1. …As the power and money evaporates into the hole known as Ukraine, it is must have as both wings of the Uniparty agree.
    Actor comedian disco dancer Zelensky is laughing all the way to the Brinks car.
    I don’t blame him for taking advantage of Uncle Sucker as all weaknesses will always be exploited.

    • That giant sucking sound you hear is from the Jewkraine self-licking ice-cream cone. Hunter and the Big Guy like buzzards picking over the leavings after Schlomo rakes it in – laughing at all the stupid dead goys. Happiest days for Schlomo since the good old days of 1914-18. A “new Pearl Harbor” no doubt on the way.

  2. linkOf the top ten members of Congress who’ve used the words “Ukraine/Russia/Putin” the most in their press releases, floor statements, newsletters, tweets, and Facebook posts since February, seven are Republicans

    So based on this (rather simplistic) analysis of their rhetoric, 7 of the 10 biggest congressional Ukraine hawks are Republicans.

    Kinzinger is one of them — as far as I can tell, he’s the only one who definitely won’t be in Congress next year — ?

    I will be surprised, even shocked, if RepubliCONS don’t cave in the face of Neville Chamberlain 2.0 accusations.

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