Indiana Conservatives… Pussyfooters

Indiana Extremists.. Extremely boring

Another Presidential election year is upon us (our “election year” is more like 2 years and people are still disputing the last 4 presidential election outcomes. )

With ex President Trump under indictment by Soros funded BLM BlackLiesMatter DAs in Georgia and elsewhere, we don’t have many/any Presidential candidates even talking about our most important issues:

1) The Great Replacement, mass 3rd World migration invasions here in USA/Canada/Europe.
2) Black criminal, socialist, BLM, Antifa takeovers of all our major cities, colleges and universities.
3) Foreign policy, military policy taken by *#$7@ Zio Neo Conservatives, Military Industrial Complex .

There are still some White Gentile/non Jewish candidates in both Presidential primary contentions (Demorats Sleepy Joe/Senile Joe, Bobby Kennedy Jr), (GOP Desantis, Pence, Hutchinson). But they’re polling in single digits and virtue signaling to AIPAC, NAACP, CNN that they aren’t evil RACISTS like Trump’s MAGA supporters.

Why do these White American presidential candidates never stand up for our/their own people? Wilmot Robertson answers this question in his best ever book “The Dispossessed Majority Chapter 12, White Traitors, the Split in the Ranks”. We summarized this chapter here in OD and included some current examples of White Gracchite, Trucklers, Pussyfooter traitors.


  1. Indiana had the highest number of Second Klan members in the 1920’s of any state.Look it up and call me a liar. I think Colorado might have been second. So now you know the rest of the story. 😉 What do you think about that, Brad?

    • @TW…

      All the Hoosierss I have known, have left me with the impression that The disposition of Indiana has always been that of a Southern State.

      • True for the southern third of the State. More like it’s neighbor Kentucky.
        The northwest part is too close to Chicago, and is more like upstate NY.
        (I’m a Hoosier who lives in between the two).

        • @Kapper…

          Very good point.

          Yes, the Gary part of the state is far from the South.

          That said, I know people from the Fort Wayne and Indianapolis areas who do seem mighty Southern to me.

          Whatever the case, I think that whatever countries are coming from the current one, I bet Indiana and Alabama occupy the same one.

          I think a new Red State Country is on the way – from Central Washington and Oregon, and Northern California through Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky, down to Northern Florida, and then up to North Carolina.

          Outside of that I see several new countries in the making, including, perhaps, areas of The Southwest rejoining Mexico, and a new California Nation that runs up the coast and embraces Portland and Seattle areas.

  2. “”‘…How do we fight these Indiana Conservative extremists?…..”””

    Well, one way is suppost moderate candidate, Trump for example.

    Other, risky way is support liberal candidate and let the system burn down. We did it back in the 1917. Ours let Lenin and his liberals to the power with purpose that those bolscheviks will beclown themselves in the very short time and we get rid from their liberal ideas forever.

    After 73 years and ca 50 million dead, we understood that we were wrong. So careful with ignorance

    Our murderers weren’t paratroopers from Mars but our own fellow white college students, journos and obese weird neighbours with moderate left wing views.

    Right wing of course had real men, millions of WW I trained soldiers and gun owners. This is the reason, why ours let Lenin to the power. When something happens, millions of armed and trained men will crush weird liberals.

    Yet after bloody civil war with 13 million deaths, liberals won.

    So my honest recommendation is stick with Donals. Of course he has many flaws as our Kerensky had. Once we laughed about this weird corrupt thing without any leadership skills. But later we understood that he was the best and last defense line against madness in the society.

  3. “That’s not my concern”

    That sums the repulsicans attitude to all major issues effecting us. They are in DC to get their pockets filled, not to protect you.

    (Side issue, Pence is a ‘young earth creationist’. If he is that stupid, i dismiss all his gibberish.)

    • @Arrian…

      Pence does a very good Marie Antoinette, not necessarily as she was, but, how history remembers her.

  4. It’s hard to see ‘Indiana’s extremist Conservatives as any different from much of the rest of this nation’s political class.

    Either on purpose, or by accident, they pour all their passions into abstracts, extranea, and the obtuse.

    Of course, if f they didn’t carry on this way, they might have to risk themselves for the American People, and we just can’t have that, can we?.

    That said, former Senator Lugar and Vice President Quayle cannot hold a candle to Vice President Pence recently – he who, totally oblivious to the fact that he finished himself with tens of millions of us, in January of 2021, when he did not do his obvious duty and send the elections back to the states.

    Pence is so out of touch, he not only makes Nikki Haley cutting edge, he even makes President Biden look relatively hip by comparision

  5. Dick Lugar was Housenigga Hussein’s junket partner back in 2005 or so, when Lugar was in the former USSR setting up biowarfare labs hither and yon for ZOG. Indeed, the largest center for such gain-of-function experiments is located in Georgia and named after the worthless Pedo-cuck. As I recall this was the junket where Hussein was detained by Russian authorities for over half a day for being a British agent born in Kenya. I note that the newspaper reports on the junket have largely been scrubbed from the internyet by now.

    Koba was right about voting. Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything. Indiana is no different than most places in this respect. It’s also a bit like the south in that there are numerous Caved-Head Conserviletards who read their Scofield Bibles who always cast votes for such Empty-Suited Pedos.

  6. ” Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything. ”

    Just so true !

    America is so lax in its voting verification, just a sloppy mess.

  7. And speaking of “empty suits” – John Derbyshire (of Vdare fame fired by the Neo Con Js at National Review for the Derby’s great article “”The Talk – the Non Black Version) commented on this week’s “Radio Derb” about the announced retirement of Utah Sen. Mitt Romney. John Derbyshire once had the job of interviewing Conservative Republican candidates on their positions on important issues. John Derbyshire asked Mitt Romney is views on mass immigration, the “Great Replacement” of European peoples in the United States, Europe – “The West” and Mitt Romney replied (honestly) that “he hadn’t thought about it” and then went on to something else, actually went on to nothing, Mitt Romney was and is…

    An “Empty Suit” with an empty head.

    Romney’s Je* advisers like the loathsome Max Boot got Mitt back in the day to declare “The Russians” were our #1 enemy and got Mitt to vote twice to impeach President Trump over the Russian collision hoax and for President Trump saying there was vote fraud here in Chicago and in Philadelphia PA and Baltimore MD…

    An Empty Suit, empty head that Je* advisers try to fill up with their nonsense.

  8. dumb article…

    Pence is a d-bag who should go away
    Lugar was the man..why hate ??
    Quayle was a pawn with no insight..about anything

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