1. “Democrats Won’t Let Republicans Defund The FBI.”

    Indeed, Senator Schumer.

    What could better confirm on whose behalf the FBI endeavours?

      • Yes, Dear Terry, but, Is it pink, (standing for a society formed on lives based on sexual depravity) or is it red, (standing a government that feels it has the right to act like the Judeo-Bolshevik Soviet government did?

    • “What could better confirm on whose behalf the FBI endeavours?”

      Exactly !

      Just remove the FBI .
      The institutional corruption is too deep.
      Whatever replaces it must have razor sharp independent oversight.

      • Thank you for the affirmation, Dear Arrian.

        I agree with you that the institutional corruption of the FBI is far too deep to retrieve, but, in fairness to that department, and all who serve them, (some still honourably), I would say the very same thing about the entire governmental edifice, of which they form only a small part – the United States’ Government.

        As to what would replace the FBI, I do not believe that something could, without soon succumbing to the same problem.

        If you will permit me, I believe that the confederate/federalist ideas of our Founding Fathers underline this corruptibility of man, which is why they not only established a nation of many sovereign nations, the states, but, that even the central government, itself, was very very divided.

        Personally, I would be contented with no law enforcement agency larger than SBIs, and would content myself with their cooperation with each other.

        Not perfect, but, probably about as good as it could be, consider how all of us human beings are.

  2. Why would they allow defunding of their NKVD?
    The Long March to burn and purge isn’t complete yet.
    Remember Chuckie’s the soup community (Intelligence, LOL!) has nine ways to Sunday to get back at you?
    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    • “””…Why would they allow defunding of their NKVD?….””””

      By same reason, why Soviets buried their NKVD. Crime load is too heavy to carry and lesser criminals will dump bigger criminals in hope that people anger will satisfied and nobody will notice that some criminals got away.

      Pure fact that Chuck brought up this issue demonstrates that things are serious and mild creptocrats don’t want to go down defending evil crime syndicate.

  3. Schumer would throw the FBI under the bus in a second to save gay parades, tranny bathrooms and drag queen story hours. If I worked for the FBI I would consider looking at a trade type job, welders, hairstylists and plumber work.

      • The FBI is an Irish outfit. It is the Irish who gravitate to law enforcement, and politics. The reason being the Irish love to have and hold power over others.

        We are talking about the nature of the beast here.


        And you can not change your nature. It is how you are. And there is only one way to overcome this blood flaw, Mick.

        Tell us about the persecution of the Uyghurs, schmuck. That is what God wants to hear.

        • schmuck

          From Yiddish ?????? (shmok, “penis, foreskin, fool”). Further origin uncertain. Probably from Old Polish smok (“dragon”), akin to Bulgarian ???? (smok, “grass snake”). Perhaps akin to onomatopoeic Russian ???????? (smoktat?) smoktat (“to suck”) according to old belief that snakes suck milk from animals. Alternatively a baby-talk corruption of Yiddish ?????? (shmekl), a dissimilated form of ?????? (shtekl, “penis/willy”, literally “little stick”). Alternatively from the verb Middle High German smucken, archaic German schmucken, which has several meanings allowing possible semantic connections: 1.) “to squeeze, press, fit into something tight”; 2.) “to hug, snuggle, kiss”; 3.) “to adorn, decorate”. The last of these three senses is perhaps less likely, but compare German Schmuck (“jewellery”) with English crown jewels.

          Further reading
          Yiddish language on Wikipedia.
          — .wiktionary.org : “schmuck”

          Ya ain’t from ’round here r ya. One of ’em ‘ere lying Jews… bad, bad blood…

    • On the contrary Robbie, he needs the FBI to assist in enforcing the “woke” agenda which Anti-Whites like Schumer pee their pants over.

    • Not weird at all.

      Demoncrats, most especially jwz, don’t want any local law enforcement, they want all police powers under federal control, because they have an iron grip on federal power, Garfinkle in DOJ.
      Again, jwz working with jwz, Schumer-Garfinkle et al.

  4. “if you are the type of person who is deeply invested in the status quo and defending institutions like the FBI and supporting the crusades of the American Empire, you are probably a Democrat.”

    Or a Republican Senator, or a RINO congresscritter, or a Neocon, or a former Republican Attorney General or a former Republican President or Eyepatch McCain or Lizard Cheney or Adam Kinzinger or …

  5. The FBI and CIA are not monolithic. There are small abd largely powerless factions that quiet oppose the current anti-Russia/anti-White agenda.

    Both organizations have been infiltrated by corporate and “semitic” interests. No longer serving American interests, but the interests and agendas of their paymasters. People like Tucker Carlson are representative of this internal struggle within these institutions.

    I sympathize with this perspective.

    Our resources should be invested into transforming Mexico from a lawless narco-state into a stable protectorate. We should also be invested in trying to destabilize and break apart China rather than Russia. Not in an open conflict but by pitting them against the Indians and strangling their industry with tariffs and trade deals. I’d rather pay more for things that will last longer than cheap Chinese shit that falls apart after six months.

    • Why should we be stirring shit with China? What have they done? They rose due to capital treason within our business community and politicians who handed them our industrial base. If China lands troops in Mexico and starts building bases in the Bahamas, then I’d worry. But a couple islands being paved over to build runways just off their shore when the US Navy patrols the seas thousands of miles away isn’t really the big deal the Bolton types would make it out to be.

  6. The FBI is a national police force at the disposal of whoever is in power. I remember the days of J Edgar Hoover when the left hated the FBI.

    • “The FBI is a national police force at the disposal of whoever is in power”

      This is simply not true. It’s only at the disposal of like minded police state corruptocrats. Trump never had an iota of influence over the FBI and spent most of his presidency defending himself against their seditious conspiracies, which were quite effective at neutralizing him. The Fibbies work exclusively for the Deep State and the globohomo cabal that runs the country from the shadows.

  7. We shouldn’t be wasting our time trying to defund ALL of the FBI. We should practice un-earmarks.

    I have come up with a great scheme. It’s really good. One of my best ideas ever.

    You all have seen how just a few people just damn well refusing to go along has tied the House into knots. And you have all seen this group has now garnered power for all of us to stop the insiders from abusing us. Not perfect, but a good start, and well within the ideas that I espouse, using Alinsky tactics on the left. We can take this further. Now I’ve come up with a new scheme that is nothing but pure abrasive irritation. Saul Alinsky squared. I note the severe heartbreak with choosing a speaker of the House. What if they did this all the time?

    Here’s my evil scheme.

    Most of you have heard of “earmarks”. What about “un-earmarks”? If they can have an earmark then there should be no legal reason they can’t have an un-earmark, (this is so wicked). What to do with this? How about specifically by name and position picking out all these FBI agents that were interfering with elections, spying on people illegally, what about the Justice department officials that were working outside the law to entrap and illegally jail the people on Jan, 6, (there’s lots we could include but I’ll stop here).

    Let Congress pass a law that no one in the US government shall spend one dime of taxpayers money to pay them anything, nor shall any contractors of any sort that receive taxpayers money shall do so either. And anyone who does, the responsible official shall pay all the funds personally and they in turn will be blackballed and not paid.

    Now this is a beautiful thing. Right now they can say, ”well we can’t do anything because we would have to shut down the whole FBI” but with un-earmarks they can confine it to the most odious. This takes away the excuse Congressmen have that they are powerless to do anything. And here’s the REAL KICKER. These people follow orders because they will be protected and suffer no consequences. But if they were fired and had no prospect for employment in any of the things they were used to, when they were told to, ”just follow orders”, they would say, ”hell no, I don’t want to be un-earmarked”. It’s a beautiful thing. There’s also precedent. The Democrats have been doing this sort of thing a lot. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    And think of the irritation. Every vote on anything, you have a pack of 20 or 30 Congressmen that un-earmark these evil bastards that are tormenting us. These un-earmarks could be tacked onto bills coming out of committees that we control, so we would be ramming things down their throats, just like they do to us. Let them shut down the government to protect their evil ass FBI criminals who are breaking the law. Let them shut down the government to protect their evil ass minions that are stealing votes. Let them defend these criminals.

    This could also be used at the State level. Any prosecutor that continuously lets criminals go that kill others could be un-earmarked. The same goes for people doing nothing about illegal elections. When they knowingly violate State election laws and then refuse to convict or do anything about it, un-earmark! Maybe they can’t be immediately punished, because they are State, but all these people want to move up to the more lucrative Federal level. It would influence them, mightily.

    This is got to be one of the best ideas I’ve ever had. All it would take would be a few dozen hard core legislators to cause no end of nashing of the teeth and turmoil. The irritation factor and the highlighting of those un-earmarked would cause havoc.

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