev; this is not what he set out to do — he may also be surprised by the intransigence of the West in supporting Ukraine militarily and refusing to negotiate — well into the conflict Lavrov made the comment that Russia now has no more illusions about the West.

  13. Blinken followed the money to Kiev in Khazarkraine, and so did Vicky Nudelman, and the Black U.S. Secretary of Defense (War) Lloyd Austin, and various European NATO toadies.
    They were all there with Zelensky, to oversee the launch of the biggest act of butchery in the proxy war so far – the Kharkov counter-offensive that is creating tens of thousands of casualties on the Khazarkrainian side and ensuring billions of dollars or shekels of profits for capitalist elites.

    Talmudic Khazarkrainian “Defense (War) Minister Alexei Reznikov openly declared that the country should be viewed as a ‘testing ground’ for US defense contractors, saying: ‘We are inviting arms manufacturers to test new products here.’ Indeed, US defense contractors are not only testing their products in Ukraine, they are raking in money hand over fist. Despite the 8% decline in the US stock market over the past year, shares of Lockheed Martin, the largest defense contractor, are up by 20% over the same period, as are the share prices of General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman. US arms manufacturers are not only cashing in directly on the thousands of missiles, drones and other weapons being sent to Ukraine, but also on the massive rearmament of the NATO allies, who have all vowed to expand their military spending to record levels. And they are not the only American companies enjoying record profits. As Russia has dramatically curtailed its gas deliveries to Europe as a result of the war, US natural gas exports to Europe have tripled, while the prices paid by European consumers have surged ten-fold over the past year. US energy companies posted their largest profits ever last month, with ExxonMobil posting a record $17.85b in quarterly profits and Chevron a record $11.62b. Throughout the US economy, corporate profits have surged to 15.5%, the highest figure reported since 1950 and double what they were 10 years ago, amid rampant corporate price-gouging and a collapse in workers’ living standards. American companies are benefiting from a war that was deliberately provoked by Washington and a pro-NATO Ukrainian government that emerged from a US-orchestrated 2014 coup in Kiev (…) US Sec Def (War) Lloyd Austin said the mission of the US is ‘changing,’ making it clear that the aim of the US is to draw the war out for as long as possible. He pledged to ‘upgrade our defense industrial bases’ for the ‘long haul,’ a phrase he repeated five times”:

  14. Oy vey …
    That’s 2 billion shekels that could’ve been blindly handed to the dindus for slave reparations in our ghettoized cities ..
    What kind of raycisssssss white supremacism is this ??

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