1. McCloud? I thought Dennis Weaver had left the building?
    Only Kardashians or Shapiros (wink) can save Zippy Ye.
    You mean people actually follow this stuff and take it seriously?!
    Honk, honk!

    • “J P Morgan is run by a Greek”
      Gavin McInnes


      just too funny. Ye is a deep intellectual, compared to Mcinnes.

  2. I have seen enough of these two and now going on some show where the host stuck a dildo up his ass and made out with a faggot to own the libs. Whoever is advising West is making him look like a fool.

  3. Our overlords like folks to wear masks, so why are we picking on Ye-dolf about this? Maybe we should all wear gimp-masks in a big display of unapproved-nazi solidarity. The approved nazis can go on wearing their swastikas, totenkopfs and black-suns in solidarity with Cookie Nudelman, Shitpants Joey, John Bolton and Lady G. Time to move on…

    • The irony of someone named “Exalted Cyclops” criticizing a person for wearing a mask is just a bit too much.

    • What was it the last time the Net-Yahoo addressed the congress of whores? 27 standing ovations – or was it 47? It reminded me of the scene in the Solzhenitsyn book where Stalin gave a speech at some factory and they all stood applauding endlessly. Finally when it looked like half the assembled proles would keel over from heart attacks the factory-manager stopped and sat down. As he was being processed by the NKVD for a nice trip to a gulag somewhere and asked why, the answer was simply: Don’t be the first to stop applauding.

      • Republicans or any White worshipping jews is not funny. It’s betrayal of their own people. They have nothing on Benjamin Arnold.

  4. I think this is all kind of silly, and when West made some thoughtful comments it was worth listening to, but now it’s trivial. I do like how West isn’t backing down. A lot of people say he’s “crazy”, but I think this is mirroring Karl’s comment: you don’t tick off the Jews, are you nuts? You can’t tick them off!
    It is kind of funny seeing people fall over to please the Jews. I’d just reply “what have the Jews ever done for you? Or…what do you think they could do TO you?”
    Like David Duke said “Jews always ask about any public policy issue ‘is this good for the Jews? Why can’t white people say ‘Is this issue good for whites?’ I always want to know why the system gets so infuriated at this statement. A very reasonable one, but they go wacky at that. I used to remember Duke was on radio everywhere, I heard him on AM stations, but no more. From Duke to West. Such is the passage of time.

    • “Duke was on radio everywhere, I heard him on AM stations, ”

      Sweep him under the rug.
      They don’t want any rational voices to be heard.

      Aside from Rense Radio, I don’t think dike is anywhere.

  5. What exactly is that Irish retard trying to save him from——Jewish persecution is what and West is going to be haughted and persecuted to an early gave for speaking from his heart, the truth. There is no sense of honesty or fair play in Jew blood and that little shabbos Irish whore is no different.


    • “There is no sense of honesty or fair play in Jew ”

      The very opposite, their basics precepts are to cheat the gentiles on Every level, from petty swindlers to wholesale massacre.

      • “There is no sense of honesty or fair play in Jew ”

        Whites can’t imagine that entire families and indeed, an entire nation of betrayers and swindlers could possibly exist. Sure, single and small groups of thieves and robbers are understandable to the average person. But an entire nation of thieves and liars is far too much for the ordinary person to comprehend. And so, because we cannot comprehend it, we do not believe that such an organized and predatory cult does exist.

  6. Ye may or may not be a psyop/gayop, perhaps he’s broke free from the MK Ultra spell if he was really under it.
    If he’s not an op than good on him, we should all speak our minds, especially on the Jew.
    Worrying about optics has got us to this point: a declining civilization, circling the drain, we all know things have gotten much, much worse over the years and decades, not better.
    Insofar as Trump was good it was because he spoke his mind and stood up to the establishment, a little.
    If we want things to get better, we have to speak up a whole lot more.
    We should be applauding Ye, not condemning him.
    Hey whether you agree, disagree or think he’s loopy, at least Ye has balls, which’s a hell of a lot more than I can say for republicans.
    Optics be damned!

    David Duke always spoke his mind, and that’s who woke me up.

    • > Hey whether you agree, disagree or think he’s loopy, at least Ye has balls, which’s a hell of a lot more than I can say for republicans.

      Can’t argue with that. Elon Musk wouldn’t blow two billion just to give the finger to Schlomo (he is at least part Jew). Some like to point out that no white billionaire would toss two billion into the fire for the privilege. They forget that there are no white billionaires who are not either shitlibs or who’ve already taken Schlomo’s ticket. Even Mel Gibson assumed the position after they went after him, while Dumpf fellates them because he likes it.

      • Yup, I don’t know any white or black who’ll throw a billion away to tell the Jews off, you gotta give Ye some respect for that.

        • Musk has a handler. He’s Ezekiel Emanuel, brother of Rahm. Father of “death panels” for administration of “health care”. In a rigged market there are no self-made men – only “made” men.

  7. I took one for the team and watched about 3 hours of the last kin casino where they review the public history of all these alt light people. They are all degenerates, most of them queers, all of them grifters and cons.

    I won’t have anything to do with this. If this is what it takes to “save” Whitey, I’d rather we just kept our dignity and went extinct.

    • “takes to “save” Whitey, I’d rather we just kept our dignity and went extinct.”

      That’s the reason the media amplifies them and sweeps rational commentators to the dark corners, so people will give up.

  8. People interested in this circus/freak show/whatever might also find the following article interesting:

    Twatter: The Censorship Commenceth


    Not long ago, after Musk assumed control of Twitter and revived banned accounts, one of the un-banned was Jordan Peterson, who then used his new/old Twitter account to demand/suggest and end to anonymity, which given ‘cancel culture’ is ridiculous.

    To illustrate this, here’s an article about how academics increasingly need anonymity to address controversial topics:

    The rise of Archaeologists Anonymous — Censorship is driving dissident researchers underground

    In a quiet group chat in an obscure part of the internet, a small number of anonymous accounts are swapping references from academic publications and feverishly poring over complex graphs of DNA analysis. These are not your average trolls, but scholars, researchers and students who have come together online to discuss the latest findings in archaeology. … The equation of anonymity on the internet with deviance, mischief and hate has become a central plank in the global war on “misinformation”. But for many of us, anonymity has allowed us to pursue our passion for scholarly research in a way that is simply impossible within the censorious confines of modern academia.

    There are a number of examples of these ‘censorious confines’ — e.g. Noah Carl, who does research on race, intelligence, etc, lost his position at Cambridge (link); Steve Hsu resigned his VP position at Mich State (link, he’s still on the faculty there).

    • Jordan Peterson, shapiro’s stooge, mouthing the words written by shapiro.

      Before you even detailed the academic censorship, I thought, race, DNA, braincase volume.

      Anonymity, was essential for Franklin, Jefferson and several others.
      Of course they want it crushed.

    • The center has never done anything but be used by the politicians. They want you to remain moderate (compliant) and to keep paying taxes.

  9. Im happy to see you are enjoying watching the spectacle as much as i am. Its really fantastic imho, cant think of any time in my life where a public person has done this. Its just remarkable. So continue to make your remarks, you really do a great job of laying them in there open and honestly, i mean that. Lets savor this delectable vintage and toast to a more j woke world, cheers mate!

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