The Deep State


Back in 2020, Donald Trump ran on the Platinum Plan and assassinating Iranian generals and the lowest black, Hispanic and Asian unemployment rate in history. The tone has shifted.


  1. Trump is a clown, there is no civil war between woke dems and poopulist reps, it’s all just bread and circuses, sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors, political theatre, nothing more.
    Elections are rigged.
    Trump is as much of a clown as Kanye, same as DeSantis.

    • @Karl…

      Yes, the elections ARE rigged, however, they are not successfully so, IF a few states like Georgia cannot be made to go along.

      Georgia is the Seminary Ridge of the 2024 Presidential Election.

      I hope President Trump finds a way to go around their rear and kick them in the butt, because one thing is for sure : The Republican Party, which should do that work, ain’t going to.


      Because, in Georgia, they are over 50% of the problem, Fulton Country coming in a close second.

    • Karl Logan,

      I agree with your estimation of Trump. Because the Democrats are sorely lacking does not by magic make Donald Trump decent. He seems unhinged to me. It looks however that he is going strong among Republicans.

      Rangewolf had an interesting take on Trump.

  2. “””…The tone has shifted….”””

    The country and electorate has shifted. Politician can speak only what electorate accepts. No point to talk career ending bitter truth or to come out from closet too early.

    Only when Owerton window has moved then polician can also move. Not before.

  3. The Derp State is so commie…Caligula’s horse laughs!
    It only took the CPUSA 100 years to destroy the FUSA.
    The enlightened beings of the DS be like so smart, they let the barbarians right in.
    The external commies have zero use for useful idiots and visions of high apparatchik Global Soviet positions evaporate at the people’s firing squad wall of equity.

  4. “Donald Trump is running against the Deep State’

    Whether this is the most optimum election strategy, or not, I do not know.

    What I do know is that he is essentially saying that The United States’ Government is your enemy.

    That’s very healthy for the nation, because once people are clear on this point, and feel licensed to think such a thing (many as of yet do not) then the conversation begins, both in the individual and collective mind, on what steps need to be taken to correct this unfortunate situation.

    We’re moving towards a correction, and now only debating about what the end goal is and how that must come to be.

    That’s good – no matter how much procrastination will ,inevitably, try to get in the way.

  5. I hope they throw that maggot right in between the crips and the mexican mafia. Take turns on him. Put him in a nice little dress.

  6. I strongly encourage OD readers and anyone remotely connected to patriotic immigration control/reform, race realism, Southern heritage, Southern Nationalism, Dissident Right, America First, name the “J” or even “consider noticing the Js” – don’t fall down in to this 1980s Willis Carto, Spotlight Magazine weird conspiracy theories that push the Lie that nothing is as it seems, everything (at least at the top) is controlled by sinister people, cults, many may not be even human. These sinister all powerful secret societies are supposedly not connected to race, the Js, sexual deviants like the ones that mandated Homosexual LGBT Pride month, homo marriage equality, etc and there’s supposedly nothing that can be done by regular (White) Americans except to drop out of society, cash out of the Stock Market and close your bank account and move to barter, homeschooling (that’s if you can find a White mate, wife, not likely) or worse put all your/our hopes and $ in some long shot, no shot 3rd party Presidential crusade to

    “Wake up America”.

    Restore the US Constitution

    Repeal the Fed and the Fed Income Tax

    Abolish all child and other labor laws – let business hire and fire whomever they want and let “The free market determine wages” (ie invite the entire POC 3rd world who supposedly will be happy sub minimum wage worker bees/happy slaves like the Negroes used to be before the 1960s or was it the 1860s?

    This paranoid, Deep State, “everything is controlled by sinister secret societies that aren’t racial, or Je*ish and what we need is some real “Christian” not (a Catholic like JFK, or an LDD Mormon – they’re not real Christians like Pat Robertson, Rev, Jerry Fallwell, Mike the Huckster Huckabee, or Mike Pence – plus these Deep State conspirators are anti Israel or…”


    Our racial, J, sexual, Islamist enemies and traitors don’t waste their time giving up, dropping out of mainstream society obsessing about these weird conspiracy theories, instead they play, fight, cheat to win.

    Look at Biden’s cabinet – his press secretary, his J Attorney General with the beady eyes Garland – that’s not something real secret – any White guy with a brain should be able to figure this who, what where, why stuff out, same as they should have figured out the Jussie Smollet racial hate crime hoax in 20 seconds, or the J Neo Con wars for “Freedom and Democracy” Against “Saddam Hussein -another Hitler and Axis of Evil, blah blah, blah or whatever else that horrible Canadian J Neo Con man David Frum wrote for then President (Jethro) George W Bush in the worst ever Presidential Speech “The Axis of Evil” speech.

    Like duhh.

    OD readers and especially our great OD blog host, editor Hunter Wallace, Brad – please, please don’t go down this rabbit hole – don’t redo the 1980s Willis Carto Spotlight Magazine, the worst forms of the John Burch Society. Real life in USA, the West isn’t hard to understand – it’s increasingly bad – sure, but it isn’t a big mystery and yes there are practical things we can do, that we must do to improve the situation and ya know secure a future….

    Look at most of Europe – all European countries/societies with the exception of Great Britain, Ireland now have competitive populist, immigration restrictionists, anti Woke, anti Islamist, contain BLM parties that are in 3rd, 2nd or even 1st place (Switzerland, Hungary and Poland)

    The reason we in the USA, England/UK aren’t having similar success is:

    A) The horrible winner take all 2 party system
    B) The J/homo/BLM media monopoly (not as bad in France eastern Europe)
    C) Our people tend to be idiots, dumb as* at politics, don’t know how to find good candidates, popular well known celebrities, who are the right ethnic groups, the right ages, know how to talk to regular people.

    OK, so American/USA/The West isn’t hopelessly controlled by sinister, secret societies. We don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.

    Hunter/Brad – I’ve had problems reaching you, communicating with you and James E of TPC Radio show – I had one (seem to be nothing unusual) blog about France’s riots deleted with no explanation. Is everything OK?

    If you want me to take a break – fine, no problem. I can’t stand the 1 1/2 Presidential election year anyway. Just let me know what’s up. I hope I haven’t been victimized by yet another “Movement” (hate that term) gossip/rumor smear campaign or more SPLC sh**

    Take care,


    • I’ve just been busy.

      I have no idea who deleted your France article. It wasn’t me. I assumed you did it because I was barely online for the first two weeks of July

      • Thanks for clearing that up. My blog on France was deleted. USA Presidential elections now almost 2 full years, 24/7 bring out the worst in our country – BLM, Antifa staged “protests” riots to get attention, get corporate funding and … well just look at the GOP candidates – I think 3 non Whites – two dot Indians, one magic Negro and Conservative Inc and Christian Zionist Pence – terrible.

        On the Dems side – Sleepy Joe/Senile Joe now sighing all SPLC, NAACP Black Juneteenth holidays, Emmett Till monuments.

        Time for me to go abroad like I did 3 1/2 years ago when I went to S Africa – I met so many nice people, made great friends.

        I kind of want to go to some Latin American country where the mass incarcerate MS13 gang members and nobody and I do mean nobody tolerates American feminists, Black riots.

    • I noticed that “Q-Anon/Pizzagate” crackpot stuff and have mixed feelings. Besides the obvious stupidity of it all it does suggest that deep down a lot of people know something is seriously wrong and didn’t happen by accident. People are striving for an explanation and someone seems to want to divert them away from real answers by putting this Rube Goldberg quack explanation in their face.

  7. The “Deep State” video should replace “Deep State” with “jews”. It would be spot on.

  8. They are attacking Trump the symbol. Trump the man, governed as any of them would have. His loyalty is to his billions and Israel, still they don’t want White people getting riled, so he has to go.

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man in my entire lifetime who is more despised and vilified than Trump. It’s like people get off from spitting on the man. He inspires a sense of bloodthirst that is without parallel. It’s pretty much “hip” to hate on Trump. He’s not my ideal candidate to be president, but he sure as hell a whole lot better than anyone else currently running for that office with the exception of RFK Jr.

  10. My take is that the Trump Derangement Syndrome (which is real) stems less from the “Deep State” or the entrenched dynastic political classes’ real belief or fear that Trump is a true populist than outraged snobbery and annoyance that Trump, whom they had looked down on for years, resorted to Faux Populism to crash their gates into the White House.

    In 2003, Californians held a recall election and threw Gray Davis out of office. There were seven unsuccessful previous recall attempts to oust California governors in recent history, including Davis. The Republican establishment chose California State Senator, Thomas Miller McClintock II a staunch conservative with a business background and the Democrats chose Davis’s lieutenant governor, Cruz Bustamante, figuring that California’s large Hispanic demographic would push him into victory.

    But then Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to run for governor, handily defeating McClintock and his celebrity image and name recognition also helped him defeat Bustamante, because even Bustamante’s demographic were Schwarzeneger fans, which cast the Democrats into deep despair.

    However one prescient Democrat expert, whose name I cannot remember, wrote that it was better for their party that Schwarzenegger won the Republican nomination rather than McClintock, because even if McClintock had lost the general election to Bustamante, he would have the name recognition to mount a more effective challenge to the Democrats the next election or inevitable recall.

    He wrote that, as a political novice Schwarzenegger would ultimately fail to navigate the state’s political establishment and have to disillusion, his base with any compromises he was forced to make. He would be such a huge disappointment to even the independents, he would terminate the Republican party for good and all in California, destroying any hope of mounting any future challenges by more effective, experienced Republicans. Which is exactly what happened.

    Through he had no chance of winning any other office in Congress, Schwarzenegger is now considered a leftist hero for not only supporting gay rights and the green movement but for publicly embarrassing his White wife, Maria Kennedy Shriver by impregnating his Guatemalan housekeeper with his look-alike son, Joseph Baena at the same time Maria had conceived their youngest son.

    Schwarzenegger, whose Austria father fought on Germany’s side during WWII further endears himself to the Left by publicly chiding Badwhites and Badthought about the evils of fascism and anti-semitism, making very public mea culpas about Dear old Dad, Gustav’s membership in the NDSAP prior to and after Anschluss.

    Now all the Leftists spend their time eating up how close Baena and Schwarzenegger are while castigating his sons for not carrying Baena on their shoulders and his daughters to for ignoring any overtures from Baena in support of their mother. A Nazi’s son becoming a pro-gay, pro-green, race-mixing philo-semite, what’s not to love? But I digress.

    Like “Der Governator,” Trump should have ultimately destroyed any real opposition to the Democrat Party and its agenda but on a national scale. Like Schwarzenegger, Trump’s candidacy was less about saving the citizens, but predicated on winning public office for personal vanity. Like Schwarzenegger, Trump overlooked the fact that “personnel is policy” and took no team of experts into office with him, relying on those who sabotaged him. Like Schwarzenegger, Trump thought his popular appeal and personal magnetism could prevail against any opposition.

    Like Schwarzenegger, Trump had to deal with an entrenched leftist bureaucracy in the capitol and non-stop leftist lawfare by using left-wing activist judges to stop any populist initiatives he tried. Like Schwarzenegger and, to be blunt, many other Republican predecessors, Trump was corralled into making unpopular compromises where his base was concerned with the left; i.e. pushing the gay agenda, broad decriminalization of many offenses that put dangerous perpetrators back on the street, incremental gun restrictions. The only time Trump was allowed any breathing room was if it looked like he was about to start another war with his sanctions against Russia and Iran or bombing Syria.

    Rather than mounting a full-scale color revolution against mid-America to eject Trump from office, if the Deep State cronies had simply implemented the formidable tools they already had in place, i.e. the bureaucrats slow-walking/ignoring any populist initiatives and the left-wing judicial activists throughout the court system and continued to “allow Trump to fail,” that would have demoralized any right-leaning or conservative White Americans away from populism rather than radicalizing them more towards populism.

    Moreover, an unanticipated development of this color revolution these elitist over-reactionaries staged is that, aside from the Reparations Carrot being dangled in front of the noses of Black Americans, it is uniting a growing number (albeit a minority) of Blacks and other Non-Whites with Whites against the “intelligence” and “police” agencies that they need to enforce their agenda. IOW, this color revolution not only radicalized many White normies, but it also radicalized many Non-Whites towards populism.

    White nationalists complain about “bad optics” all the time. Whether pessimists on this board want to admit it or not, their is an unexpected benefit to ALL races and ethnicities having a front seat to watching on camera all of these agencies take a knee to BLM, fail to protect average Americans trying to exercise their first amendment rights from Antifa’s assaults and arresting any who defend themselves from assaults by fighting back. To watching how the J-6 protesters caught up in The Fedsurrection are having their due process rights shit on while Antifa’s destruction of billions in property and murder of ordinary citizens is not being punished at all.

    Did you ever thing you would live to see a single day of this Bizarro World when White Leftists would accuse hard-working conservative Asians, Mestizos, dot Indians, and even Blacks who favor a meritocratic system over a race-spoils agenda of White Supremacy?!

    Ron Freeman AKA Mindweapons in Ragnorak famously posted on his blog that the only effective weapon of the Deep State in “Our Democracy” is the legitimacy conferred by Soft Power. There was not need to openly turn the FBI into the American Stazi when dissidents had always been effectively dealt with through doxxing and losing any jobs and social standing they had. Yes, they were still free, but beggared into living under a bridge is a pretty stark example of what happens to people who challenge status quo without violating the Constitution.

    The two-party election system is a way to con the average American that they can “throw the rascals out” every two or four years, without fundamentally dislodging the unelected bureaucracy, so no matter who gets elected, the “centrist” agenda, while veering slightly left or slightly right never really course-corrects and remains the same.

    The two party system AKA The Duopoly uses the power of incumbency to overwhelm any non-duopoly parties with expensive ad campaigns and keeping them from getting their own traction to obtain funding. The two-party system also corrals Americans to not “waste their votes” on any non-duopoly candidates lest the other side win. They also hold power by convincing Americans that the opposing party would be much more destructive.

    But what happens when the rank and file American becomes convinced that the entrenched powers are the real problem and anything else would be an improvement?

    For some really weird reason, Trump was able to goad the Deep State into forgetting about using the very effective tools they already had to keep imposing their Soft Power solutions which had always worked in the past. That’s why the only reason that this over reaction was personal rather than political. The political class has this deep-seated loathing for Trump and I think it’s steeped in snobbery.

    This is the only reason that makes sense and the more they react to Trump, the more cans of worms they open … their cronyism, their corruption, their incompetence, how they have wiped their collective asses on the Constitution, their treason on behalf of China and other countries against the American people of every stripe is being exposed. Yes, they can lock Trump up in some Super Fed or even assassinate him, but the cat is out of the bag, now.

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