1. The usury system’s choice for puppet figurehead is probably Nimrata Randhawa, or else Biden again, but what does it really matter who gets to be the next puppet figurehead of the empire? Trump believes in the system too.

    Of course the usury system’s control of its own homeland elections is not perfect, nor is its control of elections in other countries perfect, such as the U.S.’s control of Pakistan’s elections which has been challenged by an historic “ballot box rebellion” of the Pakistani people. The U.S. had staged a legislative coup that removed Imran Khan from the presidency because he said something critical of the U.S. and favorable to Russia. Then the U.S. further arranged, through bribery, to have Imran Khan, the Pakistani people’s choice, thrown in prison for ten years so he can’t be elected again, although he is obviously the Pakistani people’s choice. Today the election is over and it appears that Imran Khan’s party won by an historic landslide, but the votes are still being counted and the U.S. will be pay a lot of vote-counting bribe money to reduce the scale of the massive victory for Imran Khan’s party. and keep control of the government of Pakistan regardless of how the people voted. It seems like the whole population (except the puppet regime) is out on the streets now, demonstrating for the release of their imprisoned choice and celebrating their solidarity in rejecting U.S. hegemony at the polls. See: https://twitter.com/ImranKhanPTI/status/1513232489464041473

    But the U.S. has the money, the Almighty Dollar, to keep them under control. Like Putin told Carlson in the interview, the U.S.’s main weapon is its money (the Almighty Dollar) and the second is its control of the media worldwide (bought with the money). So it doesn’t really matter how you vote and it’s better not to vote. In some U.S.-controlled countries where the people are legally required to vote, they protest by casting many blank or ruined ballots.

    • “”…Trump believes in the system too….””

      Gorbachev believed in the system too. Yet he caused such a mess what brought Soviet Union down. A lot of systems are burned down by their greatest supporters.

  2. While the media blares its trumpet about Trump, Trump, Trump all the time, it is MUTE about the DAILY shipments. planeloads and boatloads, of arms going from the U.S. to Israel, every day, and about the daily directions that the U.S. “shares with” (gives to) its colonial-settler proxy military base Israel: precise satellite targeting data for where and what to hit.

    Once in a while, the media crows about how it gets away with not reporting this, keeping it hidden, keeping it QUIET, like this article on Bloomberg that says “the Pentagon” is “QUIETLY” sending arms to Israel: ghttps://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023-11-14/pentagon-is-quietly-sending-israel-ammunition-laser-guided-missiles How is it possible that “the Pentagon” (the U.S.) can do this QUIETLY?

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