Donald Trump Wins Michigan Republican Primary

I didn’t know that Michigan was voting tonight.

Anyway, it is always nice to see Nikki Haley is on track to lose all 50 states by double digits. She has also already lost the Virgin Islands. Maybe she has a chance in Washington, DC.


  1. What really sucks is that when the Dems steal the election we will have to endure another 4 years of Trump self-serving stupidity until the 2028 election.

  2. Trump is down with the annexation of the occupied territories and the genocide of the Palestinians and he is not fooling anybody with all his borders and immigration talk. A two month old baby starved to death in Gaza a few days ago, you’re a Great American Don, a Great American deserving of Gods wrath.

      • Do you see the difference between me and these “things” that want to hold power over us? I can admit, I am a despicable human being, and I am. Trump and all these political people can not admit to us and themselves that they are sinners. Trump boned E Jean and Trump bribed bank property assessors to get bigger loans and he can not admit he did anything wrong…. and he wants to run as a Christian nationalist and bring Christ back to America. If you want to be a Christian you must be able to admit to yourself and the world you are sinner. Trump is just like a Jew, he is always looking for goats to blame instead of looking at himself.

        • MR.BROWNING, TRUMP doesn’t have to admit to me he is a sinner, that’s between him and the Lord, all I want or expect from him, is to govern this nation, the best that he can ….

    • If the baby was not a Christian, it doesn’t matter. Clay in the hand of the potter.

      “ O daughter of Babylon, you devastator!* Happy shall he be who requites you with what you have done to us!
      9 Happy shall he be who takes your little ones and dashes them against the rock!“- Ps.137

      • Re: “If the baby was not a Christian, it doesn’t matter”:

        …or if the baby was not of Jewish descent, right? Only Judeao-“Christian” lives matter, right? I believe ALL human lives matter.

        Re: “HAPPY is he who takes little babies and smashes them With a rock”? You seem to be very OLD Testamental.

        NO babies should be killed. Jesus said let the little ones come to me. He is the light that lighteth EVERY man (not just some) that cometh into the world.

      • A Christian protects and defends the weak and the innocent. The Purim and Passover, the Jew killing holidays are coming up, expect a massacre. The killing the Jews are doing is going to sicken the world, and the Irish are cool with it.

        • > The killing the Jews are doing is going to sicken the world, and the Irish are cool with it.

          You’re merely showing your own blind bigotry against the Irish here. Ironically, Ireland – though now once again a prison camp for zeks in the Empire of Lies scarcely a century after the fearless Michael Collins brought the City of London’s war-pigs to heel – has seen the largest per-capita public opposition to the mass murder carried out by jews in Gaza. Even Shitpants’ retarded Defence Secretary Raytheon ‘Roid just admitted 25K dead civilians. It might be for similar shitlib reasons as Bushnell’s torch of insanity though so I have to qualify it somewhat. You’re correct about the revelation of jewish bloodthistiness making much of the world disgusted, but apparently it hasn’t much disturbs the neighboring Sunni Muslims in Egypt, Jordan or Saudi Arabia who like the filthy lucre offered by team bankstein too much. Ironically only the Shiite Houthis care enough to take on the Imperial pink-fleets.

          With a population of a mere 5 million and zero history of colonialism, Ireland is being subjected to a jewish-led and financed great replacement via migrant invasion.

      • That’s a very un-Christian thing for you to say, Friar Tuck. Also, did the baby have a choice if it wanted to be a Christian or not?

  3. Nimrata has a nice, easy, indoor, well paying job with no heavy lifting waiting for her ugly ass in Washington DC. She will be another anti-Trump carnival barker hitting the TV (so-called) “news” circuit, repeating whatever her masters tell her. She will be like a dog barking on command, just not as smart.

    Nimrata will be following in the footsteps of Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney and the other losers who figure if they can’t win elections they might as well still clean up financially. After all, that is one of the purposes of “Our Democracy”, to get the money, get the money while the getting is good, one way or another.

    Nimrata is the epitome of everything wrong with GloboHomo from ridiculous elections to immigration, financial rackets, foreign domination of the government, war mongering, diversity etc. The list is a mile long, and growing.

  4. The persecution of Trump is giving him sympathy. At work even the brothers seem to be drawing the conclusion that the left has been crying wolf over Donald Trump and he really isn’t the “Klan Leader Monster” that he had been feared to be by most blacks a few years back…Yep, blacks saw Trump Rallies as Klan Rallies, I listened to them talk to themselves over the years and the left knew this too. That’s why they organized black riots over yellow journalism coverage of criminal black run ins with whites back in 2020. Most of the black community had lived under the false delusion from 2016-2020 that “the Klan had taken over America” and were ripe for dumb violence. At the same time they are jealous of all the money being showered on the border hoppers. White women are noticing too some recent high profile crimes by illegal aliens, it doesn’t seem too far fetched to think that Maduro is copying Castro’s Playbook from the Mariel Boatlift and emptying his prisons of violent thugs to ship off as a “gift” to America to raise chaos as revenge for all the sanctions and opposition coming against him from the globalist regime. I suspect the brothers will sit at home this election, however that doesn’t mean the democrat mail in vote harvesting machine won’t still cast a vote for them. It’s going to have to be suburban white women, who compose a huge percentage of the electorate, who swing for Trump to run the communists out of the White House.

    • The White, “liberal,” suburban women will have to be terrified of violence in their own neighborhoods before they will stop voting Democrat. Even then, even if there is a refugee resettlement center full of criminals 100 yards down the road from their homes at some Unitarian lunatic church a good portion of them will still vote Democrat. They will cite abortion as their reason, particularly the wrinkled old hags who are about as likely to get pregnant as my TV.

      Most of the “liberals” are hopeless, unteachable, even when reality bites them in the ass, good and hard, too. They are as obsolete as their good “conservative”, WSJ reading, Fox TV watching, NR subscribing friends. The world has changed, they haven’t, their dreams of equality have been realised in the great GloboHomo Shopping Mall Empire and that is going to cave the roof in right on their heads and they will genuinely be shocked.

      With stupidity even the gods contend in vain.

    • Re: swing for Trump to run the communists out of the White House”:

      Impossible, because there were none there to begin with. You could say there are Trotskyists in the White House, but none of your government are real socialists, including “commie” Bernie and the “commie” Squad. No matter which wing of the uni-party your (s)elected candidates and leaders belong to, they’re all “capitalist to the bone,” as “commie” Pelosi proudly admitted. “Commie” Obama is as capitalistic as they come. Look at his actions and how he lives. You cannot vote your way out.

    • Trump is another jew shill,black boot licker and all around bullshit artist.america is dead the corpse is now rotting. NIMRATTA STREET SHITER IS JUST ANOTHER whore amongst the morally dead women in what was once known as the United States. Face facts the USA is done,finite gone wake the fuc…up,the fishnr9ts from the head down


    • I read somewhere that 20% mostly came from Dearbornistan, were Islamic calls to prayer are blasted five times a day. The strange thing about Muslims is that they vote exactly as their Kosher sponsors tell them to once they’ve set up a colony in a white country. Perhaps seeing what’s going on in Gaza will help them re-consider Schlomo’s “friendship”.

      • I took a look at the county by county data.

        Wayne County, home of Dearborn, had the highest percentage “none-of-above” vote (17%), but there was consistently high “none-of-above” votes in every single county, including overwhelmingly old-stock White Christian American rural counties. The lowest anywhere was 9%. All young people reject Z.O.G., which is great news.

    • The Pope is nearing the end of his life. we are going to get another Pope afterwards, an Irish Pope, the first Irish Pope ever and he is going to be the Moshiach. Genocide Joe is nothing compared to the Moshiach.

      • The Roamin’ clownshow should make Shitpants Joey its next “pope” – or better yet, Ben Shapiro, even better – Moochelle Obama. Since the Lavender Mafia completely controls the hierarchy, including the College of Clown-Cardinals, the next “pope” will be a guaranteed clown even if they fail to elect a tranny kneegrow. The Grand Gay Inquistor will no doubt have an explanation that this is all for the good. That all being said, Prots are no different. Just as totally pozzed as the RCC is.

  5. Nimrata looks like here fellow Punjabi’s missed the street and crapped in her face.Truly an ugly creature with talons and no shape whatsoever.Mexicans and Indians share a physique known as the blob.

    • I believe the correct anthropological term for the misshapen wogs is: “Squat Monsters.” They are about 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide.

  6. Not to worry. A blackrobed defender of “our democracy” just kicked Cheetohead off the Repuke ballot in God-Forsaken shithole Illnoize. The Greatest Show on Earth continues clickity-clack on the railroad up to the edge of Mount Doom. Enjoy the ride to some appropriate railroad musique, zeks.

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