The Fourth Turning: Oppenheimer or Barbie?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist speculating.

What if the climax of the Fourth Turning turns out to be less Oppenheimer than Barbie?

War breaks out between Red America and Blue America. College educated Boomer women and angry single Millennial cat ladies rally to Joe Biden. Angry young disaffected men rally behind Donald Trump. Then the women get scared. Rather than ending in a tragedy like a nuclear holocaust, our current social order ends in a farce like Barbieland, which falls with a push in a Glorious Revolution by Kens.

The War Between the Sexes ends in a quick and decisive male victory. Men and women will never fight an actual war. It separates winners and losers. It exposes the false idea of the equality of the sexes resulting in a new constitution that banishes women from the realm of politics. The masculine new order spends the rest of the 21st century rebuilding from the demographic collapse ushered in by feminism.

Note: I understand the movie ends with Barbie manipulating Ken and restoring the matriarchy, but still that is a funny scene. Are the women who put up those stupid yard signs really going to go to war?


  1. That would be a fun ending, and obviously it’s what we need to pull ourselves out of this mess. The reality is likely Barbie’s own ending but grimmer, nastier, and depressing. Attrition.

    As Richard Spencer has warned us we need Greta’s ending. These resentful urban single women whining about the inequity of all history are actually the true master morality spinners. They will breed the Overman with liberal soyboys and urban wildlife as permitted by the ruling leftist coastal elites, and only one child at 40 of course speciality of the “eugenics” plan since late middle age birthing by women is obviously perfect timing. It may not seem like it but this is a dialectical plan to indirectly once again birth Nietzsche’s victimizers. Slave morality is actually master morality and vice versa. Can’t tell which is which? Well, that’s why I, Richard Spencer am here. Just look at my incredible success in public life. You might say that I am an Ubermensch myself, whitey.

  2. Draft the wymyns.
    Blue and yellow profile pic, voted for CPUSA Brandon, move to the front of the line.

    • “Second-wave feminism has been a disaster for fertility and for happiness ”

      …..and it will be …… economically.

    • It would be amusing to see what the retarded bitches would do faced with the Russian meatgrinder raining shells on their sorry asses. Y’ll note there are no jews getting their asses blown to pieces over in Zelenskyland – just retarded goys. I expect Joey Shitpants’ handlers won’t be drafting the wymyns – as much as they absolutely deserve it. They have millions of military-age males imported via caravan to join the meat-military under the rainbow flag. They’re even dumber goys than the white ones.

  3. Is “Edmund Smirk” applying the principles of Dianetics/Scientology to a film about the existential crisis of a plastic doll?

  4. Neither, I watched Sound of Freedom with my wife. Great film which touches on an important subject. The film is a great pushback against illegal immigration because it doesn’t take that much research to figure out that the Southern border is a hotbed for grooming and trafficking. Anyone who watches Sound of Freedom can make that connection.

    Btw, I recently read that Billy Roper is for the genocide of non-White races and calls himself a “biological racist”. I’ve read his posts and he confirms he is as radical as possible. Noticed that there is a link for his Shield Wall network here as well. Where does OD stand on that? Voices like that are absolutely toxic towards the argument against illegal and excessive immigration.

    I judge people on their morals, work ethic, honesty, lawfulness, and ability to take care of themselves (for the most part). Non-Whites can be just as beautiful as White people. Have you ever seen a beautiful non-White woman? Non-Whites can be just as deep or shallow as Whites. Look up Thomas Sowell. I don’t believe Whites are superior to anyone, nor do I believe any race is superior to Whites, as a whole. There are individual exceptions, however.

    • @New England free speech,
      For me personally (and I can’t speak for everyone here) the issue isn’t how beautiful they can look or what they can contribute to society. It’s do we want to be replaced? Do we want to be bred out out and out voted in our own countries? Do we want our demographics and culture changed against our will?
      When you switch the majority, you switch the culture.
      It’s generally agreed that east Asian’s are more intelligent than us(something I’m sceptical about). I don’t want them taking us over anymore than I want Pakistanis or Africans doing it. We’ve all met lovely non whites and awful whites………but does it mean non whites should be the majority?
      I don’t want Africans or Asians to be the minority in their countries………so why would I want it for my own race?
      We can’t compassionize ourselves out of existence. They have their countries where their ideal religion, culture and way of life is already in place.

    • Billy Roper is a long time nutter. His slogan “white revolution is the only solution” has an uncomfortable ring of truth to it though. I don’t want to believe that that is the only way to put an end to the anti-white status quo, but there are times when it seems that’s the case.

      Have you ever seen a beautiful non-White woman?

      Beauty is a very individual thing, but since you asked, in general, the only truly attractive “non-whites” I’ve seen are those with substantial white ancestry. I can’t think of any “pure” non-whites whose beauty has ever wowed me. But in general, I don’t consider “whites are the greatest” to be any kind of fruitful political position whatsoever. It mainly succeeds in enraging non-whites and embarrassing whites. It’s completely counterproductive.

  5. I actually know Billy and he has mellowed. He is involved in church and civic events. At present he and his Shieldwall Network have had excellent results encouraging people to come to “Ozarkia.” For those not in the know that refers to contiguous counties in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri which are 90 % White or higher! We are talking almost 100 counties! So far East Tennessee and Ozarkia are the two main White flight areas now. Nobody want to go to the Pacific Northwest because it is too expensive.

  6. The young men are pot addled losers full of resentment against society and “Republicans” whom they blame for their woes. Trump is not at all popular with the under 35 crowd. Not to mention all the American reared kids of all these foreigners who came here under Clinton and Bush Jr. They HATE the Republicans and Trump. Then our oligarchs in their New York counting houses will just pay men to fight for them. Not at all confident this country of fatherless drug addicts and strangers is going anywhere but the sewer.

  7. modernity undermines gender roles, just like it does Christianity, but this feminist movement is really a weaponization of white women against us by jews.
    I have lived in other cultures without jews. women are mildly aware of this nonesense in USA, though they only know the ((media)) version of it, but they see it as a foreign excess.

  8. I’ve heard some talk among thought “leaders” in our circles saying Oppenheimer is the movie to analyze, writing off Barbie as a irrelevant film devoid of meaningful discussion. Between these two films however, the gender dynamics at play in Barbie are 100 times more important than some old jew from the 1940s in our current era.

    I feel like a lot of Boomers and to a lesser extent, Gen X really downplay the gender divide in the modern era, and perhaps more damningly, place the blame at the feet of men. I think a lot of men in the dating market can relate to Ken getting treated like crap by Barbie, especially the scene where he comes up I think an escalator and sees videos of men with power in society from historical scenes of Reagan to a Cowboy and other things and starts off surprised and has a “Kick-Ass” smile on his face.

    I think that experience is highly not understood and that when a guy comes to dissident politics from that to some older guy telling him to marry overweight single mothers for the White race (NJP) it just sounds like more of the same garbage they hear from mainstream society and they turn elsewhere.

    • @Outlander,

      I have my own disagreements with some of the positions within hierarchy of NJP, but I never heard them shilling for marrying single mothers or land whales.

      NJP like the rest of the modern DR empathize health and physical fitness alongside pro-White ideology. It would be quite queer, if they pushed for a lesser quality breeding stock female for their male members.

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