Donald Trump’s Best Speech Ever


surprised this best ever Trump speech didn’t receive much publicity not even on Identitarian, Dissident Right blogs like Amren, Vdare or us.

Donald Trump came fully out of the closet and said he would end all anti White, anti Asian Critical Race theory in all American public schools, he called for breaking radical Left, anti American, yeah Communist teachers unions and find ways to bring in new teachers that will teach patriotism and traditional Judea Christian values in our schools.

Please publicize this best ever Trump speech everywhere amongst regular Americans, mostly White Americans but also decent Americans of all ethnic groups. Conservative Inc, Cuckservatives, Christian Zionists, tax exempt corrupt church leaders, old rich, corrupt Church of Latter Day Sissies, Russell Moore Southern (hates the South) Baptists, now Woke Lutherans that hate Martin Luther and German Americans – please publicize this best ever Trump Speech everywhere – get supposedly “Conservative” media to comment on the speech “Agree or Disagree” ?

Seems like a winning platform – better than slaughtering Russians, little Anna Kournikovas.


  1. Jaye

    Candidate Blompf is 180 degrees different than POTUS Blompf.

    Didn’t you learn that from the 2015-16 campaign and betrayal from the Oval Office?

      • I totally agree, Dear Arrian.

        President Trump has a uncanny sense of what needs to be said.

        That said, the canny seems to leave the un-, when it comes to hiring the right folks and getting the job done.

        That said, as you said a few weeks back tom me : is there any choice?’

        No, after studying Governor DeSantis’s foreign policy ideas, I realize that Presdent Trump. like him or not, is the only game in town.

  2. Don’t see Judeo Christian, a contradiction in terms. Just say Christian. Also Christian Zionists are the biggest POS around.

    • Also Christian Zionists are the biggest POS around.

      More realistically, they are well down on the list of priorities. CZ isn’t an insuperable barrier to the JQ – or could even be used as entry to it, if CZ’s ever manage to think about the lopsided, one-way nature of the support/relationship. (ie I get to shit on your interests, but you have to kiss my ass and support all of my interests.)

  3. It’s still a great, best ever Trump speech. As good as French ex Algerian J French patriot Eric Zammour

    So, let’s get our local Southerners, county board candidates, mayors, sherifs, school board candidates to make similar speeches.

    Zero tolerance – Critical race theory, anti White, anti Asian discrimination, cult marxism, sexual grooming in our schools of our young children.. nope. RINOs, Cuckservative inc – the Bush family, Cheney family, Romney family, Dole Family they want to distract the GOP White voting base with yet another Neo Conservative Zionist, Christian Zionist patriotard war for … Whatever… that ‘s a no, Nope.

    Just listen to this best ever Trump speech. Great.

  4. The problem with this Blompf speech is the same as when he was POTUS – “I will”, “We will”. Unfortunately, even if sincere, he can’t do it by himself and he is by himself. The majority of the Federal bureaucracy is leftist and progressive. A major portion of the GOP is the same, in fact no different than the Dems. So, how does he actually propose to carry out all these wonderful actions? He doesn’t. He does not have a like minded cadre that will be populating all the top positions and all the positions a step or two down from the top. That’s why, should he get elected, the result will be the same as before. Nothing will be done.

    • @Casper it’s such a shame huh? Do you remember him talking about addressing that late 2016, draining the swamp and all? Then he had a website between election and being sworn in broadly recruiting MAGA types to fill roles? But I don’t know think anything came of it. I know at least I signed up and didn’t hear anything. Didn’t hear about any mass layoffs. And on the visible front you had guys like John Bolton welcomed in..

    • Casper Koch

      Your comments are true . The reality is a USA GOP President doesn t have a lot of power agaí st the national anti White J media and the Deeo State other than as U say talking , saying I want to do this and that .

      In contrast state governors have real power – look at Florida snd Virginia GOP governors – they ve banned critical race theory in their states

  5. I listened to Trump’s four minute speech and he did talk about ending anti-Asian discrimination but nowhere did he mention ending anti-White discrimination. The presence of blacks/browns in White schools makes those schools Hell holes. He also talked about “Judeo-Christian” values, whatever that is. The term was unknown until the last half of the 19th century.

    He didn’t say anything about his big, beautiful wall on the Mexican border either. Will he offer Platinum Americans reparations again under his Platinum Plan? Nothing about rampant black/brown crime either which he didn’t name.

    Trump also talks about reforming the Federal Dept. of Education. There shouldn’t be a Federal Dept. of Education to reform. Like the Dept. of Energy they were only established in 1978. The Dept. of Education was payback to the corrupt teachers’ unions for supporting and electing Jimmy Carter President in 1976. These departments cannot be reformed, they need to be abolished.

    Reagan promised in 1980 to abolish both departments but of course, he lied. Instead, in 1981 he stuffed both miserable bureaucracies with Republican hacks and failures while growing both departments’ budgets for the benefit of well connected Republican businessmen. Expect the same from Trump if he gets reelected.

    If Trump gets elected Mr. President again he will go on a revenge tour against his real and perceived enemies. He isn’t what one would call a “big thinker” with an overarching political philosophy, for better or worse. He might be entertaining but it would just be the same old shit. At least he could truthfully proclaim he isn’t Dementia Joe so there is that.

  6. Before uncle Donald, Empire was stable and confident. Even commies mourn those good times pre 2015 when Obama was president and future looked bright for smooth sailing into full communism.

    Now after uncle Donald, we have complete chaos, war, inflation, corona, climate, transsexualism puppets jumping the ship every day in all world. And no end in sight. Nobody knows, how to stabilize Empire and get normality back.

    Comparing pre Trump era with current era clearly demonstrates what a horrific damage Trump did to Jew power and Empire.

    Trump, also Putin are greatest leaders white people ever had. First time after they chopped Charles I head off, we have serious chance to break their iron grip and destroy them.

  7. Well, he had his once chance in 2016 and didn’t do this. Instead we got Paul Ryan’s tax cut, he didn’t even get to do his moderately apolitical “Infrastructure” that was his darling as a professional builder. True though he was distracted by the immediate coup de tat attempt against him with the Russia Hoax, then the Zelensky Phone Call impeachment, followed by the Floyd color coded revolution in the summer plotted by all the jewish oligarchs at least a year before since they had a 60s Chicago Convention Protest Movie filmed in 2019 ready to show to egg on antifa hippie wannabe types. The margin of victory was so slim in 2016 I knew it couldn’t be repeated, too many Silent Generation members died off in those four years to be replaced by non-whites and white fatherless bastards all reared in the commie education racket.

  8. Promises, promises…. His campaign ad from late in 2016 was even more powerful, with references to rooting out the swamp, etc. It’s all a massive grift. He won in 2016 and promptly appointed every swamp-dweller he could find to “drain the swamp”. The use of the blasphemous term “Judeo-Christian” is a dead giveaway. Why can’t he at least be honest and use the correct Satanic-Christian? Who is the Judeo-Christ? A skinsuit for the devil, nothing more. If he burned Jared Kushner at the stake and locked up his devil-worshipping daughter for life I might consider taking Cheetohead the Clown seriously. That will be a very frosty day in hell, needless to say.

    The recent statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry about the Clown-World Empire and its Perils was far more interesting than anything coming from the mouth of this retarded boomer clown. If Cheetohead manages to somehow win in 2024 -after his allowing massive vote-fraud and election rigging in 2018 and 2020 then tossing his supporters under the Church of Woke bus driven by his Jewish masters – nothing will change from the present direction (as Caspar Koch already mentioned). Kushner and the rest of the swamp will be hired to continue the agenda (fighting China and Russia to the last drop of goy blood) of those who actually call the shots. Like the LCMS, Murika delenda est.

    Note what is taking place in public schuls in the “conservative” state of FL under the DeSantis administration. This kind of thing should come as no surprise, but the number of clueless white parents willing to send their own offspring into the maw of such a monstrosity is truly amazing. The above obscenity is merely the tip of a massive iceberg. LCMS schools used to be an alternative but as we’ve recently seem – they’ll be getting the same doctrine there (also in Catholic schools). Home school or die.

    > So, let’s get our local Southerners, county board candidates, mayors, sherifs, school board candidates to make similar speeches.

    At this late stage, this is the only thing that could possibly be done. As the empire collapses, having some of our people in local positions could help resist the empire’s attempts to grab folks off the streets to serve as meat-puppets for their war-machine, etc. Trump is not and never will be, our salvation. Getting people who are not owned by the usual suspects into office locally is much more important than who goes to read teleprompter messages written on behalf of Klaus Schwab, et al. This might extend up to your state legislature – depending upon the state. Jack Ryan’s state (God-forsaken hellhole of Illnoize) is hopeless – both nominal parties completely controlled by the usual suspects. Only hope there is the downstate counties seceding and joining Missouri or Indiana.

  9. Jaye Ryan sounds like the type of guy who could be scammed multiple times by Nigerian princes as long as the story given was good enough

  10. Great ideas that will never be implemented because our presidential elections are rigged now. Elections are still fair in some states but not in PA, MI, WI, AZ or any other state with mail in ballots and corrupt Democrats counting the “votes”. No Republic will become president until this is fixed. The fact that our elections are rigged means that it won’t get fixed.

    • @John Holmes…

      I agree.

      Things as they are, I cannot see another Populist Republican being allowed to win.

      Donald Trump Jr said exactly that a couple of weeks ago on TV.

      Apparently his daddy knows something we don’t, or at least he thinks he does – because he is already running all out.

      • Socialists need to get off of here. and quit lying about President Trump. This war would have never happened if President Trump was in the white House. Biden let Russia build the gas pipeline and Putin was able to fund the war.President Trump never allowed that to happen and they had peace.

        • @Gold12…

          “Socialists need to get off of here. and quit lying about President Trump.”

          Well, I do not think that they will stop doing that.

          They are bright enough to understand that he represents a threat, particularly any success he might have, and they are dishonorable enough to use any kind of tactic to stop that.

          Their willingness, however, to be this ruthless, is what inevitably will contribute to the very thing they say they’re against – the break up of the nation.

    • You are dead wrong about that. Biden is incompetent not mentally fit to be in office. President Trump is truthful and very intelligent . Biden is not and never has been. Look at the mess Biden has got our country in.

      • @Gold…

        I think President Biden’s mental circumstance, or the lack of it, pales, when compared to his moral situation.

        His corruption makes Presidents Harding and Nixon, combined, look like a couple of girl scouts.

        He is for practically every wrong thing, and, it stands to reason, so are his supporters.

  11. I encourage OD readers not to give up, despair or fall down in to impossible revolutionary gun fantasies.

    We need to go state and local, something we should have done 50 years ago back when Southern and Midwestern White men like George Wallace did very well, even in states like Michigan.

    No. Donald Trump isn’t going to be a savior, riding in on a White horse, he won’t build the wall or drain the swamp, make Negroes behave again.

    Please go state and local and look for popular, well liked local celebrities – retired sports stars like Chipper Jones in GA – run more responsible Blacks like Hershal Walker as Black Democrats, we can’t elect Conservative Back Republicans, plus even when we do elect on supposedly “Conservative” Black GOP like that Sen. Scott in South Carolina – he falls down with the NAACP on Federal Judge appointments, does a Colin Powell and dances ANC jigs to “Kill the Farmer, Kill the Boer”.

    Learn this Trump Speech by heart, same as you/we should know Enoch Powell’s “River of Blood speech” by heart. We need some good, great public speakers like AH, Trump, Enoch Powell, Eric Zemmour we can’t have old, bad speakers stiffs like Vice President Pence or short, old whiney Libertarian bad speakers like Ron Paul that don’t have working pen***es.

    We just completed Round 1 of a very frightening Chicago mayoral and aldermanic election – we might very well soon have BLM, CTU Communist Teachers Union monopolization of Chicago mayor, DA, Police Chief, top crime judges county board chairwoman, City Schools.

    Urban America seems to be reverting to1980s levels of Black crime, disorder, educational meltdowns with White European Americans being second class citizens in a 3rd world country.

  12. These socialists liars need to stay off of here Trump has done a lot for the country. Our gas was low . We were energy independent and safe. Biden let Russia build the gas pipeline so Russia could fund the War. President Trump did not allow Russia to build gas pipeline and that one of the reasons there was no war. Biden needs to be impeached or removed by the 25th amendment.

  13. More good news – OD/We/I were featured today, linked in the mainstream patriotic immigration reform media Vdare.

    Yes, it’s just some small good news, but our ideas are going mainstream. Please work hard to find alternative and even mainstream media where you/we live to present our well written blogs, talk radio, TPC radio shows. Please work hard to present an intelligent, well written, well spoken article, presentation. We’ve always had good, great writers, but we’ve not done well being good and the media business. When ever we have a someone pro us or just not anti us media like Ted Turner’s CNN, the enemy, J anti White media buys the owner out. That’s what happened to Southern Media boss Ted Turner, he took the 30 pieces of silver, sold out to Time Warner’s Gerald Levin, gave CNN over to the likes of Jeff Zucker, Brian Seltzer.

    Thank you Vdare. This breaks a very long personal losing streak for yours truly.

  14. I complained mightily about Trumps lack of action but…he’s, as said, the only game in town. It may very well be that his daughter and her husband and all the traitors surrounding him detoured him. And you know how time flies, and then all of a sudden, he’s lost the election. They stole it from him and ran the clock out to do anything about it. He realizes they made a fool of him. Now he may have been comped and a traitor the whole time, I have said many of his actions appeared to show that, or it could be he just didn’t have it together and was stymied. But this time, if he is the real thing, he will not let anyone stop him. He will crush the opposition with every bit of power he can muster to show those basterds, “if” he’s the real thing. If he’s not, we haven’t lost much. The rest are surely at the very least just as bad, and probably worse. The only real option is to get out the most massive voting machine ever and try to get him in and see.

    I disagree that the President ha no power. A President that is wide open using every scrap of power he can muster is a serious character to reckoned with.

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