National Review: The World and Ron DeSantis

Unlike Trump, Ron DeSantis has little to say about continuing to support Joe Biden’s insane foreign policy of Standing With Ukraine. He is obviously afraid of being boxed into the declining neocon Reaganite lane with Mike Pence and Nikki Haley. Trump has started calling Ron a globalist.

National Review:

“Not since George W. Bush in 1999 has a sitting governor contemplating a run for president attracted as much national buzz as Florida’s Ron DeSantis. Because state chief executives have only modest occasion to engage with matters of foreign policy and national security, it’s natural to speculate about where a governor who may seek to become commander in chief stands on the great foreign-policy questions of the day. Bush chose a foreign-policy profile by association with his father and his father’s advisers. Ronald Reagan carved out his own anti-communist identity on foreign affairs, much of it before and after his tenure in Sacramento. Other governors, such as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, entered their first presidential races with more of a blank slate, as did Mitt Romney in his.

On where he comes down in the big-ticket foreign-policy debates in Republican circles, DeSantis has shrewdly remained ambiguous enough to inspire hope from all sides. Unlike Donald Trump or other figures on the populist right such as Tucker Carlson (on whose show the governor is a frequent guest), DeSantis has not showered foreign authoritarians with praise or pandered to resentment of Ukraine and its leader. He has been sharply critical of Turkey; in 2017, after the Turkish leader’s security detail attacked protesters on U.S. soil, DeSantis issued a blunt statement “condemning Erdogan’s goon squad” that concluded, “This is the land of the free and the home of the brave, not an Islamist tyranny.” His rhetorical line has been consistently anti-Putin and pro-Ukraine. Nevertheless he defended Elon Musk, who used his satellites to aid the Ukrainian war effort, when Ukrainian officials criticized him for a comment he made about the war. That drew a reaction from DeSantis in defense of a magnate who has expressed support for the governor: “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you — good Lord!” But he has been circumspect on topics such as the limits of U.S. aid to Ukraine, other than taking an uncontroversial stance against direct American military intervention. …”

Guess who is endorsing Ron DeSantis?

Foreign Policy:

“One of the presumed 2024 candidates with whom Bolton seems most comfortable is the one who has most often been described as Trump’s heir apparent, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, whom Bolton has known since 2012. “I’ve watched him very carefully. I’d feel very comfortable with his foreign policy.” …

Maybe that’s why he feels the need to justify the length of his essay on isolationism. “My feeling has been that I needed to write all this out. So that’s why it’s 5,000 words long,” he says.  …”

We want to hear what Top Gov Ron DeSantis has to say about this.

We already know that Ron is at least as big a Zionist as Trump. We know that Ron is going to exaggerate the threat posed by Iran because of the alliance with the Saudis and the Gulf states. We also know what he thinks about China. He needs to chime in on our policy of escalating the war in Ukraine.

MIGA is nothing compared to the Make Ukraine Great Again caucus. Israel gets about $3.8 billion a year in foreign aid. We’ve given Israel a total of around $150 billion over the course of several generations. We’ve already given Ukraine over $100 billion IN LESS THAN A YEAR. Two weeks ago, Joe Biden announced he was sending Abrams tanks to Zelensky. He is now already demanding F-16 fighter jets. By the time the 2024 election rolls around, we will have probably already given Zelensky nuclear submarines.

Dump is at least criticizing Joe Biden on the issue. Ron DeSantis isn’t even doing that much.


  1. “Ron DeSantis is avoiding taking a position on Ukraine”

    How wise.

    After all, why vex anyone with an opinion on a country that, by this time next year, is unlikely to exist?

  2. All the money for Ukraine is for Israel, all of it. They are depopulating Ukraine purposely in order to repopulate the part of it that borders the Black Sea with Jews, and make it the second Jewish State. A true power on the Black Sea.

    The war will drag on. Israel and ZOG are nowhere near victory. In the end it will escsalate rapidly and a huge battle will be fought over Crimea, Odessa, Kherson, the
    whole Black Sea region. Tactical nukes may be used by both sides.

    Like the New World Order itself, the plan unfolds incrementally. If ZOG wins, the Black Sea region will take an autonomous position within the Ukraine state, under Jewish control. Then the immigration of Jews will begin.

    99.9% of whites are too stupid to see any of this. They don’t watch the foreign news, they watch ball games or pron. Even worse, they watch Fox. Where they learn nothing of value. Nothing. Evangelicals? Braindead, all of them. Americans are hopeless. We need to form a much smaller nation and take control of it.

    Only Russia and Iran are resisting this. Not even China. But establishing Crimea as a Jewish state has been an Ashkenazi priority for over 100 years now. The only problem for them is, the Bear understands perfectly and does not consent.

  3. I think De Santis not making comments about this stuff, is wise. He will give his opinion about this stuff, when it’s time to. One thing I do like about him, is he is much wise about what and when to say things. Trump says lots of things, often too much, that he never follows up on. Both men have strengths, and weaknesses,

  4. There was some astroturf for DeSantis, people like Cernovich and RAMZPaul pushing him.

    But DeSantis cannot over the following and is DOA: the people who hate us and Trump LOVE DeSantis.

    That’s disqualifying.

    I’d rather have RFK Jr than DeSantis.

  5. @Rangewolf…

    Yes, people are not looking at foreign news, and, yes, Russia and Iran are resisting, as are others

    As to China : they are doing what Hungarians refer to as a ‘Double Dance’ – doing a two step for The East and waltzing for The West.

    As to depopulating the Ukraine to make a second Jewish state, yes, it is depopulating, but, as an UNintended side-effect. To the contrary, it won’t become a second Jewish State, but merely an old extension of Russia that has been since Catherine The Great.

    You give The Jews too much credit – they are divided over this issue (Netanyahu-Likud Israeli wing in dissent with Western Organized Jewry) and those who are trying to get Putin out are bumbling in historic fashion.

    As to the reality of Crimea, that which flies underneath the surface of visible political organization, there is a great deal of corruption, of which Russian and Ukrainian mafias, play a part, as does local oligarch, political, and Gentile law enforcement corruption.

    Nothing that goes on during this war, or after will change any of that, nor is any of that different from what goes on there now, or has been going on since time immemorial.

    Business as usual – The West goes East, loses the war, then Russia grows in strength.

    History shows that, if you want to weaken the Russians, just be nice to them and leave them alone – they often are their own worst enemy.

    Come to think of it – that could apply to us as well, nowadays…

  6. The rabid warmongering Chickenhawk Bolton endorsing DeSantis is a very bad sign. In light of DeSantis’ visits to ‘muh Izrael’ and his signing an anti-BDS law (a de-facto loyalty oath to a foreign power), it’s pretty obvious that he’s at least as bad as Trumpstein on foreign policy, and likely even worse. DeSantis has been a net-positive as FL governor. He should remain there.

    • I agree, Exalted Cyclops – when Bolton endorses somebody that is the kiss of death for me.

      Yes, DeSantis is a great governor and that is where he ought stay.

      I am so wary of his foreign policy ideas I just might have to vote for Trump, or do something I have never done – stay at home…

  7. The walrus mustache chickenhawk endorsement is a bug and not a feature.
    The Laundrokraine is about over and the CCP/PRC is next up for the really big show.
    We need someone with a MIL background for that who isn’t afraid to fight.

    • @Spahn…

      President Obama is in charge of the Democrat Party, which is why Biden is resident not the one who was on his way to winning the Democrat Primary of 2020 – Senator Bernie Sanders.

      So, it comes down to who he likes most – which, by the way, is why we have a Vice-President Harris, because President Obama likes her.

      Given that President Obama is a beta-male, I doubt he would choose Newsome, but, would prefer someone who is a strong female, like his wife.

      That would indicate Governor Whitmer.

      The Democrat ticket for 2024?

      Whitmer + ?

      Newsome would be a choice for VP. but, given his ego, would he accept it?

      How about Fetterman?

      Yes, Fetterman would be the best choice because he is a token White Male who can no longer think or speak without constant instruction.

      How perfect!

  8. I was prepared to vote for DeSantis in the primary in 2024, and for the Presidency after that, on account of his actions as governor of Florida: Keeping the state open from lockdowns, at least pretending to oppose the transgender agenda, cancelling Disney’s tax exempt status, things like that.

    I will abstain from voting in the 2024 election, as I did in 2020. The GOP nominee will be Dump or DeSantimonious, and I won’t vote for either, even if it means four more years of Shitpants Joe. Support from John Bolton is as bad as support from MSNBC.

  9. Some religious Jews, now becoming dominant in Israel, are openly denouncing the Soros-type American Jews, for being destructive and dangerous to America, to the world, and to Jewry – this is a big development.

    In the USA we mostly see Soros-type Jews, pushing LGBT, immigration, culture war, etc

    Israel was founded by leftist non-religious Jews, but the way religious Jews had many kids, plus all those right-wing Russian-type Jews arriving, have changed Israeli demographics. Netanyahu rode this back into power, leading a coalition against Soros-types.

    Many religious Jews bond naturally with the European ‘Christian nationalist’ right like Orbán who want to maintain existing culture, traditions, family life, limits on LGBT and immigration, which is all fine for those right-wing Jews … plus the religious Jews fear that American and West European Jews are risking new pogroms by leading so much cultural subversion.

    Here’s a rabbi ferociously denouncing American Jews, 74 seconds, Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi: “Who is Controlling America? Those Liberal, Lefty, Erev rav jews who Destroyed the World” (By ‘erev rav’ Jews he apparently means they are ‘incomplete’ or ‘mixed’ Jews.)

    In Israel in the 1990s, leftists altered the Israeli Constitution so that the leftist Supreme Court controlled virtually everything internal in Israel … Netanyahu is now trying to reverse that so the Knesset Parliament is in charge, not ‘legislating by a leftist court’ … notable how this echoes USA struggles to claw back power from over-reaching courts.

    • Sigh in our dreams . Js got expelled from Spain in 1492 or put under the Inquisition fir taking the Muslim Moor side against Whites and fir selling White girls in to sexually slavery to Arab and Turk Muslim buyers . Nothing has changed it s the same today . Muslims and Jews vote the same way in UK and USA – they vote to replace , enslave us .

    • @Balticus…

      “Some religious Jews, now becoming dominant in Israel, are openly denouncing the Soros-type American Jews, for being destructive and dangerous to America, to the world, and to Jewry – this is a big development.”

      The rift has always been there.

      Nationalist/Religious type Israeli Jews have absolutely no time for what they regard as American Jewish insanity.

      Glad they are getting more vocal, in international terms, for they have avoided doing that for decades because they fear losing US support.

      Clearly their fear, the Israeli Religious Nationalist, of Western Jewish lunacy now outweighs any other consideration.

      Everyone in the world needs to push back against what’s been happening in The West, in recent decades.

      A collective pressure can bring results.

  10. It’s like I’ve been saying, Florida politics are disproportionately dominated by Jewish donorism, of the type that wants no part of any kind of nationalist politics, not even watered down kiddie pool Fisher-Price toy civic nationalism of the Trump era, much less the real deal that we want. Ron DeSantis as President of the United States would, in all real substance, be going back to Conservatism Inc business as usual.

  11. Spahnranch1970, Good sir, if I may, I would like too politely disagree with you on the 2024 democratic party selection, here is why, michigan governor Whitmer, will be there choice, Whitmer will use her michigan model nationally, she will automatically deliver the female vote, the black vote, the homosexual vote and last , but not least, the loser, freak, stupid people vote, too go along with the others, she will have a black homosexual as her vp, just like her lt.governor, a black home dude from detroit, (((lesbian))) for attorney general, two weeks ago miss Whitmer was in Davis, Switzerland getting her satanic annointing, her running mate will be the rapping congressman from NYC , Dr. Jeffries nephew, hareem jeffries, Detroit doesn’t have a hundred thousand homeless like Los Angela’s does, it’s still against the law too shoplift, the Detroit/Windsor border is secure, compared too kamala harris, Miss Whitmer is attractive, intelligent, knows how too carry herself formally……….it’s just too bad, her heart is in the wrong place…..another thing too watch for, D.Trump, may put J.D. Vance on his ticket, too win us back…………
    I am committed too the living God, my people and the Southern Republic…

    • Yes, Dear Terry, Gretchen Whitmer is to be the next president.

      It has already been decided.

      If Governor Newsome wants to compete he needs to have gender reassignment therapy.

  12. “We already know that Ron is at least as big a Zionist as Trump.”

    Worse. The filthy SOB had water from the Sea of Galilee to ‘baptize’ his kid with.
    Talk about utter slavish idolatry.

    Sorry, no. But this ‘little elf’ is just another Shabbas goy, looking for his own Sheldon Adelson to grift off of.

  13. Ill write in Greg Conte. The election winners federal and state offices are decided before the polls open. After Zion Don got through their screening, the jewish oligarchs and their shabbos goys sycophants will never allow that to occur again.

    Ffs, please tell me that at least some of you understand why only a center to center-left GOP politicians will be allowed the semblance of power. They act as the gatekeepers for an authentic culturally conservative and economically liberal pro-White dissident party to arise.

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