1. World War Two wasn’t worth it…to be taunted by nonwhites and Jews?….neither was the Civil War….

  2. Only someone with 0 intellect and/or integrity would conflate MAGA or Christian nationalism with fascism.
    Unfortunately most people have 0 intellect, and are prone to propaganda both from the left, and/or the right.
    MAGA movies us in a slightly more national conservative direction, and Christian nationalism more so, closer to where America was before the rights revolution of the 60s.
    Conversely the green new deal would move us much further left if fully adopted, further left than even Sweden was before the conservative coalition won there, but still the green new deal is not communism.

  3. That Whites would, in any way, defend themselves, and the country that was primarily built by them, is anathema to Congresswoman Cortez and .Congressman Raskin.

    Clearly these two are not circumspect, because, if they were, they would shudder at what they look like trying to pry a nation from tens of millions of hands…

  4. Once blacks and Latinos wake up and understand that they are being played, used, manipulated by the Jews and the Irish, so the Jews and the Irish can have and maintain power for their own benefit not for the benefit of blacks and Latinos, once that happens…. this country is going to be so so incredible fascist. AOC is sandwiched between a Mick and a kyke for a reason, do you see it? We need you Hector and Tyrone, can we give you some bullshit holidays or tear down some Confederate monuments for your vote?

    • ………..to offer the readers some context, Robert did an ancestry DNA test, and it came back as 10% Nigeria and 15% Hispanic, hence his defence of those groups, and condemnation of the Irish, in case you were wondering 😉

      • Chris Hayes is Irish as is his wife Kate Shaw. I told you the Irish breed and produce children within their own bloodline and the result of Irish breeding practices is a commonality of traits and characteristics across the bloodline. That is why the Irish are all the same, power hungry treacherous whores, one and all. Do not worry, if and when America gets nuked because of Biden,
        Miley and Sullivan no one will hold the Irish responsible, that would be racist, Christ killer.

          • How does that happen? I am not Irish and as I have been telling everyone the Irish marry and breed within their own bloodline. Chris Hayes could have married a black or a wise Latina or a Polish, or a French or an Eskimo, but he didn’t, he married a woman closest to his own blood, an Irish woman. Isn’t it funny that the Irish, like Hayes preach so much to us about diversity but they do not take it to heart one bit when it comes to themselves, in their own lives. Shouldn’t Hayes and the rest of the Irish diversity pushers practice what they preach?

            The inbreeders, the Irish and the Jews desire power or us and diversity and inclusions was their scheme, their schtick to gain power. The Irish and the Jews do not care about Latinos and blacks, they are frauds. And they are just like you, you phony Irish bastard.

  5. Hunter, the red flag is completely out of place. She doesn’t even know what communism is. I don’t think she knows what fascism is either.

    Bernie Sanders is also not a socialist.

  6. Re: “an environment of fsascism”:

    Well, the environment of fascism is changing in Brazil at least, where the U.S.’s fascist favourite, Jair Bolsonaro, has just been defeated by the socialist candidate, Lula da Silva. Lula had been thrown in prison during the previous election (like Eugene Debs) so he couldn’t run against Bolsonaro.

    Lula’s socialist predecessor, Dilma Roussef, was removed by a U.S. coup. It’s time for another U.S. coup, to remove Lula as soon as he is seated, I am sure it is being prepared, to preserve/conserve the environment of fascism.

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