The Lincoln Project: Ukraine


You are right!

We want nothing to do with this mess!

I’m sorry, but Donbas ISN’T worth nuclear Armageddon!


“At this juncture, the fighting—and in Russia’s case, the recent (likely sham) annexations—is taking place in four far-eastern subregions of Ukraine, and, to a lesser extent, Crimea. Those are the disputed lands that the Biden administration, and “liberal Western democracy” types more broadly, have deemed to be so existentially important to Ukraine and the integrity of “the West” that reconquering them is worth seemingly any military, economic, and humanitarian cost—up to, and very much including, the harrowing specter of open nuclear warfare between NATO and Russia. …

Let’s be as clear as possible: The median American citizen does not, and should not, care whether an ethnically divided, strategically unimportant, historically contested Slavic subregion or two in eastern Ukraine ultimately takes orders from Kyiv or Moscow. …”

Nailed it.


  1. I’m having very good success speaking with Congressional Aids for the 10 Republican Congressmen that voted for the $20 Billion war funding for Ukraine. I spoke with many very reasonable, intelligent young staff members who’s job it is to talk to constituents. All but one said their boss, Congressmen just vote for this $20 billion war supplies to Ukraine because it was attached to FEMA funding for their Hurricane Ian states.

    Only one staff member defended the “lets go to war with Russia” Ukraine policy.

    I have lots of experience in lobbying Congress, if anyone wants help, let me know – I can get specific staff members or just show you how to talk to the right person.

    And don’t write off Liberal Democrats – Liberal Democrats, including Black Congressional Caucus aren’t supposed to be for hugely wasteful foreign wars for the Military Industrial complex when our cities have real needs. We could house and treat all the homeless people in LA and San Francisco with that $20 Billion sent to make war in Ukraine, Crimea.

    Let me know.

  2. Too late!

    Putin in his speech declared war on globalism! so dress warm this is going to be long drive

  3. Notice how all these shitlib scum from Biden to the (((Lincoln Project))) now pronounce MAGA (Mah-gah) “Mayga” – which sounds like they’re talking about maggots…lol.

    This is what passes for clever with these jewed assclowns.

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