1. “Anti-White Racism Is On The Rise”

    Oh, really ?
    That’s been true for over 50 years, 20 years before you were born, Walsh.
    Welcome to the real world.

  2. Its good news honestly. Most of the executives making and implementing these policies are aging boomers who will be dead soon, replaced by pink and brown and rainbow collar promotions, who will solidify the policy.

    With a generation of deliberate exclusion from the workforce that is almost entirely based in cities, eventually Whites will all be elsewhere doing other things. Its the best thing that could happen to Whitey.

    It will make it far easier for White normies to envision economic and geographic separation from the corporate wing of the democrat party.

    I already saw this coming and got myself out of the big 8 accounting firm I was in when I left college and into private business in a stable and rural area.

    I suggest you all do the same.

  3. I understand fully why he is pearl clutching.

    We should be resigned to the fact that institutional control is something we don’t have, and if the possibility is there to engage in lawfare and counter activist journalism against these companies for discrimination (which I think is what he is doing) we should be fully behind that. This is a war that was declared on us and we should fight it.

    Whitey can’t sit on his hands and expect a favorable outcome.

    Our enemies strategy revolves entirely around intimidation and ostracism as punishments for being White. Eventually, that will lead to balkanization whether we like it or not. Just like in politics, circumstances are moving such that Whitey won’t have a choice.

    The signs are all there that Whitey has already stirred and taken notice.

  4. Paul Gottfried is to Pat Buchanan as Ben Shapiro is to Matt Walsh.

    Do you see it?

    They, the Irish, are telling you what you can see with your own eyes but they refuse to tell you why.

    And do you know what that why is…….any ideas at all??

    The hatred of Christ.

  5. Ironic Sock Account- I agree. For years I have advised young white couples to direct their children into vocations and professions where they can become “freebooters”- self employed, in other words. Be a doctor, lawyer or accountant rather than an aeronautical engineer. Be an electrician, plumber, or HVAC technician so that, if you lose your job with a big employer you can simply hang out your own shingle and start your own business.

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