Marge: States Should Consider Seceding From The Union

I agree.

Marge obviously wanted to make a little wave by tweeting this out on the anniversary of 9/11 while the media is lamenting the lost national unity of those times. Imagine where we would be today if our leaders had listened to the League of the South and we had gotten out back then.


  1. WAY TO GO, GIRL! ..

    I just knew from the earliest moments I heard you that, despite the fact you had undergone the same mindblowingly subversive mental conditioning that we’d all gone through, that your blood and spunky Southron personality would see you through.

    All my Georgian ancestors, Mountaineers in the most remote Northwestern part of the state, Townes County – to be specific – are howling for you!

    I think I hear Governor Maddox howling, too!!!

    • This is a strange looking woman. Can’t put my finger on it just yet, but she’s not southern. And the idea of a national divorce is straight outta north korea. She should be arrested for treason.

      • Treason only exists when you have a valid national order and law…..

        I don’t consider CIA/FBI killings of citizens critiquing Nero Biden, to be a LAWFUL ORDER. Just sayin’

  2. MTG is a demagogue. There is nothing of substance to her views, its just opportunism to squeeze clicks and campaign contributions out of boomers and caved in head conservatives.

    Consider Tucker by contrast.

    Zero hedge calls it a stump speech because they too can’t get their heads outside the current paradigm of elections as outlets for frustration, promises to do things, later, by people who have no plan to do so ever. Democracy is a stalling tactic.

    What Tucker is saying, is the Republic is no more, and the union is already dissolved. Why would he want to engage in this farce?

    What MTG is saying isn’t wrong, she just doesn’t know it. Balkanization is the only way forward, and it doesn’t require us to do anything to precipitate it. Its gonna happen on its own, by necessity.

    Our only business is in shaping the outcome of it.

    HW, you are tired of talking about the election. Me too. Why not talk about how we move forward instead?

    • @Orange…

      That’s Dr. Hill’s problem – he’s so smart and honest about what he is seeing that he has had to live with a fate of being many many years ahead of our fellow Southerners.

      That said, as you have implied, the gap between the seer and the mass is closing.

    • @TW…

      Miss Marjorie ain’t a fearin’

      Braver than most Southern Men.

      And Southern Men : where are they?

      Oh. yes – The League of The South holds the last living strains of that once common species…

    • @Don…

      The national debt will never be paid.

      Creditors will be left flat.

      As to social security and medical care, I am not sure what The South will do with that, because, historically speaking, Southern Oligarchs have had no feeling for the working class.

      On the other hand, I doubt a modern society could function without that, so, we will wind up having our own versions of it.

  3. When the time was right during the civil rights era, and we had the people behind us we spoke of States Rights instead of secession. We squandered our chance and may not get it back again.

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