Time: The Perils and Promise of America’s Third Reconstruction

After three Reconstructions, maybe it is time to pull the plug on the Union? Just saying. I was ready for this over a decade ago. I’m tired of living in a country that revolves around blacks.


“W.E.B. Du Bois is perhaps best known for introducing the term “double consciousness” into the lexicon of the Black experience. The term described the duality of being a Black American—neither fully African nor completely American, an enduring “problem” to be fought over in times of war and wrestled with during times of peace. The duality at the heart of double-consciousness impacts the entire American project. America itself possesses dueling identities, reflecting warring ideas about citizenship, freedom, and democracy. There is the America that proudly identifies itself as reconstructionist, home to champions of racial democracy, and there is the America equally proud of being redemptionist, a country defiantly committed to maintaining white supremacy by any means necessary. Since the birth of the nation, its racial politics have been shaped by an ongoing battle between reconstructionist America and redemptionist America. …

In our time we have come to the Third Reconstruction, the period from the election of Barack Obama as president in 2008 through the recent Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests and all that they have entailed. The debates, conflicts, and divisions of the Third Reconstruction have been the most volatile yet. The global health pandemic that started in early 2020 revealed beyond doubt how deeply the racial disparities in society have affected Black lives. That disparity is still rooted in the world America built just after the end of slavery. …

Redemptionists interpreted America’s political future through an entirely different set of experiences. From the ashes and ruins of Confederate rebels came a vow among white supremacists to “redeem” the South of “Negro domination” or perish. The Confederacy’s defeat compelled a change in strategy, but not an end to morally reprehensible tactics which redemptionists innovated during peace-time. No longer content to create a republic of slavery, they now endeavored to turn America into a Southern Nation. Racial terrorism accompanied political, legal, and legislative efforts to reestablish slavery by other means. Reconstructionists exhibited a passionate commitment to achieving the goal of multiracial democracy, but redemptionists matched their level of belief, and at times violently exceeded them, in their efforts to reestablish white supremacy …

Redemptionists identified themselves as heroic defenders of a misunderstood South. In their telling, it was the South that was under assault, and it was their duty to keep power out of the hands of impudent Blacks, who they said were unprepared to perform the duties of citizenship in an intelligent manner, let alone serve as competent legislators. But redemptionists also prefigured contemporary racial gaslighting. They were architects of racial oppression, but denied the existence of the edifices they built to stand in the way of Black citizenship. While they sometimes called openly for white supremacist rule as a bulwark against Black voting rights and citizenship, they simultaneously claimed that their righteous indignation had nothing to do with race. A version of white supremacy claiming to be color- blind began to take root during the First Reconstruction. Redemptionists normalized violent intransigence against Black citizenship by advancing the notion that African Americans, having been so recently uplifted from slavery, were simply not ready to assume the burdens of political power. Massacres of Black Americans took place in 1866 in New Orleans and Memphis, less than a year after passage of the Thirteenth Amendment, but the reasons for the massacres were never fully acknowledged, and many denied they even took place.”

Obviously, I am firmly on the side of Redemptionist America.

Note: Did you hear that The Little Mermaid has been reconstructed?


  1. Yea, I’m like you. I’m rather tired of everything being defined by some version of what blacks think or want. I always wonder if these people obsessed with “white supremacy “ would really like to live in a society that ran on” black supremacy”, I rather doubt it… I like sanitation, running water, and electricity, etc….

    • Race mixing has ALWAYS been a disaster, throughout all of recorded history. The American ppl are too stupid to know or learn from history.

  2. “-they now endeavored to turn America into a Southern Nation.”

    It was, from the beginning.

    The Puritans and Quakers would never have created, much less even allowed to exist, any such thing as a federal republic. They believed, and their modern, Yankee descendents, both biological and cultural, still believe in the dictatorship of the elect. Of which, the modern day Yankee SJW counts himself as being a natural born member.

    To rule all of America for its own good, is the natural birth right of all Northerners. Most of them don’t even consciously think this. It’s an automatic assumption, reflected in their voting habits, and in their political activities. Which includes endless meddling and interference in the elections, political processes, and governments of the Southern, and some Western States.

    Without ostensibly White Yankees and their Jewish “allies” propping it up, Black Run America would disappear overnight. Along with most of Dixie’s socio-political problems.

    Yankeedom and Jewry can’t survive without America, but America can sure enough survive without them.

    End Reconstruction. End the War(s).

    • Biden is no more Catholic than Fidel Castro was. His threats against Whites of all ethnicities is pure communism.

      • Put in more contemporary terms, the retarded Adolt Shitler vertriloquist-dummy is every bit as Catholic as “Pope” Francis is. (See Barnhardt if you are somehow under the impression that the pedo on the Petrine throne is actually a pope. Barnhart, the hyper-Catholic traditionalist, has proven her case for Bergoglio’s anti-papacy to the letter.)

  3. It’s important not to overdo on BLM, Black on White murder and mayhem bad news.

    The BLM, Memphis, Baltimore, Georgia Black on White rape, murder and just the Black criminal underclass running wild destroying American civilization, these stories on the Dissident Right, race realist right, Amren, Vdare are mostly or all true.

    But, it really doesn’t do much or any good to bitch and moan about these horrible BLM, Black criminal attacks on our people in the hopes that some responsible adult will take notice and then…


    As if “The Truth Shall Set You Free” and the US Supreme Court or the US Supreme God (Jehovah? don’t think he’s on our side) will take action.

    Instead we should do now what we should have done 40 or even 50 years ago. Build new institutions that are of and for our people – a safe place tor our children to go to school, college, trade school. The anti White J Lib Leftist, lying Neo Conservative false opposition made the long march through our institutions and now control the top of the Ivy League universities, the top of the Catholic and Baptist Churches, all the media except Tucker Carlson.

    Our side has either done nothing or dropped out in to homeschooling, which most of our people can’t do, or else our people just don’t have children and consume *#&$@, live a Seinfeld type always single life.

    With the worst, insulting or just hate White people Blacks – it’s best to simply get away from them – physically and culturally. Don’t watch or care about the Academy Awards honoring hate White people movies and actors like Will Smith. The Amish don’t care about these movies any more than they care about Hard Core Porn other than to avoid it.

    As for BLM “let all the Black criminals go free without cash bail” that type of BLM political power has taken over most of our cities like Baltimore, Memphis, Philly, New York City and Definitely Chicago including where I grew up and once lived.

    Chicago, Cook County Illnois, the State of Illinois is now dominated, nearly monopolized by the worst anti White Js like Governor fat J*W boy Pritzger, LFBT, BLM mayor Beetle Juice Lightfoot, one sane, now BLM crazy Cook County Board Chairman Prentwickle and J Star Wars Evil Emperor worst J Money Changer in history George Soros funded BLM District6 Attorney Kim Foxx.

    It doesn’t get any worse than this – but it’s coming to your city, down even once safe suburbs.

    If OD readers want some tips about how to stay alive and somewhat sane in living in these horrible places – I’m pretty much the guy to talk to as I’ve been in it for most of my life since I was 7 years old. Maybe Takimag’s David Cole is better than I as he was in LA media world, Hollywood, friends of Abe, World War II Revisionism world targeted to be beaten up and killed by Rubin’s JDL.

    There are practical things to do to at least stay alive and sane if not keep a decent job, that will require selling out or at least never speaking out against evil, against B Reconstruction.

    Yeah, it sucks, but imagine what it must have been like trying to live as anti Communist Christian in Russia and Ukraine 100 years ago. My family fought in the White Army agains Trotsky’ Red Army. We lost.


    It does look like we’re pretty much losing here in North America.

    • “It does look like we’re pretty much losing here in North America.”

      Not to worry.
      WHITES are too stupid to defend our racial integrity, but nature isn’t, nature will crumble this dysgenic society.

    • “It’s the media stupid” Pierce was right, that’s the core of their power like the horn on the gorgon at the end of Conan 2. A more serious person than Trump had a chance, small but there in 2017. You had do declare some sort of sedition-subversion national emergency and take over the media and schools and then brace for the communist street demonstrations. Very first step though was to purge the military and intelligence agencies of them and install your loyalists which might itself have been impossible. But it’s straight out Latin America Myanmar Suharto time in this country to do this and take the bully pulpit and announce on national television we face the worst crisis in the nations history and call out every loyalist to support this necessary cultural purge. Robert Bork though was correct and we have in fact now arrived at our destination…Gomorrah. Might be impossible though asking the population of Gomorrah to restore a moral sane country. Are these degenerate people doomed to be conquered by outsiders who are not yet consumed by degeneracy and dereliction from duty to reproduce and protect their culture? Could all that will survive be a small remnant of America like Lot’s family?

  4. In Sweden the ‘far-right’ Sweden Democrats party that got the most votes (20% of total) amongst the four-party coalition forming a new ‘right-wing’ majority government –

    Has agreed to accept being TOTALLY DENIED having any ministers in the new ‘conservative’ government, the prime minister and all other government ministers coming ONLY from the other, lame centre-right parties that got fewer votes

    So little will change in Sweden, after a decade of being Europe’s leader in rape crimes, and in hand-grenade bombings, a distinctive sport of the migrant gangs there

    And the ‘far-right’ party, foolishly joining a do-almost-nothing government but having no minister of their own in Cabinet meetings, no voice at all there, will be blamed for being part of the failure

    Pity the euro-cucks …


    • And what is your proposed alternative? Let the leftists win? We’ve seen how that worked out. All you anti-Trumpers because “he loves the zionists” or whatever, hope your “worse is better” pans out, letting the Biden cabal of jews and blacks gain total control over the justice department and military is an awful gamble…like the one Darth Vader took letting them get away with the plans to the Death Star.

  5. Boycott Disney. Disney is viciously anti-White like the rest of GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall Empire. There is no reforming this evil system, it will have to fall of its own dead weight. This will happen when the money goes bad, it has happened before and it’s in our future:


    If it were possible to spend into prosperity that little secret would have been discovered millennia ago. When the USD goes bad discretionary spending for Disney, useless college degrees, make work jobs, NGOs and all the other bullshit comprising the GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall Empire’s FIRE “economy” screeches to a halt. No doubt our mocha colored friends will be angrier than usual on that evil day so don’t be within five miles of MLK boulevard when that happens.

    Everyone reading Hunter’s fine blog has preps for when the 40 oz. malt liquor, KFC, Mickey D’s and other fine dining screeches to a halt, right? The diversity isn’t known for their forward thinking and planning and they will be extra angry. The stores will run out of everything quickly and they won’t get restocked. Neither will the ATMs so be prepared now.

    • “diversity isn’t known for their forward thinking and planning”

      That’s the reason their first move will be to take from us, both by government action, violent force and an endless pitty campaign.

  6. “Did you hear that The Little Mermaid has been reconstructed?”

    Almost all the White superheros and kid shows have been reconstructed.

      • That’s true, all it takes is 7% of a given country or community to be Africanized for all hell to break loose. Pretty soon China and Japan will be experiencing the joys of that diversity as well.

        • “soon China and Japan will be experiencing the joys of that diversity ”
          Do you really think the Chinese and Japanese will tolerate that ?
          China is already throwing out all foreigners not essential to their development. China is getting very strict on visa requirements.

        • Japan has little diversity now but it’s part of the Globo-Pedo Empire so the propaganda is already starting there. In Tokyo (only) I even saw a couple of black male / Japanese female pairings. Outside Tokyo (I was in Japan in 2018) I only saw blacks with white females. China will likely go the other way. If GPE collapses, Japan would likely elect to enter China’s orbit. That way they could remain Japanese.

  7. Beauty and the Beast has also been redone by Disney with a Black beauty. I am still wanting for that blockbuster movie, the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. starring Brad Pit as MLK!

  8. Screw the niggers, their jew & race traitor enablers and their incessant demands. The Founders created the US for “ourselves & our posterity”: WHITES. Being wise students of history, they knew that all multi-racial empires are doomed to fall. I only wish they’d made their intentions so clear that even today’s morons could see it.

  9. Written by a homosexual Haitian named Peniel E Joseph….who specializes in Black Power History. In other words, written by someone who specializes in anus sex and Black Power and War with Slavic Christian Russia.

  10. ” I only wish they’d made their intentions so clear that even today’s morons could see it.”

    I’ve had that thought 1000 times.

  11. I’m having trouble wrapping my noggin around the notion that “America” was created solely to serve the interests of black people, which seems to be the point of this story (not to mention what passes for “american” “culture” these days).

  12. “and it was their duty to keep power out of the hands of impudent Blacks, who they said were unprepared to perform the duties of citizenship in an intelligent manner, let alone serve as competent legislators.”

    Well yes, hasn’t absolutely everything we’ve seen over the last few years proved this beyond all doubt? Boy, it’s a good thing there weren’t any Neanderthals left, imagine if we brought some of them over to pick cotton too? I’m sure the liberals would have turned them loose and dressed them up in business suits to be TV doctors and lawyers but in reality most of them would be on welfare and committing crimes…just like you know who.

  13. “I’m tired of living in a country that revolves around blacks”:

    You cannot mean that seriously. You know What the so-called “country” or “nation” revolves around.

  14. Spahnranch thanks for the laugh!

    Needed it in on Saturday Night!

    Rock on!

    In 1970!

    Folks this Summer Rocked!


    Yankee Humor HW!

    Where in this fight together!

    A Northern Winter is Coming!

    Dixie be prepared!!!!!!!!

  15. >I’m tired of living in a country that revolves around blacks.

    You claim to accept that there are significant racial differences; if so, presumably you also accept that many of the most important differences, e.g. in average IQ and behavior, are primarily genetic in nature and therefore irremediable (‘you can’t fix stupid’).

    Disregarding their criminality (the majority of Blacks aren’t criminals), the most troublesome societal issue arising from America’s approx 45m Blacks is their significantly lower average SES.

    The lower average SES of Blacks is not unreasonably seen as a kind of social pathology, and is the biggest reason society often seems to ‘revolve around blacks’: since it is still taboo to acknowledge racial differences, the Establishment scapegoats Whites (here I include ‘institutional racism’ since Whites created America’s institutions) for the lower SES of Blacks, demanding government intervention.

    This problem is insoluble and we are inflicting it upon future generations of Whites.

    The above is a big reason you should not have abandoned White Nationalism.

    • 1.) Racial differences exist. I’ve never said otherwise.

      2.) We have millions of blacks. The problem isn’t so much blacks as it is our total inability to do anything about it because of antiracism and liberalism. Most pathological black behavior exists because Whites put up with it.

      3.) The sick obsession with blacks is a White problem. Specifically, it is a peculiar group of Whites who have always been like this.

      4.) The problem with White Nationalism is that millions of White people have a negative sense of racial identity. They are the ones who are the most opposed to it. There are vast cultural differences between Whites which White Nationalists downplay.

  16. 1.) I didn’t say you had said otherwise — but you could have used this as an opportunity to confirm that you accept these differences are genetic, and therefore irremediable.

    2.) It’s not just behavior — Blacks as a demographic group are a problem in the sense I described: their lower SES is a product of their genetic unsuitability for life in a technocratic first world society, where cognitive ability is growing in importance — this results in a sizable discrepancy in average SES that crosses racial lines, which is seen as social pathology (‘separate but unequal’) — I am not optimistic about getting society to just ignore this, e.g. by somehow counteracting ‘antiracism and liberalism’.

    3.) Yes, antiracism is a foil dividing Whites; I have admitted/pointed this out before — but this wedge would not have nearly the power and relevance it does today were the white population fraction not shrinking rapidly.

    4.) That Whites have a ‘negative sense of racial identity’ is a problem for White Nationalists to acknowledge and try to fix, not a problem with White Nationalism per se — I see WN as a natural political consequence of the reality of irremediable racial differences, as well as, in an evolutionary sense, a basic matter of tribal self-interest and survival.

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