Montgomery Riverfront Brawl

I wasn’t planning to write anything about this.

Here in Montgomery, there was recently a fight between blacks and Whites at Riverfront Park, but the White guy started the fight by attacking the black employee. A bunch of black bystanders jumped in and it devolved into a brawl. Understandably, there have been several arrests.

Every fight isn’t a sign of an impending race war, however, it is worth noting what happened in this case. Once the fight began, a mob of black bystanders jumped in and attacked the Whites. While the fight may have started over untying a boat, it quickly became about race. The video has gone viral on Black Twitter which has celebrated it as a victory by blacks over Whites. Finally, Joy Reid & Co. in the national media have picked up the story and have pushed the racial angle to stir up racial tensions.


  1. Speaking of Montgomery, have they gotten around to removing the gold star at the top of the steps to the Capitol marking the spot where Jefferson Davis took the oath as President of the Confederacy? I saw it around,1995 when a friend who was in the LOS took me to a speech marking Davis’s birthday. I also remember visiting, as a child, a small Confederate museum there. Or maybe it was a room inside the Capitol.

    • That may have been President Davis’s home which is in the immediate area as I recall. Aliso, there was the Archives museum close by as one of the white buildings around the area as well.

  2. White People used to have class, good manners, and a sense of Nobility.

    Now they are little more than retarded trash like Kid Rock.

  3. I recommend always have a GoPro type camera, a smaller older iPhone to take videos of cop and POC altercations. And learn how to “edit’ videos same as the Woke, PC anti White J media does. Just edit the 20 seconds of video and audio that presents your/our perspective same as was done in the Rodney King video.

    In this case, I’m sure one, some of the Blacks that joined the brawl shouted bad things like “I’m gonna kill you White Mother Fu””””” show that with the audio and it does weaken the narrative.

    Carrying video and editing should become like concealed carrying – we should set up training programs, study how the Left does it.

  4. The first twatter tard cracked me up as he appears to be something of a connoisseur in the fine arts of Montgomery Alabama Brawl videos. He pronounced the b on brawl so is that like a club of hobbyists or something? Anywho, the Whitey swung first and to the shock of no one the shitty court of the media loading the story by disclosing the race of all involved most likely to score another unconstitutional hay-hay crime notch. Yada yada yada hypocrisy, if the roles of this scenario were reversed blah blah blah, uh you the the thing.

  5. If Whites started this and if the FBI is involved now like I heard, then they are heading to prison, and their life will be Hell and that assumes they will not be eventually killed by Black inmates. The media loves it when Whites start something racial because it is usually the other side in which case it gets no media coverage. All these Whites did was give ammunition to the enemy! Try that in a small town as the popular Country music song says? They did and lost and now will head to prison!

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