Ron DeSantis Announces Presidential Campaign


It’s on.


I don’t really have a dog in this fight.

In a contest between who is the bigger Zionist suck up, it is a wash. Donald Trump was “the most pro-Israel president” in history. He gave Israel everything it wanted up to and including Jonathan Pollard. He put Jared Kushner in charge of the White House. Ron DeSantis has traveled to Jerusalem twice to sign anti-free speech bills in Israel. Both Trump and DeSantis are in the pocket of Jewish donors.

If you look at their record and positions on other issues, DeSantis appears more likely to continue funding the war in Ukraine. Trump has vowed to end the war, but he says all kinds of things and fails to follow through on his promises. To his credit, DeSantis has done some good things in Florida. He probably has a better chance of winning Independents than Trump. Neither Trump or DeSantis will get much done with such a polarized Congress. Both will appoint the same judges. Trump ended Roe.

Ultimately, I think the primary comes down to which wing of the Republican Party you would rather live under for four years. MAGA or the Reaganites? DeSantis has to consolidate the Never Trumpers and Reaganites and peel off enough disaffected MAGA voters to secure the nomination. Trump has to rally his base and prove that he is capable of winning Independents with his baggage train.

For all of their flaws, I think either Trump or DeSantis would be an improvement over Joe Biden, especially on immigration which is just completely out of control with no end in sight. I’m just not really invested in who wins the primary because I don’t care for either of them. It is not worth fighting about.

Note: Aimee and Michael Tracey have some good points.


  1. “a contest between who is the bigger Zionist suck up”

    Because of their wealth, cohesion and media control they have a clamp on national politics.

  2. What do you think of RFK Jr.? He says he’ll shatter the CIA and unveil their secrets. The democrats he’s running for seem to despise him. Dump and DeSantis……i’m not interested in more MIGA. They won’t do anything about immigration unless it’s to Israel. DeSantis banning ant-semitism in the vein of hate speech horseshit is bad, unconstitutional and a sign of weakness and insecurity. We all know it’s also a smokescreen to weasel out legitimate criticism.

  3. I think a lot of people feel Desantis is the ideal 2028 nominee but in 2024 Trump should be the nominee. They don’t hate Desantis but feel he can afford to wait. It’s too early though to say Trump has already won it, given that other front runners have collapsed. Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton, they were leading polls and then didn’t win. I’d like a candidate that is progressive on economics but moderate on social issues.

  4. MAGA is just a variant of Reaganism/Neoliberalism, it’s just a bit less globalist/militarist than paleo-Reaganism.
    You could call MAGA nu, neo or national Reaganism.
    And Reaganism is basically just about making money + spreading Americanism, the religion of making money, around the globe at gunpoint.
    It’s crony capitalism with just enough social welfare to keep the working class from revolting, just enough economic mobility to keep the middleclass from revolting, and just enough social conservatism to keep real conservatives from revolting/defecting.
    Neoconservatism is also a variant of Reaganism, it’s just a bit more globalist/militarist.
    Really American conservatism hasn’t changed much since Reagan.
    Reagan, Reagan and Reagan, that’s all it’s been for 40 years now.
    Really Dixiecrats were the least real conservatives in America.

  5. As for DeSantis, he may be a bit more globalist/militarist than Trump, more likely to stay in Ukraine, but he may also be a bit more socially conservative than Trump.
    Since averting WW3 is priority number 1, I guess Trump is the better pick.
    He’s a bit more likely to defund Ukraine than DeSantis.
    But RFK Jr, who’s polling better against Biden than DeSantis is polling against Trump, might be better than all 3 of them.

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  7. “Trump has vowed to end the war, but he says all kinds of things and fails to follow through on his promises.”

    The Orange Clown has the emotions of a child.

    He lashed out in a jealous rage against Musk for hosting DeSantis.


    He talked big but folded quick when The Great Satan showed him who was in charge. Horrible appointments, failed promises, horrible compromises, and endless leftist and neocon appeasements. Not even Assange could catch a break while the worst Schlomo’s under the sun were pardoned because of Kushner’s directives.

    The injustices committed against Trump and his supporters by the Regime are unforgivable but it’s hard to feel empathy for the narcissistic and corrupt boomer who refuses to listen to and follow the commands of his voters while continuing on with his charade of even defending appointing Wray and his Covid policies.

    All he had to do was appoint fighters who believed in the cause and they would’ve gone all in but instead his former appointees are on The View trashing him daily.

    DeSantis is a good governor besides signing hate speech legislation in Florida. I think he’s more of a man of his word which maybe we need to get back to.

    No one is toppling the Regime/ZOG any time soon and it would be interesting to see what DeSantis could do.

  8. I wish Governor DeSantis the very best.

    He’s been one hell of a governor – a model to other governors, most of whom seem to be clueless as to how much power a governor really has.

    That said, I cannot support Governor DeSantis in his bid for the presidency, because of the following…

    #1. His presidential candidacy is funded by the very oligarchs who have screwed up what was once a truly great nation.

    That he would accept their support, makes me terribly suspicious that he is a Trojan Horse.

    I am sorry to be old enough to think that, but, alas, time in grade walking through history forces me to do that.

    #2. Governor DeSantis does not eschew what I regard as the Master Race view of The United States – that we are to forever attempt to force our views of life on everyone.

    God, how I so hate that so many of my fellow Americans have such little knowledge of themselves, or the world, that we think ourselves up to that.

    Certainly this view of The US, as the world arbitre, has absolutely zero to do with what our Founding Fathers gave us, not to mention that it has no sense.

    #3. The Jew England Yankee United States’ Government hates Trump, but, not DeSantis, or so it seems, and that tells me everything I need to know.

    #4. The Governor, unlike both President Trump or RFK Jr, does not say the things about the situation we are in that need to be said.

    The situation is dire because our institutions have been usurped, and Governor DeSantis seems to think that it is Wokeness that is the problem.

    Yes, Wokeness IS a grave problem, but, no, it is not the core of the problem, but, rather, harnessed by those alien to us, both within the government and without, to further their misanthropic and anti-Americans aims over us.

    For these reasons I will not be supporting the governor, unless he addresses the issues.

    For me, RFK JR. is the most serious and redoubtable candidate, his courage unsurpassed in talking of this situation.

    That said, I will probably wind up supporting President Trump, a reluctant 3rd time, because I do not believe that the institutions that killed RFK Jr.’s daddy and uncle will ever stomach him.

    Of course, in this era, lacking control over the media, they, those institutions, would not dare to do what they would in the 1960s, so, I believe they will just do to RFK Jr. what they did to Senator Sanders in both 2016 and 2020 – refuse to count the actual votes.

    Still, I wish Governor DeSantis well, and pray for the health of his wife, who, unfortunately, is in the hands of the profiteering and irrational oncologists.

  9. DeSantis is fake, gay, establishment. With him, you get, nothing. No big changes. No reigning in of the intelligence agencies and the FBI. Nothing. Same old Jew controlled deep State. With Trump, it’s hard to say. Appearances are that Trump is a fake Hitler,( a ringer to appease those that want deep dramatic change, which would of course entailed reigning in the Jews). He talks a lot but doesn’t do anything. On the other hand, them cheating him like they did…maybe he’s not fake. Maybe he flubbed so bad because his satanic son in law whispering into his ear constantly got him to put into place ringers that screwed up his whole ball game.

    The key is that with Trump there’s a chance, a small one, but a chance that he will blow the whole damn thing to smithereens. Put into place serious people who will arrest all these people who are making our country, and lives, miserable. It is possible. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say the last election was stolen from him in a big way. Now people say there’s no way he can win because they will steal it again. Maybe they will try, but all the court decisions and the tricks they used last time…this time people will be watching, much closer. The courts may be crooked, but there are limits. They are pushing them, very hard, right now. Some of the rulings in Arizona are so mindlessly corrupt and stupid that it’s getting harder and harder for them to pretend it’s anything but serious corruption. At some point, the legislature may start removing some of these judges. We can hope. Another stolen election with huge turn out might go over the limit where people get fed up and some serious consequences follow. I don’t think they can continuously steal elections with such blatant disregard for the rules and not eventually have some serious havoc on their hands.

    So it’s Trump all the way. And just to note I’m not, and have never been, a “Trump all the way” supporter until now. I’ve criticized him constantly. Mostly since he let Gen. Flynn twist in the wind. That REALLY pissed me off. If anyone knew where the deep State hid its secrets, it would be him as former DIA chief. With support, he could have unraveled the whole edifice of evil. If Trump had supported Flynn and got Sessions to crack down, we could have done the deep State some real damage. But, sigh, it didn’t happen. Every since that time I’ve been on the fence on whether Trump was a ringer brought in to be a fake Hitler (bringing change) or he was just a fuck up.

    My hope is that there’s a massive, stupendous turn out for Trump. I hope you people will do so and try to get as many people as possible to vote for him. At the worst, Trump was always nothing but a fake Hitler. Electing him would be no different from any of the other fake and gay Republicans. Even if they steal the election, it will be even more obvious this time, further bringing into disrepute the global homo State. This can only be good. There is no real downside to a huge outpouring of support for Trump.

  10. One of my fellow White people was asking me who was my favorite for the Republican candidate. I said I don’t care, this country is boned.

  11. I was sure that assclown Dump was kaput with the pathetic result of the vaunted “Red Wave” in November, but the other day I was surprised to see the results of a poll that had him beating braindead criminal scum Biden by 9 points if the election were held today. Of course, that would likely mean jack shit if the (((Deep State))) again colluded like they did in ’20 – which they will, since they paid no price for that (they never do), or for thwarting the result of the ’16 election with the Russiagate lies.

    As for De Santis: as you said, he’s an (((Establishment))) lackey who not only truckles for the kikes in the usual fashion, he actually had the gall to sign legislation trashing free speech – IN PISSRAEL, TWICE.

    FUCK him and the dick-nosed tapir he rode in on.

    No matter what you order, you get the kosher shit sandwich…

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