Laphonza Butler Replaces Dianne Feinstein In Senate

I’m glad that I waited before rushing out a hot take on the death of Sen. Dianne Feinstein. I was poised to congratulate Sen. Adam Schiff. Instead, Jewish power took another L with the death of Feinstein.


Laphonza Butler is set to become California’s newest senator, filling the seat left vacant by the death of Sen. Dianne Feinstein.

Why it matters: Butler will be the first Black lesbian to openly serve in the Senate. She is also the second Black woman to represent California in the Senate, after Vice President Harris, California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office said in the announcement. …

The first black lesbian to serve in the Senate is about to be sworn in this afternoon.

Are Jews a declining force in American politics?

The Critic:

Compared to a list of prominent boomer Jews, the list of millennials skews heavily conservative and religious. This is not a fluke. The times they are a-changin’, and the era of the liberal Jew is coming to an end. When Elena Kagan was appointed to the Supreme Court in 2010, she was one of three Jewish justices. With Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death and Stephen Breyer’s retirement, Kagan is the only one left. In the 1990s, half of the congressmen from New York City were Jews. 76-year-old Jerry Nadler is now the last one. …

With their numbers falling sharply, the few Jews who are left face stiff competition from other minority groups. Eric Kaufmann refers to this phenomenon as “trading places”. Jews at universities and other institutions are losing out to high-performing Asians as well as Blacks who are more favoured under the new leftist ideology.  …

It’s true that there are several Jews occupying high positions in the Biden administration. A Jewish civil rights organisation, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), is also having a moment in the spotlight. This is the last gasp of liberal Jewish influence. Jewish cabinet members are boomers who are cashing in on status that they built up decades ago. When they retire, most of them will not be replaced by Jews.  …

Sen. Laphonza Butler would seem to indicate that Jews are indeed being replaced by more favored minorities. What is more woke than appointing the first black lesbian in the Senate?

Note: Sen. Butler has never held elective office before. She doesn’t even live in California.


  1. “Are Jews a declining force in American politics?”

    I don’t think so.
    These are just weakling puppets to man the front desk and divert attention. The real decisions will be made on the kosher executive floor.

  2. “Jews are indeed being replaced by more favored minorities.”

    Don’t confuse the mannequins in the window with guys running the store.

    • > Don’t confuse the mannequins in the window with guys running the store.

      Exactly. It makes zero difference – apart from one possible exception. The mannequins are usually not very competent or intelligent and thus vulnerable to well-planned attack from a real opposition. Given than there is no actual opposition party, it’s not at present a serious problem for the overlords but it could become so in the future as the empire continues to weaken.

  3. I hope she becomes Cackling Kamala’s VP if Dementia Joe croaks soon. Why not? Once you go black you never come back.

  4. Brats are eating The Swamp alive. The eternal problem with mercenaries, proxy armies and other hired guns is that once they understand who really has the power, they go out of hands.

    In 1937 Soviet Union, young Brats also destroyed old Bolshevik’s.

  5. It is well known in California that Camel was dead set against ShiftySchiff getting into the Senate, and that Newsom was accommodating her. Shifty is a little bit too ambitious in Camel’s eyes. But soon Newsom might be the new Big Guy. Crazy Nancy’s Nephew. Camel might get a seat on the Court for standing aside.

    Laphonza. How do these nigs choose their names?

  6. RE: The changes to the comments and how you leave them. Folks need to be careful about logging in anyplace with a real email to comment on dissident sites. Use the by name and email option so you don’t have to use your faceberg or wordpress account, as those are likely verified emails. While I’m sure our emails would never be divulged by HW, WordPress and Faceberg will not hesitate if somehow that can be associated with your identity, they will burn your life to the ground out of pure spite.

    Not a fan of exposure. Never trust, when you can obfuscate instead.

  7. I live in CA and a conservative guest on talk radio just said they were going to challenge the constitutionality of this appointment because the US constitution requires the Senator to be an “inhabitant” of the state when elected (US. Const. Art I, Section 3, clause 3). It doesn’t refer to appointments to vacant seats however, but there is no reason the same rule should not apply. However another provision (U.S Const. Art. I, Section 5, Clause 1) provides that each house shall be the judge of the Elections, returns and qualifications of its own members.

    This raises the question of whether a court even has subject matter jurisdiction over this issue and if so, who has standing to file a law suit raising the issue. I doubt there’s any stopping her at this point.

  8. She was married to guy and gave birth to a daughter. Was the lesbo stuff a condition to further career advancement? What people will not do for money and power.

  9. The closer they get towards total control the Jews seem more focused on open mockery of the White Christian nation they have completely destroyed.They love showing us their fealty to Satan by having our so called leaders look like a nightmare.The filthy Clinton,the sissy degenerate mulatto Obama,and so forth.But the control most of Biden’s cabinet positions as well as Biden.They control Blackrock,Vanguard and the Fed.They can put a Jew wherever they want like the Senate seat in Georgia and the Senate seat in Hawaii.Now they are just mocking us,their power is not waning.They will rule the Earth and then Christ Jesus will appear brighter than the Sun and they will be cast into eternal fire.I am quite sure the Jews know their fate,they want to fool us into joining them.

  10. And how long had Feinstein been around for?
    In Washington, you can only be the prez for 8 years, but apparently, a senator for about a hundred! A lot of these fossils in DC have been around since the civil rights era. There should be term and age limits on all politicians.
    It never occurred to them to do something else with their lives before they pass on?
    You’re not right in the head if you think you can still offer something at 90. Go away and get a life!

  11. Ketanji, Laphonsa, Karine…. at this point they’re just rubbing our noses in it like a sadist rubbing a puppy’s nose in shit.

  12. Check those precious preferred minority boxes, scumbag Newsom. Congratulations to generations of White traitors for wrecking this country.

  13. I see the loophole now, murder the elected one and appoint whomever from anywhere you like by executive fiat. Anywho, newsom is such a predictable pandering faggot this whole farce almost comes off as parody.

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