Times of Israel: GOP Picks Ethiopian-Born Israeli American To Run For George Santos Seat

I missed this one.

Just like replacing Kevin McCarthy ( a corporate Swamp Republican) with House Speaker Mike Johnson (a puppet of AIPAC), expelling George Santos (homosexual Jewish conman) from Congress hardly qualifies as win because his replacement is just as bad if not worse.

Times of Israel:

JTA — Long Island Republicans selected Mazi Melesa Pilip, an Ethiopian Jewish Nassau County legislator, to run in the special election to replace George Santos, who was expelled after he was exposed for alleged fraud and lies, including that he was Jewish.

Pilip emerged as a likely contender to replace Santos when his lies were exposed soon after his election last year, and she was officially named Thursday as the candidate, nearly two weeks after the expulsion of Santos. She will face Democrat Tom Suozzi, who is hoping to get his old job back after quitting the seat in an unsuccessful bid for governor. The special election is set for February 13.

Pilip, 44, is an Orthodox Jewish mother of seven who served as a paratrooper in the Israeli army and campaigned in Israel for better representation of Ethiopian Jews. She has also taken a prominent role in campaigning against the spike in antisemitism in New York following the brutal October 7 onslaught in which Hamas-led terrorists killed 1,200 people in southern Israel and Israel’s subsequent war on Hamas in Gaza. …

The special election is coming up in February.

I bet the GOP will end up losing the seat and narrowing its majority.

Note: While I plan to continue writing about politics this year, I intend to do so as more of an observer. I’m going to be much more invested in other aspects of my life. I also want to cultivate my other interests like history which I put on the backburner a few years ago.


  1. How people on the Right can still have any faith in the Republican Party is mystifying. Yes, the other guy is worse and that is exactly the corrupt strategy of the Republican party: “Vote for our horrible scumbag or you will get their horrible scumbag who is even worse than our horrible scumbag.” Credit where credit is due though, the strategy has worked for the Republicans, more or less, because of how wretched the Democrats are too.

    It goes to the idea that if only we could get “our” guy into office, the “right” guy, not a scumbag like all the rest he would fix things, he would do the right thing. The Republican Party is fundamentally a political party for businessmen and their interests, not an ideologically oriented party that even knows or cares what “the right thing” is. All their talk about “Free Market Capitalism”, libertarian “principles” (hint: they have none) limited government, no regulations etc. is all horseshit, the Republicans don’t believe a word of it. They want government to arrange things so their businessmen friends get rich while they collect bribes called “campaign contributions”. They are no different than the Democrats in that respect, just bigger hypocrites.

    There is no fixing this system. Voting harder and longer just doesn’t matter, there is no “our guy”. The system has to suffer catastrophic failure to be changed, it’s not reformable from within. Reform would mean the current ruling class going into the wilderness, giving up their power and wealth, something they will never do voluntarily.

  2. This is what Mike Johnson has wrought upon Republicans in Congress. Forget that she is black(Ethiopian), Jewish, and a registered Democrat- She checks all of Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson’s boxes-Black?-Check, Jewish? Check, liberal(Democrat) ?-check-He’s just given away the House to the Democrats. Pick anyone who isn’t a member of the Republican Party’s base-White, Christian and conservative! The Republicans hate us as much as the Democrats do!

  3. Sigh

    Non Whites in the GOP

    Ethiopians pretending to be Jews

    Common thread

    We re the # 1 terrorist threat

  4. Since we have a person here who is either a hasbara troll or a retarded Christian Zionist, the following superb article by Tobias Langdon about what has been going in with the Zionist control of the “conservative” party in the UK should demonstrate for once and for all that Jews can never be trusted.

    The Tories are just the Brit edition of Murika’s Gay Old Politboro – their sole purpose to so fool the proles into thinking they oppose making the native British (English, Welsh, Cornish, Scots and Ulster Irish) into a minority int their native lands, while supporting Jewish slaughter of civilians in the middle-east. All those caravans of invaders crossing our border are being funded and directed by the same jews screaming for white boots on the ground to fight for the Rothschild colony in the mid-east.

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