Ron DeSantis Drops Out

DeSanctus is out and has endorsed Trump.

He ripped off the bandaid before getting crushed in New Hampshire.

Note: The Revenge Tour has claimed its latest victim.


  1. This it how it works. Soros is 93 , you are younger.

    Do you want go to the cold grave with your master or you want to live.

    Stalin made his purges by the same way. Do you want die with Jews or live with me.

      • Infatuated with Germans? Germans are naive childish sheeple that from time to time think they are wolves and get wrecked.

        • A country smaller than California fighting 3 gigantic empires, USA, UK and USSR ?

          They make a Wolverine look wimpy, by comparison.

          (If not for AH, we’d be worshipping Marx and Lenin.)

          • Excuse me, Marx and Lenin are both worshipped in every western university and their doctrines are taught in all US publick schuls. AH lost everything. He vastly underestimated his enemies. The German soldiers of WW II were genuinely amazing fighters, but no match for the massive empires they took on at once. AH pissed their lives away because he thought he was a military genius (which he was not).

          • “.A country smaller than California fighting 3 gigantic empires, USA, UK and USSR.”

            As I said naive childish sheeple.

            And still today paying reparations for the holohoax is outrageous. They’re too infantile to be involved in politics

          • If not for AH, we’d be worshipping Marx and Lenin….. while starving.

            I’m not starving.
            My friends and I aren’t forced to worship the GD bastards and their suicidal doctrines. Those I freely support condemn both jwzish bastards on global platforms.

      • @Arrian,

        Did they delve into jewish gangster Meyer Lansky’s thugs getting a ‘green light’ to attack the American Bund with the backing of New York politicians, and NYPD and Hoover’s FBI turning a blind eye to them?

        • ……. Or that NYC’s jwzish mayor, LaGuardia , assigned jwzish cops to patrol the gathering, so the jwzish mobster thugs could get away with violence
          …… Or that several of the leaders of the Bund were killed by letter bombs ….. Like they tried with Don Black.

        • Yes, that was a long preview.
          The full program is suppose to be on Tuesday night.
          We’ll see how faithful they are to the facts.
          I’m sure it will be skewed against the truth, just how much ?

    • ‘America Is Under Attack’: Inside the Anti-D.E.I. Campaign

      “Thousands of emails and other documents reveal the playbook, and grievances, behind one strand of the growing backlash against “wokeism” at public universities.” NY times.

      There is a ray of hope.

  2. He’s thinking 2028. Get out on good terms with Trump and then take his voters next time.

  3. You gotta make a post about Bill Mitchell. He is the biggest lolcow in American politics with respect to social media pundits

  4. Considering he should never have entered the race, did everything wrong and at no point had a chance to win, I think he will be lucky if anybody remembers him in 2028.

    What a turnaround given how popular he was coming out of covid.

    Some very shrewd political operatives used him to try and endrun trump to reach his base, and their consolation prize is knocking off who could have been his successor. Their money was well spent even if they missed Trump. I’ve got a feeling Desantis is done permanently.

    Oh well.

  5. Haley has been complaining lately about the shabby treatment she got as a kid for being brown. She’s really angling for the White vote.

  6. There is talk that Trump will pick Tim Scott (R.SC.) as his running mate. Need I remind you Scott is engaged to a White female? If Trump picks him I will not vote for him!

    • It will be hilarious if Blompf chooses a Black guy to be his VP(and not far-fetched from Pandering Don) – it would be the cherry on top of the whole shitshow that is the US Conservitard Boomer movement.

        • Trump will choose some kook as his VP – probably a woman maybe Lake who has a broader appeal than Noem. I thought it was going to be Brown Sarah Palin but after the last week it seems like her ego would be too big for Trump.

        • It’s not impossible. Remember the pardon lists and the “Platinum Plan”? Cheetohead loves to pander to kneegrows. A few of them even go along, too. (Most still know who provides the free-shit, tho). As Ringo noted, a dindu a heartbeat away from the whitehouse is really at the very heart of boomertard “morality”. Lady-G’s lawn-jockey is also one that the (((big donors))) already own – at least as much as they own Mike Pence, or Lady G herself. Here’s my observation about the theory (floated by Brett Stevens) on the other thread.

          Trump’s VP pick might serve as something of a litmus test to see if his talk of things being different this time around is something besides more hot air, which he generates in volumes suitable to blacken the sky with a vast swarm of clown balloons.

  7. Asa Hutchinson also dropped out and endorsed Niki Haley

    Asa made his campaign and his whole adult life fighting White RACISTS!

    CNN and MSNBC is now promoting him as a true conservative .

  8. George W Bush and Zion Don appointed the supreme court justices that sided with the open border federal anti-White Great Replacement.

    Muh conservative SCOTUS.

  9. The remaining two viable Republican candidates, Nimrata Randhawa and Trump. are just as imperialistic and genocidal as De Facto President Blinken, and Biden and the Democratic party. Like competing sports teams, they are all playing the same bloody game by the same bloody rules of capitalism.

    Hunter you report poll results often. I saw today on a favourite news aggregator – – mention of the latest Economist/YouGov poll in the U.S. that shows almost two thirds, 57%, of polled registered Republicans DISAGREE with the statement that Israel is committing genocide, and that a very large percentage of Republicans say they SUPPORT what Israel is doing! The same poll shows also a quite large percentage, 21%, of Democrats also DISAGREE that Israel is committing genocide, and less than half of registered Democrats believe that Israel is committing genocide! According to this poll, the majority of the U.S.’s population (note that I never call it a people, just a collection of “human resources” from all over the world) actually still supports (either explicitly or by denial) the most-obvious-in-world-history, textbook genocide of Palestine being committed (with full U.S. military industrial complex support including boatloads and planeloads of weapons and precise targeting directions) by the U.S.’s Zionist settler colony. If that is what the vast majority of “Americans” (the pool of 350 million human resources) really want and believe, then the result of the 2024 presidential (s)”election” really doesn’t matter. Either party’s super-imperialist presidential nominee will be perfectly suitable to become the next figurehead leader of such a depraved, money-worshipping pro-genocidal “people.” Unless you feel emotionally attached to one team or the other, or care about personal style and appearance, or prefer the sound of one name over another., there is no difference that really matters (practical difference) between the two parties and their rotten candidates. Remember, whenever you vote in the U.S. you are giving your explicit consent, your personal approval, to the empire, which owns The Dollar and is the very beating heart of the capitalist system in the world. In the U.S. voting is still a voluntary choice. In capitalist-run countries where voting is required by law, many voters deliberately spoil their ballots or submit blank ballots to express their disapproval. Heaven will not come on earth if we keep taking steps toward hell.

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