Rupert Murdoch Steps Down At FOX News

Tucker Carlson was the only reason I watched FOX News.

After Tucker was fired, we pulled the plug on cable television. Nothing else was worth watching. I can always get the weather online.


  1. Fox is at the point where it cannot go on as is, because the model it’s designer, Roger Ailes, came up with is now obsolete.

    So, whoever inherits it, will have to reinvent it, if it is again to become relevant.

    That means it will have to become Populist/Pro-White.

    There is the basis for that already, as Greg Gutfield, Jesse Waters, Maria Bartiromo, and Laura Ingraham either are, or are already very sympathetic, to Populism.

    If I were buying it, I would get Carlson, O’Reilly, Megan Kelly, Judge Napolitano, and Eric Bolling back on, on their terms, while jettisoning Sean Hannity, Brian Kilmeade, Harris Faulkner, and many of the Neo-Liberal limp toast in the afternoon and morning.

    I would also look to add editorial commentators, like Alex Jones, Professors Thomas Sowell, David Duke, Carolyn Swain, Steve Turley, Matt Gaetz, and.Michael Savage, President Trump, Ann Coulter, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Stephens Miller and Bannon, James Edwards, Lauren Boebert, Alexes Mercouris and Christoforou, Jared Taylor, and, yes, our own Mr.. Brad Griffin.

    Basically, Fox needs to pull back in it’s stars, and add some from the real integrity from the UNcorporate political sphere..

    Anything less, and it will just further become an anonymous figment of the CIA/MI6 CNN/MSNBC/NPR disinformation swamp.


  2. Gerontochracy coming apart. Many regimes went down this way. Whem last true believer’s leave, there is nobody left to keep system afloat.

    In the Soviet Union similar happened. Those almighty gerontochrat,s son’s weren’t interested about revolutionary ideals. They played the game but in deep heart they didn’t care. So system went on autopilot until the end.

    • At the certain moment, roles must be changed. We must envolve into mainstream media and they must degenerate into irrelevancy

      So people will get their evening news from Confederate News Network and start laughing when someone tries to present small Atlanta based hate site as credible source.

      In the army they call this process something like ” turning opposites to each other” . For example guerillas will strengthen to the point when they form Government and Army and former Goverment Army dissolves into isolated fighting groups in remote areas.

  3. I would usually laugh when old “Conservatives” step down. However look at how crazy younger “Conservatives” are now. The whole country is messed up now and everybody knows it. ?

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