CNN: British Teenager Sentenced To 11 Years In Prison For “Inspiring” Mass Shootings

If this sounds familiar, it is because this is what Sheila Jackson Lee’s bill would do here to the First Amendment. The slippery slope will start with people like Daniel Harris.


“CNN — A British teenager who made far-right extremist videos that “influenced” the mass shooter who killed 10 Black people in a Buffalo, New York, supermarket was jailed for 11 and a half years Friday, the UK’s PA Media news agency reported. …

Sentencing Harris in court in Manchester, northern England, Judge Patrick Field was quoted by PA as saying, “What they did was truly appalling but what they did was no more than you intended to encourage others to do when publishing this material online.” …

Judge Field said Harris had been “a propagandist for an extremist right-wing ideology,” adding, “You were in close touch with other right-wing extremists online and there can be little doubt that you shared ideas between you,” PA reported. …”

Daniel Harris is being treated as a “co-conspirator” in the Buffalo and Colorado Springs mass shootings. He lives in the UK.

The Guardian:

“In these videos you expressed and repeated vile antisemitic, racist, misogynistic and homophobic views,” he told Harris at the sentencing. “You intended to encourage terrorism, and it’s plain that what was being encouraged was lethal, racist and antisemitic violence, as well as violence against the gay community.” …

“The threat [Harris] posed became such that we had to act in order to ensure the safety of the wider public,” Detective Inspector Chris Brett said in a police statement after the sentencing on Friday. “The reference to one of his videos in the prelude to the Buffalo attack is a case in point.” …

“As we have seen in this case against Daniel Harris, such irresponsible and hateful behavior can have deadly consequences,” Brett said. “While not all individuals have the means to act upon their words, in the online space, they can easily spread to inspire others who do.” …”

NATO shouldn’t exist.

None of these countries are really worth defending.

It will probably soon be a hate crime to say that too.


  1. “shared ideas between you,”
    Uh oh, the goy has ideas.
    Must stop ideas !

    Ukzog is just becoming a prison compound.

  2. What I want to know is, did this Brit say we should kill minorities, or did he just criticize and say ‘mean things’ about them like blacks are dumb, Jews are greedy, etcetera?

    • This UK teen Harris had previously had a minor conviction for defacing a George Floyd Memorial in Manchester, after which he was more radical and putting out videos.

      Police had ‘engaged’ him through a ‘Prevent’ program designed to discourage radicalism, but the UK cops thought Harris was only pretending to go along … the kid was on the radar and was foolish to do anything.

      Harris was linked to the Payton Gendron Buffalo May 2022 attack. Allegedly Gendron posted a comment on a Harris video, and then Harris allegedly posted a video ‘celebrating’ the attack by Gendron, allegedly ‘inspired by’ Harris.

      Harris allegedly spoke on video of ‘lessons to be learnt’ from the Brenton Tarrant New Zealand mosque attack.

      Colorado gay bar alleged shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich allegedly viewed a Harris video

      Harris put out material on how to make an assault rifle using a 3D printer, had a 3D printer, and had begun making gun parts they said.

      • Calling it “inspired by” is a bit of a stretch and eleven years for it a bit stiff, still the kid should have known he had a target painted on his back and acted more discreetly and responsibly. I don’t know anything about him, but it’s fairly safe to guess he’s just another fuckwit who takes seriously the idea that he’s somehow going to shoot his way out of the mess. People constantly exposed to the refrain “voting isn’t going to change anything” occasionally develop wacky ideas like that.

      • Okay, thanks for clearing that up.

        The biggest problem with this is the double standard.
        I’m sure it’ll be okay for the woke to publicly celebrate the murder of conservatives, but not vice versa.
        Because the woke have more power in western countries than conservatives, and all other groups, and they are Machiavellian narcissistic psychopaths, they have no qualms about selfishly exercising power to the utmost.

      • Yes, terrible indeed. Sadly he did not do highly respectable acts of our venerable political class, like going on prime-time TV and justifying the mass murder of 500,000 Iraqi children, which would later climb to over a million. Then he might have had the chance to receive the highest state honors and respect of our establishment like Madeleine Albright. And to spice it up he could have laughed like a maniac at the thought of a man dying by being sodomized to death with a bayonet in a violent color revolution you had helped to start, so the country could sink into years of murderous civil war followed by failed state hell on earth with actual slave markets. You know like Hillary Clinton. We still live in a liberal democracy in our rules based international order!

        LAW & ORDER!

  3. Free speech is dead in the Western world except for America where it hangs by a thread.

    “Hate speech” is any speech Anti-Whites hate.

  4. Thank You ancestors for getting the hell out of there.
    Prince Thicko and Me-Again Sparkle are the faces of the over since it lost the Suez Canal former empire.
    Be of good cheer, we aren’t UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, yet.

  5. They will have to amend the entire Constitution here for this to happen, which is likely a ways off. Needless to say contemporary Britain is a depressing leftist dunghill. The worst of the worst.

    I would not have said this 10 years ago but I gladly say it now – Thank God for Thomas Jefferson and his Virginian friends.

  6. White countries that ban free speech are tyrannies that must fall. The pigs & powered wig jewges need to get theirs.

  7. Okay, but imagine if Britain had lost the Second World War: they would now be ruled by a hostile, malicious elite which would import an alien people of their former colonies who harbor ethnic resentment to replace the native British people and who are also disproportionately violent and have an ethno-religious political ideology of conquest. Entirely alien people, say, from Africa or the Islamic part which broke from India by violent revolution. People who would stab their sons to death and rape their daughters in grooming gangs.
    Then a shadowy cabal and network of non-elected, but highly ideological activist groups, NGOs, “intelligence services”, and also treacherous and cowardly politicians, who had sold them out long ago for monetary gain or were replaced already, would come after anyone who dared to protest: by taking their voices away, banning their political parties or outright sending them to jail for “hate”.

    Fortunately they acted very intelligently and history turned out for the better. Now they can be benevolently governed by house Windsor, the house of Rothschild and Sadiq Khan. I love the NHS! And Bomalians.

  8. Being white and having politically incorrect viewpoints is now illegal. Is this the ‘freedom’ our troops fought for?!
    And……….he IS a teenager!

  9. After the death of Christ it took over 300 years for Christianity to take off and become dominant.

  10. I’ve seen POCs that carjacked someone, and their children were still in the backseat get lighter sentences than this.

    Gods damn all the enemies of pro-White Whites.

  11. Yes, we should leave NATO ASAP. Not only are our NATO “allies” worthless in a real war, they are so self hating they don’t believe that they deserve to survive or prevail. Our NATO “allies” are really nothing more than feeble and parasitic client states. There is no longer any such thing as “The Free World” and the Covid tyranny proved it.

    We should cut the Euro-weenies loose before they can transmit more wokeism across the pond or start World War III.

    All immigration from Britain or any of it’s former colonial possessions should be immediately and permanently banned with the exception of South African whites, who should get special refugee visas after being thoroughly vetted for zog-globo-homo ideology.

  12. Eventually all white people will find themselves in a South African/ Zimbabwe style type of situation. This is the trajectory , unless we organize to protest this fate.

    Hunter, can you please insert another image up top? I don’t understand what that caped comic book guy is doing and Ive seen it too much. How about something like an image of a general Lee statue or just a field of flowers ?

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