1. If you’re a crazy Jew, or a woke white, I can see why this would seem frightening, but if you’re sane, you’ll realize Sweden, culturally and socially may be moving from the far left to the center-left or center.
    Far left means taking in massive amounts of immigrants, treating them better than native Swedes, wildly altering your country demographically, culturally and inevitably politically.
    It means institutionalized misandry and promoting sex changes for minors.

    I mean if Sweden isn’t already far left, what would far left mean?
    Make it so only Muslim, and Saami women can vote and run for office?
    Legalize pedophilia, drugs and crime?

    No Sweden is already far left.
    Not taking in as many migrants and not putting migrants on a pedestal wouldn’t make them far right, it would make them center-left.
    Center would be not taking in anymore migrants and center-right would be deporting many or most nonwhites.
    Far right then would be putting nonwhites in camps and invading Finland for Lebensborn, which no one wants.

    Japan wants to remain Japanese, Israel wants to be Israeli, nobody accuses them of being far right, but all our institutions, especially the MSM were taken over by Jews and woke whites decades ago.

    Neoconservatism is at best, token conservatism.
    Neoliberalism is a form of liberalism, hence the name, real rightwing economic policy like economic nationalism is verboten for neoliberals.
    We don’t really have a rightwing in the west.
    The USSR didn’t have a rightwing either and it fell, now it’s a relatively conservative democracy.
    The US will fall, it’s been the world reserve currency for over 100 years, world reserve currencies don’t last much longer than 100 years, with its currency its military and cultural supremacy will also fall.
    It’ll be difficult, if not impossible to maintain the liberal world order, the EU is falling too, Britain left, it looks as though more will leave, but only time will tell for sure.

    After a period of Marxism, liberalism and Zionism from about the 1920s to the present, we may be about to close the chapter on these ideologies, and enter a more conservative world order, time will tell, there may be a change for the left to turn things around, don’t underestimate them, covid was one of the cards, what other cards can they play?

  2. Ah, Pippi Longstocking, a European icon that causes such consternation in the opposition because a strong, independent girl happens to have a father called “Neger-kung”. If you look at her Wikipedia page, you’ll find the majority of it being nothing but criticisms of the series. Over-exaggeration, indeed!

  3. How anyone could regard the new Swedish Government as ‘Far Right’ is beyond me.

    Why, just a few decades ago the positions of these new governing Swedish politicians perfectly correlate to positions held by mainline liberal democrat senators, such as Senator Daniel Moynihan of New York or Senator Simon of Illinois.

    Oh, yes, I get it : label anyone you don’t like as ‘Far-Right’ and hope it gets rid of them.

    Well … you know … I think the days when such a label was effective are now fleeting.

    • I’m assuming they don’t want to exterminate their own people. That automatically gets you the “far-right” label from the whore media these days.

  4. The NY Globalist Left liked having great looking Nordic trophy wives of Black African secretary Generals who would virtue signal about South African Boer RACIST and then everybody would go out together on the East Side of Manhattan.

    The NYC, East Coast Euro global Lib Leftist elite is doubling down on “Their” institutions – the UN, the Ivy League, U Cal Berkeley, the Atlantic Magazine, the WaPost, NYTimes – they’re paranoid that somehow these things that happened in Sweden, SWEDEN could happen here so they are looking under rugs for any possible signs that there are young bright right wing students in their midst.

    I was in one of these places 30 years ago – not a good place to be. It’s the crazed women gate keepers that are the worst.

  5. I was really black pilled yesterday about the SDs not being in the cabinet. But that pill has gotten a lot whiter today, as I absorb street gossip. The other parties are basically giving the SDs the behind the curtains power to determine policy, in exchange for no SDs being in the cabinet for the purposes of outward appearance and propaganda.

    As the parentheticals know, sometimes, power that exists and is used but hardly understood and observed is the best kind of power to have.

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