1. We Whites were right about the jews long before Kayne hopped on the wagon.

    If Segal is so concerned about “hate” he should be calling out the adl that stokes racial hatred all the time.

  2. I am glad to see Kanye West’s remarks, although I still don’t much care for him. I don’t see him as a great hope like Andrew Anglin does, but Anglin also makes a point that blacks are pretty upfront emotionally, and they just don’t take a lot of abuse like whites do, especially if someone is perceived to be muscling in on their territory.
    I also think it’s indicative of our society that whites are afraid…they have been conditioned…to be afraid to take on jews, but since Kanye, a black man, has spoken out, now they sense they have a permission slip to start voicing their own doubts about the Chosen people. Blacks seem to be the voice of cultural (subcultural) America now, and it’s understood if the black guy on TV sasses the jew, then there must be something to it.

    Just think, Hunter, you and all those others on the ‘net have been saying this, and finally, it takes Kanye to get it rolling.

    it’s curious to see how the Jews will shut Kanye up, and how blacks will react to it. Another possible fissure in the American empire? The more the merrier.

  3. A good sign. Pretty open defiance of the Jewish rulers of this country. 405 is the San Diego Freeway which is very heavily traveled even on Sundays.

  4. The 405 freeway is among the most heavily traveled in LA and this incident has been widely reported on TV news in Southern California. . All the usual suspects, rabbis and the ADL are weeping and wailing about “hate speech”, “anti-semitism”, blah, blah, blah. They’re hysterical. All the usual wailing. But, I think it’s different this time. They’re afraid.

  5. Complete with the Hitler salute no less. And now a nice propaganda picture to hang around Kanye West’s neck. And everyone else who notices that which shall not be noticed. Definitely fake.

  6. Trying to make a very rich Black man bow down and worship the Jews as if they can do no wrong, as if they are actual gods — this is a satanic false religion and just may be the Jews’ Waterloo — Game Over!

    There is no such sin as racism. And since slavery is not a sin (go find in the Holy Bible the scriptures that condemn slavery and promote abolition — there are NONE!!!!!) and racism is not a sin and Jews, Blacks and every other race/demographic can be condemned and be treated with the same contempt as the “new Niggers” (neoNiggers) — White people — then the official state secular religion of the Yankee Empire (USA) is DONE! Your false religion has been exposed and you are a totally corrupt nation perverted from the top to the bottom and have nothing left but to get prepared for total destruction from within and without!


    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  7. Looks like diversity is OUR greatest strength…..:D.

    Also proof that Donald made very wise decision to pander to blacks. Letting few thugs out of prison and giving them some bling bling is very cheap price for making antisemitism great again.

  8. As a Jew what do you do when anti-Semitic merch sales go through the roof? When every black kid is wearing a white lives matter t-shirt or Ye’s signator addition, $200, white lives matter sneakers? What do you do?

  9. Very interesting. Could very well be the crack in the dam. Americans, in general, are much more ignorant about the Jewish question than most Europeans, especially eastern Europeans. Many more eyes needed to be opened here.

  10. Folks need to drop the fascist/”NAZI” stiff armed salute – it comes off as “foreign”, Hollywood NAZI bad guys.

    How about families with cute babies waving to the motorists?

  11. Every white with some fortitude should speak up against our replacement, and those behind it. We have good black people saying what many whites won’t.
    The standard you ignore is the standard you set.

    • Yep. Blacks have been constantly played and manipulated against us. When they figure out that “they look white to me” doesn’t mean it’s necessarily so, it’s a good thing.

  12. There is no such thing as a WHITE SUPREMACIST. We don’t want to rule over anyone. In fact, the farther away from them, the better

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