1. Unless Musk turns Twitter into a genuine free speech platform it won’t matter whether he owns it or not.

  2. Trump flipflopped, Elon is flipflopping, Putin is flipflopping,. Anyone see the pattern.

    Jews are getting Jewed.

  3. Even if he does takeover and allows “hate” speech, it will probably come with conditions such as certain races will be off limits.

  4. Reading the previous comments here, it makes me wonder. Is anyone on this site capable of rejoicing over good news? Why do most people here have to turn every fucking thing into a negative? I’m tired of it.

    • Some people just think that no matter what good news we get, there’s either a cynical twist to it or that we’d be shut out regardless because that’s what we’re used to. But I’d rather be optimistic about any good news we get.

  5. I would be happy if it just went back to 2016 levels, I have no illusions that we will ever get the wild west Twitter of 2008, again.
    Which is super sad. 🙁

  6. Mr “ el cazador del oso” my sentiments exactly. Some or the commentators on here, never seem thankful for any good news. To them, there’s always a negative angle.

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