Supreme Court Takes Trump Presidential Immunity Case

We are now on the cusp of March.

Nothing has fundamentally changed over the past several months:

  1. Trump has crushed his rivals in the Republican primary by double digits.
  2. The polls which forecasted a Trump landslide in the primary have been accurate.
  3. Leftists are more disaffected with Biden and upset about the genocide in Gaza than the prospect of Trump returning to the White House. They are mobilizing against Biden. The libtard who set himself on fire to protest support for Israel is a sure sign of things to come.
  4. Trump continues to catch lucky breaks in the cases against him. The Supreme Court taking the presidential immunity case and delaying it is the latest example.
  5. Finally, Joe Biden remains wildly unpopular. He is still losing all the swing states to Trump.


Former President Trump has already won big at the Supreme Court — even if he ultimately loses.

The big picture: The justices agreed Wednesday to decide whether Trump enjoys “total immunity” from prosecution. The timing of that decision likely means a trial over Trump’s role in Jan. 6 won’t begin — much less end — before the election.

There’s nothing Trump wants more in this case than a delay. If he wins in November and hasn’t been tried before Inauguration Day, there’s a good chance he never will be.

“This could well be game over,” election law expert Rick Hasen wrote. …


President Joe Biden is grappling with tough challenges, from foreign wars to a southern border in crisis. Yet none is trickier than his age.

Eight in 10 voters in key presidential swing states said Biden, 81, is too old, a new Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll found. That’s almost double the share that said the same about his likely Republican opponent, Donald Trump.

Even core groups of Biden’s 2020 coalition, which he must reassemble to win in November, harbor those concerns. Majorities of Black voters, young voters and women said he is too old, the survey shows. Seven in 10 voters who say they plan to vote for Biden again said he fits that description. Read the full story here and the complete poll results here. …

Last year, most people thought that 2024 was going to be as insane as 2020, but so far that hasn’t happened. At this point in 2020, hysteria was building up over COVID and the lockdowns came in late March and early April. The economy tanked and Trump’s poll numbers sunk. He never polled ahead of Biden in the entire stretch of the 2020 campaign and his defeat wasn’t surprising.

Trump has dominated Biden in the polls for almost a year now. The 2024 election is turning into a rout.

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  1. Only a tiny minority believe Biden will be on the ballot. The polls are rigged anyway. They say whatever Langley tells them to say. Langley is telling them to show Biden as weak, which he is. All dems know they need to pull the switcheroo at the convention. There is dispute on who it will be. Langley ( Burns) will tell them who to nominate. Trump will be bitch stomped in November.

    Meanwhile euro/NATO held this week their big pow-wow on the proposed NATO declaration of war on Russia. Four NATO armies are arrayed against Russia at this point (including the one in Romania,
    deployed against Transnistria). About 300,000 troops in all.

    Poland rejected the proposal that they go first. They said they will do nothing unilaterally. The Polacks said that when the Russians counter attack, Germany and France will abandon them and Russia will occupy Poland. And that is exactly what would happen.

    Poland and Romania demand that article 5 would have to be activated first, all of NATO must declare war on Russia first, and an integrated NATO force must invade Ukraine. No national armies, only NATO armies.

    They have 3 months or so to work the invasion plan out. The new railroad complex from the Baltics and Finland dowm to the Ukranian border will be compleye by then. A crucial logistics lane. And it appears that Zelensky will be expelled from power on May 21.

    That is how the CIA is playing it. Zelensky’s powers expire May 21, and go to the House Speaker. A man acceptable to Burns. Tha agency is showing its hand.

    Even Anglin is burning in frustration, as he is beginning to understand what is coming. A massive false flag. A nuclear false flag. Then the delaration of war follows fast. He sees it. But what can anyone do? Just prepare. Stock up on things. I say, we have 3 months and the big one starts

    • The Russian military can’t even extricate themselves from the same muddy E Ukrainian cow pastures that they have been wallowing around in for 22 months against an amateur army using NATO equipment that was destined for the scrap heap but you’re saying that Russia would
      roll Poland right up? And you shouldn’t put too much stock into what that homosexual Anglin has to say.

  2. Another thing that hasn’t changed is the Democrat vote fraud machine. Elegant in its simplicity, low tech and easy to do. Obese black women dummy up millions of fake mail in ballots, the Democrat poll workers who are trusted to oversee the election in inner city voting precincts are in fact fraudsters who accept the fake votes and lock Republican poll watchers out of the room when counting votes. Since they are black they are above the law. The far left police departments in big cities aren’t going to investigate. The media won’t investigate Democrat vote fraud. Tech companies will cancel you for daring to mention it.

    Barack Obama is not going to give up his position as Dictator of the USA. Watching polls is a fool’s errand. Public opinion means nothing.

  3. I would point out to OD readers that Hunter accurately forecast the likeliest avenues of decision on the election and Trump’s legal battle months and months ago.

    He stated clearly that SCOTUS would likely take up the case but given the timing would be unable to decide before the election. Good job Hunter.

    But don’t get too cocky kid. Never underestimate the dastardly villainy of the Left and their willingness to execute the most devilish plans.

    “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers of the air, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    • The whole “Punished Trump 2024 Revenge Tour” script is getting stale – they should get some of the jewish writers of “The West Wing” to punch it up.

    • Re: “the dastardly villainy of the Left”:

      Now let us see how you define “the left”?

      If you mean Liberalism (capitalism), Neo-liberalism, Trotskyism, Neo-Marxism, woke-ism, or any other fake-“left” anti-socialist position, I agree THAT “left” is “dastardly.” But the Right wing of capitalism, which is more openly class-ist (even neo-feudalist in some cases) and anti-socialist, is just as dastardly. The persecution of Trump and the election steering are not being done by socialists, who are actually excluded from the election process, although socialists don’t SUPPORT “Trump.” The so-called “election” process is really not worth discussing or thinking about. The system’s polls are rigged and false or meaningless. You can’t vote your way out, but some of you want to play pretend that voting could make a difference” because the system seems to work for you (you benefit from the looting) and you don’t want others to be free.

  4. Either Trump gets in and passes laws that secure the future of White people, or 2028+ will be dispossession, slavery, and genocide for our people.

    • “secure the future of White people”:

      The security of any one people or nation depends on the peace and security of ALL peoples and nations. A true nationalist is also a good internationalist with respect for the rights of all peoples. Permanent security of a nation does not come by having superior weapons and propaganda and skills of financial trickery. Security comes only from God, and the further people drift from God the more weapons and lies they will need, and finally even those carnal protections will fail.

    • Sorry to say….maybe that is what Whites need, to be re-awakened to the realities of this world. Trump won’t do anything for Whites, he’s all mouth. We were fools to think other peoples play by the same rules as us. We were fools to try and make it so. Whites need a good kick in the ass to wake them up. If that kick never comes, I fear we are going to continue down the path of degeneration and eventual extinction. Make Whites Great Again.

    • Leftoid boots on the ground are literally insane. Not just their jewish kommissar-types but younger whites – especially (but not only) females. They will vote for whoever the Mighty Wurlitzer plays the tune. Fecking zombies.

  5. Despite all the talk about culture wars I suspect people are suffering financially and that ultimately “Trumps” the luxury of being able to chose what flavor of cultural donut to order during good times. I suspect white women in the suburbs are struggling with rent, grocery prices, interest on loans, energy, car insurance (thanks to all these expensive EVs the liberals put on the road where YOU pay increased liability regardless in case you tink one on the fender and “total” the fragile thing.) Only wealthy people on the coasts have the luxury of prioritizing non issues like the climate hoax and trans. Real people are suffering over the democrats mismanagement, particularly the working poor composed largely of women and hispanics who suddenly are looking back fondly on the Trump era. Sill though, even if these are the opinion percentages, any state with a large black voter roll will mobilize these angry black activist women to go out and harvest every last “mail in ballot” from every last address including vacant lots in the ‘hood and fill them out for the democrats. This is what will go down in Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia just like we saw last time.

  6. Either Trump gets in and passes laws that (may) affect the future of White people, it maybe dispossession, slavery, and genocide for our people. Watch this video here and be cautious about ole’ Trump :

    “Right-wing Ghoul Makes SHOCKINGLY Horrific Comment About Trump”

    • “Right-wing Ghoul”

      GHOUL ??

      Just so nice. TYT is expressing their inner nature, slander and insults.

      Such a high level of discourse.

    • Coulter’s point, while brutal, is still accurate. We already know how Trump “governed” (if you can call it that). It really wasn’t much different from Joey Shitpants’ “leadership”, execept that all of the bad shit that ramped up under Trump’s watch only accelerated with the installment of the retarded ventriloquist dummy. The only logical takeaways from Trump’s total failure to do anything he campaigned on in 2016 are:

      1. It was all a grift to build the Trump “brand” to make shekels for his son-in-law and the Kushner Krime Family.

      2. He wanted to change things but was totally defeated by the Deep State.

      3. He was never on our side. Just a pure psyop who actually works for the elite and Deep State – an enemy.

      So yes, nothing Coulter said was untrue. She’s basically saying ‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I lean towards option one. Interestingly the über-traditionalist Catholic Ann Barnhardt stated that Trump was nothing but ‘kayfabe’ before the 2016 election – one of the very few to accurately predict the failure his administration was.

    • Good video and I feel somewhat the same about Trump. I do not trust him, that being said, I still say he’s the only choice we have. We all know no one who has any chance of winning is really on our side. No one. And protest votes are just that. They don’t count. But Trump, who I have categorized as a possible fake Hitler, put up by the Jews, “may” not be. If he were to actually follow through this time when elected, it could be extraordinarily beneficial and maybe even the difference between life and death for a large amount of Whites. We do know he is putting in an extraordinary effort to preselect a vast number of people to place into government positions that supposedly have none of the faults of his last administrations weasels.

      The only problem is we can never know unless he is elected. But the way I see it is if he betrays us he’s no different from anyone else we could reliably get elected, and if he betrays us again I think it will really, really push Whites into much more solidarity. They will become more radical as they will know the fix is in. It will be so unmistakable it will be impossible to notice for even the dumbest sports ball worshiper.

      • @Sam J. – ” … I feel somewhat the same about Trump. I do not trust him, that being said, I still say he’s the only choice we have. ” Yep; what choice do we have?

  7. Trump has dominated Biden in the polls for almost a year now. The 2024 election is turning into a rout.

    Wow! Deep state may give us a break this election and sacrifice Biden just to make sure everyone thinks the whole system is not rigged! Won’t we all be fooled! Thanks deep state!

    But everything “else” is still “rigged.” I guess we poor seemingly-nothing-of-a-race White people are at the mercy of the Jews’ wars with all their enemies. We are used as pawns to fight and right all the “wrongs” and all their fears about Russia and the rest of the world (but they do pay some of us compromised individuals a lot of money for our services == just look at the serious, committed-to-a-noble-cause look on all the politicians’ faces when the opportunity to commit the USA comes up to lay down the lives of all of our young dumb “racist” Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, etc young people for the Jews’ and other globalist causes and not our own now border-less USA).

    Ukraine, I am sorry that you are being treated like cannon fodder we lower class people in the USA have been treated for decades now to fight for the Jews and all of our great White politicians who get paid off by the Jews and the great military complex/industries who benefit in the billions for making war and slaughtering thousands of combatants.

    Will things get better with Donald Trump? He seems to want to avoid getting involved in wars so that sounds like an improvement but all politicians must bow the knee to the Jews and the great Yankee Empire’s military juggernaut.

    Secede Now!

    May God Save the South!

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