Charlottesville’s Market Street Park Is Now Hosting a Homeless Camp

This is a fitting monument to the progress that Charlottesville has made since the Unite the Right rally.

CBS 19:

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) — The city of Charlottesville is grappling with a homeless encampment in Market Street Park. Tents now line the lawn, with many of the homeless individuals saying they have no other place to sleep.

Now, a legal expert has pointed out that the city’s decision to lift the curfew at the park may indirectly contribute to a bigger issue.

“The city has really opened up a can of worms,” says CBS19’s legal analyst Scott Goodman.

The homelessness issue in Charlottesville has reached a critical point as Market Street Park is now occupied by several homeless individuals. Homeless people like Cheryl Burroughs have pitched tents to spend the nights there.

“I slept out here four nights ago in that tent. We had it right there leaning, so it leaked on me, and I didn’t have a blanket. It was cold, I was freezing,” she said. …

CBS 19:

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) — Just days after Market Street Park’s nighttime closings were lifted, the homeless have flocked to set up tents and mark their spot to stay indefinitely. 

When City Manager Samuel Sanders announced the lift of the closing hours, he said in a statement this is just a temporary fix, and the city is looking into finding a long-term solution. 

Ricky Webster was homeless in Charlottesville for seven years. Though he now has a place of his own, he says that he is glad to hear the park is open for people to stay, but that the city needs to do more to help those struggling. …





  1. What a tragic end……..those days seem so far away…..they have erased history, one of its symbols, and replaced it with nothingness, with decay

    • History can never be erased. Jews and communists destroyed Russia and Eastern Europe for decades and we have most of destruction restored.

      Jews are one of the few nations who have never built anything long lasting. All their stuff has been pathetic Golems which collapsed after brief success and this time is no exeption. Actually we are already in the midst of collapse. Every day they whining that democracy is in danger in every last country they still have some power.

  2. “Tents now line the lawn”

    Ever growing, Americans so poor they don’t even have shanties.

    HW is so right, pointing out the devolition of our society. Remove the noble past and replace it with abject poverty.

  3. Martin v. Boise was a 2018 decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in response to a 2009 lawsuit by six homeless plaintiffs against the city of Boise, Idaho regarding the city’s anti-camping ordinance. The ruling held that cities cannot enforce anti-camping ordinances if they do not have enough homeless shelter beds available for their homeless population.

  4. The statue of General Lee will one day be replaced by a larger, more grandiose monument than before.

  5. Lee’s Army slept in tents. Same as it ever was. But seriously, all any place needs to do is designate out of the way places as legal squatter areas, and the problem would disappear. But Zog grows fat on mortgages and property taxes, and will not allow it. The poor don’t ‘qualify’ so Zog says they need to just die.

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