Tucker Carlson Interviews Vladimir Putin

As various people have noted on Twitter, Vladimir Putin sounds like Klemens von Metternich compared to Joe Biden who can’t remember what he ate for breakfast.


  1. An old bald dude droning on about Eastern European history – I’m having flashbacks to freshman year AP European History class.

  2. Pointless interview. Nothing was revealed that we all didn’t know already. Putin is deep state, globalist, and WEF shill to the effing nines. We’re all cattle to this guy and religion to Putin is just a means to an end. He will tell us nothing in long winded way and we’ll be happy.
    Anywho, It seemed the real motive was to get Tucker’s wsj mockingbird friend out of captivity.

    • Tucker was wearing his red Kabbalah bracelet, I’ve just listened to a few parts of the interview Putin seemed to mostly whine about the poor persecuted Jews, that tweet with the Europa Universalis IV clip is pretty funny though.

      • Yes, the Kabbalah magic red string that he wore in plain sight (I noticed it immediately), a nonverbal insult to Putin, yet Tucker was the one with the Evil Eye, giving it to Putin.

  3. Let it stream in background and looked at aggregator pages.
    Well worth it as it shows the terminal rot and decline of the fourth world turd FUSA under Bathhouse Barry’s third term.
    Will there be anything left to burn down after Big Mike’s term?
    There isn’t a plan to fix anything because the plan was to destroy everything.

  4. “Americans have no sense of themselves as a people any longer. ”

    What people ?
    We’re not a ‘a people’, we’re a racial cesspool of lemmings headed for a cliff.

    • “What people? We’re not a people”:

      You are a population (of the empire) not a people. You are a very large (over three hundred million) collection of atomised “human resources,” not a real nation, or ethny (which is a natural, organic union of people who are culturally and genetically related, and thus, ethnocentric). Furthermore the U.sury S.ystem (the U.S.) you live in has no real religion but the pursuit of wealth, no deity but the Almighty Dollar and no virtue besides “rational selfishness.” You are every man for himself, without sense of history or ties to the past. Your imperial “homeland” is a giant holding pen.

  5. Putin is a cynical actor like most of the Russian leadership. If he cared about his multicultural empire, his military would not have been bogged down by watermelon farmers for over two years. The mistresses and the palaces don’t pay for themselves, so the Russian military gets gutted by corruption. They’re grim, pessimistic, cynical people over at the Kremlin, and it is a big, big, big mistake to assume that any of them are our friends. They feel things are going downhill and are trying to ruthlessly get theirs before it all falls apart.

    Putin’s also a liar. He said he wouldn’t invade Ukraine, and yet he did, so it is just low-IQ gullibility to believe his peaceful claims about Poland and the Baltic states, especially since his autistic imagination is apparently salty about military losses to the Lithuanians in the 1300s. The stuff about Poland making a deal with Hitler (that was Russia), as if Russia didn’t also start an opportunistic war with Finland in 1939 or conquer the Baltic states in 1940, is something only impressive to braindead mongrels like Cernovich and Posobiec. Most of us are Nazis in Putin’s eyes and deserve death because we are Nazis. He says so himself.

    And to those who claim this is none of our business — look, whites are only 5% of Earth’s population and are shrinking rapidly. Europe is only 2% of Earth’s surface, the second-smallest continent. It is very short-sighted to let multicultural empires gobble up our ancestral homelands, especially in the name of parochialism. All whites will be stateless people if this keeps up. While the status quo sucks, Asiatic despotisms will not change things in our favor.

    • “They’re grim, pessimistic, cynical people over at the Kremlin, and it is a big, big, big mistake to assume that any of them are our friends”:

      That’s because they are capitalists. not real socialists. Capitalists are no one’s friend unless they stand to gain something. The second largest political party in Russia, after Putin’s “United Russia” party, is still the communist party. Sadly, Putin is no communist. I took note that he was critical of Stalin twice in his interview talk, and of Lenin, and Putin said “We’re all bourgeois now, we’re all in the free market.” He is part of the generation that grew up with Khruschev’s anti-Stalin pro-capitalist revisionism culminating in Gorbachev’s outright full-scale treason. See: https://www.greanvillepost.com/2024/01/24/gorbachev-in-lieu-of-an-obituary/ Like Gorbachev, Putin really believes in “the magic of the free market” (the usury system). That’s why the U.S. selected him to follow in the traitorous footsteps of Boris Yeltsin – and the U.S. literally ran the election that Yeltsin “won” (I know he was elected twice) – and Putin was thoroughly vetted by the CIA to make sure that, as Putin promised them, he will not change his mind and “nothing will change, everything will stay the same” if he was (s)elected to be the next President. It’s still true, he hasn’t really changed. Do not imagine Putin is something he is not. He is not a socialist, so he is not a true nationalist. To paraphrase John Ball: “My good friends, things cannot go on well in Russia (England) nor ever will until everything shall be in common, when there shall be neither vassal nor lord, and all distinctions levelled….” In the interview speech, it appears Putin is more in accord with Tsardom (and its serfdom) than with classless Soviet Russia.

      • And thank God for it since only retards would be communists and seriously insist on “leveling all distinctions” … and neither Russia, nor the world, needs a retarded Putin right now.

        • Scott, I don’t think you understand “distinctions.” Ball referred to class distinctions: the privilege of elites to monopolize, exploit and otherwise practice usury, and the exploited vast majority’s lack thereof. He did not mean erase, deny or ignore personal differences of ability, talent, effort and morals, which would be impossible, and is absurd. Regarding your “only retards would be communists” assertion, it appears you don’t know what socialism is. You use the word “communist” like the propagandists do, as a mindless pejorative label or insult, like others use the word “Nazi,” as a mindless pejorative label or insult. Finally, the anti-capitalist position is not a sign of “being retarded” (mental deficiency). Many certified geniuses (tested very high IQ) hold this view, whereas the pro-capitalist position is held by masses of propagandized workers who do not distinguish propaganda from reality. But a high IQ is not required to understand how the system works, only practical experience and an effort to reflect and think about it.

          • Sorry, but I’ve heard these lame talking points from other government-schooled pseudo-intellects in the Alt. Right milieu. They grasp a simple idea and think it true without ever being able to get beyond the herd which gave it to them.

            You, for example, will be unable to provide a non-arbitrary set of criteria for determining what a “worker” is or what the necessary and sufficient conditions of a “class” are. And *I* don’t understand socialism? No wonder seeing as how no socialist ever, in the history of socialism, has admitted that his opponents have correctly understood it (nor, apparently, has the world ever had the privilege of seeing a real-world example of it).

            You’ll be even worse off when you try to find some epistemological impetus for motivating a man to enslave himself to the whims of his tyrannical, hand-out-seeking, neighbor.

            Go spread your ridiculous machine-building elsewhere. We want men, not cogs, on the right.

  6. Money is the only thing that holds the country together and when the money goes bad, which it inevitably will, it’s “look out below, every man for himself and devil take the hindmost”. The amazing thing is that things have held together so long, not that the country will unravel when the money goes bad.

  7. Seriously, these are some of the best and most accurate comments not just on OD but anywhere. The establishment literally ginned this up to the most pearl clutching disaster in modern Western history. The interview’s pathetic-ness in contrast to what the West perceives as the most dangerous man in the world, basically showed instead what a joke they’ve become.

    • AGB never tires of shilling for the Satanist Pedophile elites, whether they’re Rockefellers or Zuckerbergs. Pity his did not fully earn his Darwin award over in the fake-and-gay invented country of Ukraine. He won’t even make a less than obsequious comment about Epstein, Saville or Soros but instantly labels anyone who mentions the chosenites in less than flattering terms as being obsessed with Jews. Thus outing himself yet again as 100% hasbara. Yes it is an error to focus exclusively upon the Synagogue of Satan while ignoring the more numerous white sellouts whose treasonous actions made it all possible. This is a common fallacy of the Hitler fanboi wing among the dissidents. It also gives Jews what they want most – endless attention on themselves.

      That being said, it’s a serious error to fall into the fantasy that Putin is somehow going to be the savior of white people in the degenerate and rotting west – even if that were part of his objective (which is highly unlikely). Even if he wanted to, why should he go to the trouble to save a people who will even lift a finger to save themselves? The same applies for China’s Xi. Putting the blame on Putin for a brother war is another lie. He clearly tried to avoid sending in the military and those who state Russia started the war are simply parroting the lies of the gaslight media, often out of their own total ignorance and historical illiteracy (a common result of sleeping through history classes). Putin did what any competent Russian leader would have done (Stalin actually would have done much more) to defend Russia from invasion.

      The blame for the conflict there is 100% on Victoria Nuland (War-Sow), her bloodthirsty coterie of war-piglets and upon the Satanist Pedophiles who control and own the entire degenerate west. What goes on in a fake-country created in 1991 is not really our concern, apart from the fact that the totally lawless and illegitimate regime in Sodom-on-Potomac, along with all who support it, have made it our business. Just yesterday 17 members of the Gay Old Pedoburo voted along with the D-team to shell out anther 90 billion to the handless pianist and his gang of looters – the big guy needs another 10% now that he conveniently skated on the racketeering. Maybe Mikey the Cuck and his crew of brokeback house-boyz will grow a spine and say no. As for Gershkovich, Koba would have arranged for an accident shortly after the Zionazis in Kiev terminated the unfortunate Gonzalo Lira. Tit for tat. His failure to do so (among other things) is a possible indication that he’s at least partly controlled by the usual suspects.

    • “Seriously, these are some of the best and most accurate comments not just on OD but anywhere.” – Aryan Globalist Bro

      ^^The absolute state of Clown World; and a new depth of idiocracy, from a usually quite insightful realpolitik commenter.

  8. Let all hope the Jew spy Evan Gershkovich does not end up like another Jew spy ” our dear dear beloved Otto”. ….. …. and why TF is Tucker Carlson independent person, non-agent of the American government visiting Russia to advocate for the release of a captured Jew spy held in Russian custody? Because he cares about white people? Got it.

    When was the last time a good old boy get caught by the Russian for spying? Has there ever been such a case? I know they are just like us, can you please tell me again though, cause I got my doubts.

    • @Robert Browning,

      Tucker made the overture as a mitzvah. I am very happy that Putin rejected his request.

      Carlson like 99.999% of establishment elite WASPs are philosemitic overt and covert traitors to their race.

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