NATO Chief: Ukraine Can Win This War

Putin has declared that Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia are part of Russia and that he is willing to use nuclear weapons to defend Russia’s territorial integrity. So how does Ukraine “win the war”?

By “Ukraine can win this war,” Stoltenberg means that Western liberals can push us into a nuclear war with Russia over Donbas. Supposedly, that is what “winning” means for the West.


  1. Ukraine is losing even with all the help from the US and their proxies supplying them with arms and money. Whatever BS propaganda CNN and their commie sister channels say, it’s the opposite. They’re never going to tell you the truth because they all back Zelensky and his corrupt govt.

  2. Does Stoltenberg look as if he believes his own bullshit? I always thought Christine Amanpour was MI-6. The Ukrainians should realize that the “Atlantic Alliance” doesn’t give a damn about them. Now comes the ZOG propaganda about how Putin gasses his own people, he’s a madman, he wants a nuclear war, etc. But it won’t work.

  3. NATO is training 15,000 fresh cannon fodder troops in Poland.
    Nuclear WAR was decided long ago so prep accordingly.
    It won’t be on the ballot in the precious democracy.

  4. The ruling class in all Western nations is demented and dangerous, they are a mortal threat to life, liberty and property. They need to be dropped into the dustbin of history and hauled away somewhere, never to be seen or heard from again. One of the lower circles in Dante’s Inferno seems like a nice place for these degenerates, liars, thieves and war mongers.

  5. This would be over by now and people wouldn’t be dying anymore if not for all of the Western weapons.

  6. Judging by this statement, I have to think that Mr. Stoltenberg helped himself to a copious amount of psychedelics in his youth and is still suffering PTSD.

    Leaders in The West have become so habituated to telling us what they would like us to think, they can no longer recognize the truth, even when it stares them in the face..

    Par for course from a generation of men, my generation, who are building an industry out of vivisecting confused teens, systemizing the production of perverts, and educating people to not know themselves, their gender, their people, God, and, thus, any moral good.

  7. Detonate a small nuke on Ukrainian territory and blame it on Russia as justification for full, overt NATO involvement? I wouldn’t put it past the evil clowns in Washington.

  8. Nuclear war will be averted this time, when the Democrats are voted out, and Ukraine’s funding is cut. When the Democrats get back in, the threat of nuclear war with Russia will be back on again, because liberals are fantatics.

    I didn’t know Putin watches that video of Gaddafi getting stabbed to death by a mob with knives. Putting myself in Putin’s place, what would I do if given the choice of dying like Gaddafi, or pushing a button that starts WW3? My answer, I’m not Jesus, and neither is Putin.

  9. “Ukraine can win this war,”

    People can say I am wrong but I believe this shows a little peek into the psychopathy of our rulers. Psychopaths believe they can talk anyone into anything. They have very little fear or nervous reaction when they lie, and this fools most people most of the time. Normal people have a hard time believing others can talk so sincerely and without subtle stress clues without them actually telling the truth but they can. They are also fairly fearless. They love big complicated deceptions and when they try to pull them off, often they are so bizarre and unempathetic that people do not realize them for what they are.

    I’ll give you a very far out example but one I think is true. On the face of it, it would seem to be impossible people could think this way but if you only look at facts on the ground the clues add up. Don’t listen to what they say, only watch what they do. This is what I think is going on in Ukraine.

    “Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has said that it would be absolutely senseless for Ukraine to open a second front on the Belarusian border, but the West is pushing it towards starting such a war”

    It’s not senseless at all “IF” the whole point is to kill off as many Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians as possible so the Jews can move in away from their unsafe criminal hub in Israel. Ask yourself this, is the tactical and strategic plans of the Ukrainians military designed to actually defeat Russia, or does it appear to be the function is to kill off as many Ukrainians as possible? What appears to be the case?

    How does attacking oil refineries in Russia, bridges and rail lines in Russia, attacking Belarus, attacking across open steppe without air support, firing artillery at civilians in the Donbass, committing criminal war crime atrocities on civilians in the Donbass, firing artillery at nuclear power plants, how does any of this forward the tactical and strategic plans of the Ukrainian people?

    But it could easily be construed as an attempt to create the largest, most hateful wish for vengeance possible between all groups of Ukrainians and Russians so that they would fall on each other with the greatest hatred and largest amount of deaths possible.

    “Russia opens probe over ‘mass grave’ video in Ukraine purportedly showing murdered civilians thrown into a pit that as posted by an Azov leader threatening Russian supporters.”

    A question. Think. Are these people they keep calling Nazis even Ukrainian??? What if they are Jews dressed like Ukrainian Nazis???

    We know for an absolute 100% fact that Israeli special forces were involved fighting with the, so called, Nazis that overthrew the Ukrainian government. It can not be disputed. They even had interviews with them.

    I would not rule this out at all. There may not be any real Ukrainian Nazis at all. Maybe a few mentally ill convicts or reprobates the Jews rounded up for the cameras but no real grassroots Nazi support at all. They would only exist to create further tension and a wish for more deaths and vengeance. The Russians have over the top hatred for Nazis. What a good way to get them to kill off more Ukrainians for the Jews.

    Look at the Jews untenable position in Israel. The last war with Hezbollah was a huge failure. Sure they could bomb but they were never in the slightest able to control the shape of the battle. Hezbollah the whole battle was able to fire rockets into Israel. All attempts to stop them ended in disaster They sent tanks, the tanks were blown up with RPG’s and the supporting troops were machine gunned. They sent helicopters with special forces. They were surrounded and destroyed. Even in Gaza they sent in special forces in APC’s and they too were blasted to dust. The only thing they could do was bomb and fire artillery but this was totally ineffective in stopping missiles. Their only salvation is the missiles were not so good and they were not firing chemical weapons but they could have, and they could not be stopped. Just a little step up in rocket lethality and better targeting and all would be lost. Aircraft destroyed. No air support. Artillery destroyed, catastrophe. They know this. It’s as plain as day. I can see this just as clearly as they can.

    Their 9-11 Jews attack force in Iraq, total bust. Sure they got rid of Saddam Hussein but now they have a Shia government closer to Iran. Not good. Their attempt to get all the Shias and Sunnis to kill each other off in Iraq, failure. They caught British special forces planting car bombs in public places to push Sunni, Shia tensions and civil war. I believe they are pushing civil war in the US right now online so that we will kill each other off instead of them. In Syria, total bust, They control a bit of the country but at any time this could be lost and it appears power there is slowly being eroded. Turkey, they have some control but not much. At any time this could all go bad. Egypt is under control but it’s only one coup away from not being under control.

    Where they are is not safe and never will be for the foreseeable future. The reason this is so is the microchip is making operations far more dangerous, and smaller groups can wield greater power than before. Greater power that can override expensive equipment and make it vulnerable. They can see this just as easily as I can.

    They’re going to have to move but even that, is not working out so well. They are cutting the head off their major support in the US from over parasitism. Their own psychopathic behavior is slowly moving them into narrower and narrow options.

    Maybe this extrapolation is wrong but at least it makes some sort of sense. What they are telling us is going on makes so little sense that even the officials are commenting on its inanity. Don’t listen to what they say. Watch what they do.

    • @Sam J…

      “People can say I am wrong but I believe this shows a little peek into the psychopathy of our rulers. Psychopaths believe they can talk anyone into anything.”

      No, we will not say that you are wrong, for this is, unfortunately, the state we are in – led by those who lie so constantly, they no longer know what is a lie and what is not.

      The Emperor and His New Clothes.

    • “A question. Think. Are these people they keep calling Nazis even Ukrainian??? What if they are Jews dressed like Ukrainian Nazis???”

      Would not be the first time this has happened.

  10. The dang globalists and homos hate Czar Putin so much they might start tossing nukes around.

    As a Christian I suspect the Rapture may be around the corner. Hal Lindsey may still be alive to see it!

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