Mitch McConnell Breaks With Kevin McCarthy On Ukraine Funding

Mitch McConnell is making the case for electing Blake Masters and JD Vance to the Senate.

1.) Mitch McConnell’s allies like Roy Blunt and Rob Portman are retiring from Congress. Ben Sasse is also leaving.

2.) Candidates like Vance and Masters are running against funding the war in Ukraine.

3.) Public opinion is shifting away from Mitch both inside the party and across the political spectrum at large. The public always sours on endless expensive wars.

4.) A large swath of normie Senate Republicans are already voting against Ukraine funding like Tommy Tuberville.

5.) Dump hates McConnell and can use Ukraine funding against him.


  1. Turkey neck does what his CCP paymasters order.
    During one of the mommygov shutdown Kabuki incidents a local in the glorious peoples republic of Kentucky spray painted “let them eat neck meat” near comrade commissar McConnell’s dacha.

      • One possibility is that China has somewhat similar feelings about a potential Europe-Russia formalized partnership that the United States does.

        • “One possibility is that China has somewhat similar feelings about a potential Europe-Russia formalized partnership that the United States does.”

          The biggest fear that the Anglosphere has always had, was an alliance between Germany and Russia. Which would be invincible, and wreck their schemes for World dominance.

          When Steve Jackson created the wargame “Ogre,” he wrote Paris/Berlin as the dominating power axis in Europe. He got it wrong. It’s Berlin/Moscow. Or will be.

          Check out the game. But especially the two main factions; The North American Combine, and the Pan European Alliance.

          The NAC is a high tech, totalitarian surveillance state, exactly like what “our” oligarchs want to create here. Everybody is chipped. Nobody has any real freedom. Everybody has a “right” to a standard apartment, and a job chosen for them by the government. Which governs from a fortress in the mountains of Colorado. Washington DC, Mexico City, and Ottawa having become window dressing.

          In the game, the NAC sets Japan and China against one another, takes in Britain as an “ally,” and goes to war with European. All of Europe.

    • Of course it is. Believing what a politician says is like believing the stripper “really likes you” after having drunk a sufficient quantity of alcohol. He wan’t the newly elected J-jerseys to vote for him as speaker in January. After their mandatory visit to Haaavaaard for their intro to congress (where they are given the basic plata o plomba message by the Kosher-nosetra about who gives the real orders), they will vote to make him speaker so he can continue in the tradition of Paul Ryan.

  2. No, there is no break. They are united upon even greater tribute to new Big Israel.

    But the war is unpopular and McCarthy and his Mexican wife want to be Speaker. So he told a lie. It was hardly his first.

  3. Public opinion may not support continued funding of the illegal Jew gangster regime in Kiev but since when did that matter? If the Oligarchy wants a proxy war against Russia in the Ukraine then it’s going to be funded one way or another.

    • Dane Partridge of Rexburg, Idaho. Aged 34. White man dead fighting as a merc for schlomo in Jewkraine. At least there’s one less armed goon who will accept payment to kill whites here in Murika on Jewish orders once the party starts in earnest. Uncle Schmuel and Piano Dick-tater thank you for your service, Dane.

      BTW is any church in Murika is not totally given over to Satanism, they should consider instant excommunication for any member who signs up to kill other Christians for Jewish fake-money. No different than a hit-man for the mob at the end of the day – even worse in a way.

    • This is the reason ZOG media doesn’t report the horrific death count of Ukrainian soldiers, it would be impossible to get mercenaries.

      The Ukrainians are being slaughtered, so those 10s of billions are necessary to hire the gullible or desperate.

      What would a mercenary charge, if he knew certain death was waiting for him?

    • Actually, if he was doing it for purely mercenary reasons – including, you figure, the attendant sense of adventure those types get off on – that’s kinda understandable. What would really make him a moron is doing it for cuck reasons like ‘defending democracy.’

    • Sigh

      At White LDS still have White children

      That s about the only good thing I can say about them

      Well not the only thing

      They make nice neighbors

      Their politics are horrible

      As bad as the Js on immigration

      They dress in a suit on Sunday s

      Dress in sweaters on the weekday – nod their heads and agree with whomever is in the room with them at the time .


      • Most folks do not realize that up to now, the Russians have largely consisted of the militias of the Dombass and Lugansk republics, now formally part of the Russian Federation. The actual RF Army has largely served in back-up roles. This will change shortly with the call-up of 300,000 reserves, who will enable RF army to join the battle soon. Even the above militias are way better than a third-world army – they’ve been fighting since 2014. DPR and LPR dead are at around 20K, RFA dead at around 6K. UKR dead well north of 60K by now, probably more like 80K after the latest pushes.

  4. Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell preemptively announcing that they won’t go after Biden or his cabinet is probably the most Republican thing said in 2022.

    The Irish GOP leadership has spoken.

  5. The funding and support of Jukraine is the fundamental issue when examining political candidates and allies.

    This is a Jewish Thug Regime that is a tentacle of ZOG/JOG – The Great Satan.

    The President – Zelensky is Jewish. The Prime Minister – Denys Shmyhal is Jewish.

    Observing how the Jukraine Regime operates/behaves easily leads to the conclusions of its fundamental Jewish and subversive nature.

    It deliberately terrorizes civilians just like Israel and The Great Satan does and then blames the other side.

    It lies about everything through its vast networked Jewish media tentacles in Europe, U.K. and the US.

    It threatens other European countries to supply it with arms or face a tsunami of war refugees.

    It murders its own White European citizens who want to flee the war or don’t want to join the military. It doesn’t care at all about how many of its White European citizens die at the front lines. It keeps feeding them in overdrive like a bloodthirsty psychopathic meth fiend into the meat grinder.

    It’s been bombing civilian areas in the Donbass for 8 years now murdering scores of innocents.

    Any so-called White Nationalist/Dissident who supports Jukraine is an absolute fraud and should be entirely dismissed.

    Any conserative/MAGA/Republican/etc. political candidate who supports Jukraine is also an absolute fraud and is worthless.

    The debate is OVER.

    • Amen. That’s it in a nutshell. I’ll just add that on Valentine’s Day (2 weeks before Russia intervened), 20 planeloads of Juligarchs, their harems and spawn left 404 for nice places in EUSSR and Muh-Izrael. Childen of Satan, every one. Kholomoisky – the Piano Dick-tater’s big backer – is in Switzerland. Typical Jew behavior.

  6. Anyone who fights in retarded kike wars to spread transgenderism across the planet deserves exactly what they get

  7. By this time, next year, the Ukraine will just be another federal state, within Russia. If they’re lucky.

    The CIA puppet and his minions in Kiew, won’t be lucky, however. Unless they land in a Russian prison, for life, instead of a hole in the ground. The same goes for a lot of other big shots and wheels in Ukraine.

    End Reconstruction. End the War(s).

  8. Something to consider for Pollyanna types who hold out hope that Ukraine will be defunded if the GOP takes control of Congress:

    linkAnyone concerned about wavering GOP support for Ukraine only has to reframe the war in terms of fighting Iran, which “chants Death to America and threatens to wipe Israel off the map.” At that point, the wavering GOP will start pulsating with rage, and they’re right back on board

    Those who pay attention to reports of the actual combat taking place in Ukraine have seen reliable info that 1) Russia is using kamikaze drones bought from Iran to attack targets in Ukraine, and 2) regular flights of cargo aircraft direct from Iran to Russia are apparently keeping Russia supplied with these drones — I have also seen reports Iranian engineers and technicians are on-site in Crimea, helping Russians effectively use these drones.

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