The Hill: Supreme Court Rules Border Patrol Can Remove Razor Wire Erected By Texas


I’m pleasantly surprised.

A decade ago, I would have filed this under my The Cost of the Union series. I was traveling across the South when Obama was president to attend secession rallies.

The Hill:

“The Supreme Court ruled Monday that the federal government can remove razor wire erected on the U.S.-Mexico border by Texas law enforcement, which the government argued illegally prevented them from managing the border.

The 5-4 decision vacated an appeals court ruling last month that allowed the wire to stay amid a continued legal standoff over border jurisdiction. 

Chief Justice John Roberts led the majority, alongside justices Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, Amy Coney Barrett and Ketanji Brown Jackson, with the remaining justices in dissent. … ”

Nothing has changed.

Donald Trump came down that escalator over eight years ago.

“Based ACB” replaced Notorious RGB on the Supreme Court. Illegal immigration is far worse today than it was back then. Republicans have held the White House and Congress and have a supermajority on the Supreme Court. America’s problems have only gotten worse across the board.

If we had seceded a decade ago instead of trying to reform the system, we would have been spared the legalization of gay marriage, “trans,” Ukraine, trillions of dollars in debt, the collapse of immigration enforcement under Joe Biden, the whole Trump reality show presidency which in the end hasn’t amounted to much. Instead, we went the Make America Great Again route. Look how great we are in 2024.

Sure, you can say I am dreaming, secession is a pipe dream and will never happen, but imagine putting your faith in Donald Trump or the GOP Congress to do anything after the last eight years.

Note: Oh, and Greg Abbott isn’t going to do anything either.


  1. There appears to be no political solution at this point.
    The Zionist Occupied American Empire appears to be unraveling.
    Eurasia appears to be slipping through its fingers.
    At some point in the near future the empire may hit rock bottom and collapse.
    After collapse, there may finally be opportunities to chart new courses, including secession.

    • It may be worse….
      America may just become a brown sludge country, like Venezuela, Peru then grind along in poverty and violence.

      “may finally be opportunities to chart new courses”
      That’s only possible if there’s a substantial population of quality WHITES.

      • You won’t get any counterargument from me *shrugs*.
        Post-collapse, maybe some majority white parts will break off from the majority brown parts, if we’re lucky *shrugs*.

      • It may be worse….
        America may just become a brown sludge country, like Venezuela, Peru then grind along in poverty and violence.

        I think your right

      • “A brown sludge” is the goal of our Anti-White overlords. White Genocide is a “conspiracy theory” but the White race has to go.

  2. > Oh, and Greg Abbott isn’t going to do anything either.

    Oh hell no. Abbott is just another Repuke playin’ his retarded audience for votes-n-shekels. Nothing will actually change until the empire collapses. The only real question is whether it’s better for whites if the collapse faster or slower. The danger of grifters like Trump is that they sap the energy of whites away from survival into a false hope into a kind of Deus ex machina savior figure (himself, of course). When it comes down to actual important issues, Trump appointee Barrett is no different than Kagan. Yet another quack for the empire. All nine blackrobes are owned and have self-destruct buttons. Some are permitted to appear to oppose the empire, but they really don’t.

    Yes old George Wallace was always right: There never was a dime’s worth of difference. The collapse is coming so how best to prepare to survive it. There won’t be any help forthcoming from the yellow and brown hordes. They all hate YT almost as much as the kneegrows do, but still hate us less than white shitlibs – for whom there is zero hope.

  3. (((Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, ))

    Not a majority, but enough to steer the the majority.

    That’s all they need.

  4. Have you seen the photos of comrade Roberts with G Maxwell?
    They are sitting together in a large chair with him in Hawaiian style silk shirt and she is in short shorts.
    Esteemed UNI party member comradette ACB has adopted Haitian children and Antifa/BLM can always stop by for a visit no matter how gated the community.
    Si se puede!

  5. “Sure, you can say I am dreaming, secession is a pipe dream”

    It is just a dream, under present circumstances, but those can change.

    “imagine putting your faith in Donald Trump”

    It isn’t in Trump, it’s the people, it’s the ideas, it’s the encouragement that he emboldens.

    Trump is a crack in the defeatist attitude of the right.
    Trump is potential, not accomplishment.

  6. Collapse might be closer than most of us think. At the current moment, regime is in permanent psychosis and makes things only worse without any sign of calming down.

    I think that we already passed point of no return. Of course, things go more worse but this prepares the general public for something serious.

    Serious measures demand serious causes and for successful Swamp Removal, people must be convinced that there are no alternatives.

    Putin let Donbass bombed 8 long years for this reason. And attacked only when every dump fuck finally understood that war is inevitable.
    In Gaza we see something similar. Muslims do not hurry. They wait until people understand that Jew must kept in Auschwitz. You cant let Jew out.

  7. Washington wants young white men to go fight in foreign wars, whilst not even securing the southern border properly. They are then treated badly on their return. If anyone if ever asked to go fight in some far off war for a nation that hates them, they ought to offer the gubbermint their middle finger.

  8. I think the only valid Christian course to do is to secede. This is an anti-Christ satanic government and administration. How much cleaner does it need to be?

  9. Zog seems to be trying to provoke a premature rebellion in 2024. Do not respond to these provocations. Nothing is possible until Zog’s military is completely smashed with most of them dead, and a large swath of what is now America is occupied by foreign armies. This is going to happen, and happen over the next 7 years. This empire is already falling.

    Let them continue on their suicidal path, starting wars with Russia, China, most of the Muslim world, and better Korea. Zog will lose.

    When Abbott was AG I asked him at a Q and A at Texas U. Austin (open to the public) if secession was constitutional. He said yes it is, but it would not be wise at this time. It is only a last resort.

    There are many intermediate steps between surrender and secession. Refusing to kowtow to the 5 maggots in dresses is a good start.

  10. Biden is a traitor and SCOTUS colluded in treason with him. I hope Abbott holds his ground but I’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t cuck.

    • Abbott is like Trump – says a few mean words about Biden to get the Conservitards’ panties moist but at the end of the day is still a worthless Zio-Stooge. At least Zion Don didn’t ship illegals to every nook-and-cranny of the US like Abbott is doing in order to OwN tHe liBtarDZ.

  11. I can not understand why you people are such defeatist. And I can not understand why instead of succeeding, we change the rules and run the whole country for OUR benefit. This is possible with a majority in Congress alone and legislators that will vote for us first. This is NOT an impossibility to accomplish, and much easier than a very, very likely civil war stemming from succession. Having a very large country like we have is a great advantage.

    The idiots that are running the country now are making the case for us. I personally believe the Jews are so mentally ill they just CAN NOT live anywhere without attempting to destroy the place. As time goes on even the most retarded can’t help but see what is going on will not stop until we get control and serve ourselves first.

    If you look at Germany they were even more pozzed than we are and they eventually got rid of the Jews total control. You can say Hitler failed but I looked up the casualties of USSR vs. Germany and in fact fighting the Jews, even if you lose, is better than having them rule you. The casualties are far less.

    Always keep in mind the Jews have NEVER succeeded in staying anywhere for a long time. They can not control themselves and as things get worse and worse, well people see who runs things. They know. Even fools can see this and at some point, can’t say when, people will just get fed up and throw their asses out like they have been everywhere else. As for collapse, once again Germany was far worse. We have a huge country with huge mass of resources. Stop spending everything on defense and paying the Jew FED off and we could turn this place around really fast. Stop mass importation of goods and aliens, and jobs could surge.

    Now of course you will say,”all these immigrants are here”, well we can throw them out. I assure you there’s a law that says any immigrants that are or have been public charges can be deported. And how many of them do you think have NEVER had any public assistance? Likely none. If not a law, we can make one, and we can throw out the whole lot of them.

    I even did the numbers. We could deport 100 million people with half the plane stock of 747s and C5 aircraft alone. Not counting any others. With flights every two days we could deport every single one by plane for less than it cost to pay for four years of illegal aliens children’s education in ONE year.

    • @Sam J.

      By the time of WW II, the USSR was no longer controlled by Jews. It was the empire of a Georgian Gangster who was wily and ruthless enough to double-cross the jews, essentially neutralizing their influence there for the rest of his reign and a few years after. He even managed to rid the world of the devil-spawn Trotsky in Mexico City in 1940. Your example of Hitler’s Germany is flawed for that reason alone if nothing else. Note also that Stalin did not invade Germany. It was Germany who invaded the USSR. Most of the eastern front war was fought within Soviet borders. Only by 1944 was the German army (three times the size of the one which faced the allies in the west) pushed into Poland. The remainder (conquest of Berlin, etc.) was inevitable. I doubt the Red Army would have stopped at the Polish border even if the boss had order them to. He had more sense than to think of such a thing anyway.

    • Anyone who attempts to run for congress without the oligarchy’s prior approval will be destroyed by one means or another – including murder. Try it and see. You’ll find out in short order. There is not a single member of the House or Senate who is not owned by the cartel. There could be spots in *some* state legislatures that are not yet totally cartel-owned. In states like California or New York, there’s no point as they are all controlled as well. Nothing short of the empire’s collapse would make your very logical and well-thought plan possible. It’s very sad you weren’t there to promote this idea 70 years ago or so. Congress is actually the key position.

      As for those state legislatures which might not be totally owned by folks like Les Wexner, et al., forget about the two major parties as both are owned and serve the oligarchy. Independents and (maybe) some small regional parties might work here. The two bank parties will pull every trick in the book to keep the non-owned off the ballots though, so your work is not easily done even in states like Missouri. You’re falling into the classic error of seriously underestimating the enemy. Now if you have ideas about using incompetence and Cloward-Piven to overload and collapse the system, let’s hear it.

      As for deportation of the invaders, anyone serious about it would not even have to use your method except for the final mopping up. Step one is to arrest the assets of all those companies and NGOs who have been facilitating the invasion, complete with charges of treason – which is exactly what it is – against all major players including judges and lawyers. That’s rounding up maybe a one or two hundred-thousand treasonous assholes instead of millions. Most of the mobs of bloodsucking invaders would self-deport in short order once the free-shit spigot ran dry. Those that refuse can be given the choice of the suitcase or the body bag. You’re correct that taking control of congress would theoretically enable all of this to happen. Taking control is blocked however until the rigged system can be damaged enough to enable someone other than those who are bought and paid for to run for office.

      Only ticket-takers get to run for any federal office at present. That’s how we end up with “conservatives” like Amy Barrett and John Roberts – both of whom just committed treason with their decision. All five blackrobes who voted this way should be impeached for treason (which is what it is) and removed from office. After removal all five should formally charged with high treason, tried by a military court and when found guilty, sentenced to death. That scenario is quite impossible with the present system.

      You’re correct that those running the system on behalf of its owners are self-destructing in many respects. I still think the empire and – most importantly – its military needs to collapse to the point where a state like Texas could actually break free of the corrupt system. Apart from what I mentioned above, there’s not very much we can do at this point. You’re one of the more thoughtful posters here, so even though we might have disagreements your posts are always welcome from this corner.

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