Candace Owens Fired From Daily Wire

Years ago, I was more of an activist.

I thought we needed to get out into the streets and hold demonstrations to “break taboos” on subjects like the Great Replacement. I was in a hurry to normalize our views and talking points. I also voted for Trump to “move the Overton Window.” It was all the same idea.

In hindsight, the means we were using to achieve our ends were counterproductive. Some of those demonstrations like the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville either made us look marginal, attracted unstable people who had no business being there or cost us too much.

Today, I am content to relax and let the edgelords in the conservative media ecosystem like Candace Owens do their thing. They have been steadily chipping away at the taboo on the Jewish Question and questioning our unwavering support for OUR GREATEST ALLY. Support for Israel is drying up even with evangelical Christians under the age of 45. The old consensus is unraveling.

I remember discussing this in some interviews on White Rabbit Radio. I predicted at the time that in a few years even the taboo on the Jewish Question would begin to dissolve. The chorus of Israel critics would grow and it would gradually become a feature of conservative discourse. I didn’t anticipate the October 7th attacks, the war in Gaza or Elon Musk buying Twitter, but it has greatly accelerated the timeline.

The toothpaste is out of the tube and gatekeeping influencers like Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens doesn’t work anymore. It has gotten to the point where the pro-Israel crowd are even losing Alex Jones who was calling for Israel to carpetbomb Gaza with MOABs a few months ago.

Public opinion on the Right and Left is taking a meandering course away from lockstep support for Israel. Politicians are sensitive to the priorities of older voters and big donors. This is why Congress does backflips in grandstanding about anti-Semitism. Eventually though, the pressure will keep building to the point where the tide will turn. Israel worship peaked years ago and is on the way down.

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  1. “I thought we needed to get out into the streets and hold demonstrations to “break taboos” on subjects like the Great Replacement.”

    This cause, from its inception, has needed fund raisers and PR spokesmen, always.

  2. No matter how one feels about Musk he has opened up TwitterX to a more open dialogue especially when it comes to International Jewry – as a bonus that toxic little shit Anglin was kicked off awhile ago. I’m not saying that TwitterX is a 21st century version of “Der Sturmer” but it’s a lot better than it was pre-Musk.

    • “No matter how one feels about Musk he has opened up TwitterX”

      Be certain, schemes and plans are being laid to deal with that.

    • RIngo- Mr. Anglin is writing for I wouldn’t consider that a minor accomplishment.
      He may have rubbed you the wrong way, but his analysis has been consistent over the last decade… albeit we’re all a little older now.

      Twatter? Musk? Meh.

  3. Our salvation was/is paid for, with the BLOOD Of JESUS CHRIST, not turning a blind eye, to thee depredation’s of JUDAH LAND, MISS OWENS, HAS PROVEN her friendship too us with WORD AND DEED, mister ben SUCKIRO, can “F OFF”, IT IS THE RIGHTFUL PLACE, of the SOUTHERN INTELLECTUAL,HISTORICAL, PHILOSOPHICAL, MILITARY, CHRISTIAN MIND, to provide the MORAL COMPASS, the LOST PEOPLE of our LOST REPUBLIC, SO Desperately need and REQUIRE, mister ” SUCKIRO, spare us your rhetoric, save it for your own people, we dont need you ..

  4. The Jews always shot themselves in the foot with their incredible chutzpah. Sooner or later, their eternal victim act in contradicted by their true beliefs and behaviors. And their control over the flow of information has been diminished by the internet and the web. It’s impossible for them kill off all the alternative views now being posted on the net. And when they try, it becomes obvious they’re trying to hide something.

      • Stephen- What about covenantal cursing, of which you (as a part Jew, if memory serves) is a fundamental part of the Church’s witness, Vatican Ewww fake ‘absolutions,’ notwithstanding?

        God is damning the Deicides. And the entire world is watching with anticipation, for Armageddon. Hallelujah.
        Jews are the problem. We need a final solution. God tried to supply it, with a certain Austrian Painter. Maybe this time, the world will step aside and let ‘vengeance be His,’ saith the Lord.

        • @Fr. John +,

          God damn the jews.

          Providence damn the jews.

          Every non-jew damn the jews.

          F*ck! The jews are still here, and as evil as ever. See none of that works any better than a rabbit’s foot, horse shoe, or four-leaf clover.

  5. Re: “Today, I am content to relax and let….” and “Public opinion on the Right and Left is taking a meandering course”:

    If public opinion is “meandering” away from the will of the elites, it is only because some truth is being spoken by those who will NOT relax and let…the elites continue programming and brainwashing the working class. Don’t count on these conservative commentators to do the educationg. like letting foxes guard a henhouse. Conservatives all BELONG to the capitalist system. They conserve it. They are all reactionaries. “Populism” is not a way out of the system either. Even the most “radical” populism is a fake revolution, merely a pressure release mechanism that preserves the system by “reforming” it a little, for a while. You cannot vote your way out of the system, as the Haitian slaves obviously understood (because if you want to understand, it does not require a high IQ to understand how the system works) in 1791.

    It might be better if conservative commentators went silent, and all conservatives did nothing, so the people would not be distracted and confused and only the true message of the real opposition would be heard.

    • As even ADL’s Mr. Greenblatt noticed, there is a great generation divide between the “Philosemites” and the “Antisemites,” and “more education” (propaganda) is needed. I assume, the public school system will mandate more field trips to the local Holocaust Museum and Hollywood will churn out more WWII movies showing stale, pale males just chock full of toxic masculinity storming the beaches at Normandy and liberating concentration camps.

      However, the reference to the generational divide does not address many elephants in the room:

      These are not the stale, pale males just reeking of toxic masculinity, jingoism, and patriotism that composed the potential military pool after WWII.

      These are brown, non-White youth who feel no guilt over or responsibility for the Holocaust. Further they have been thoroughly indoctrinated into the whole Marxist theme of pale-skinned oppressor vs brown-skinned oppressee and sympathize with the brown Palestinians against the pale-skinned Ashkenazis.

      There has not been an involuntary military conscription in over fifty years. The generational divide runs between those who are close to draft age and those who are not. The closer one is to being drafted the less one is inclined to support Israel.

      These kids are no dummies and know that, behind the scene, Netanyahu and his Zionist cronies are lobbying Congress to put boots on the ground in the Middle East region and institute the draft, if they have to do it.

      There would be no hiding from these young people that the draft was resurrected for Israel and any “Antisemitism” simmering beneath the surface will reach a full boil.

    • I don’t believe the public re-thinking USA policy on Israel is a coincidence. I suspect there is a growing consensus among the elites that Israel is more trouble than it is worth. No matter how much AIPAC money is greasing palms.

      In 2014, that old gargoyle, Henry Kissinger predicted that Israel would not exist in ten years. There are Jews – Biden’s cabinet is even more full of them than even Trump’s was – on both sides of this argument. And even right after WWII, Churchill was referring to the battle between Zionist and Communist Jews.

      At the time, he mistakenly thought that if the Jews were given their own country, they’d respect the sovereignty of Gentile countries. Well, that notion didn’t stop Jews like Barbra Specter from making aliyah from the USA to Israel and then moving to Scandinavia to “help” Europe go multicultural.

      I also suspect they factored the USA’s total depletion and demoralization of the Armed Services and the browning of America into the equation, not to mention the fact that the quickest way to make left and right descend on Washington, with guns blasting this time, is to resurrect the draft.

  6. What good are conservative commentators? They never tell things straight. Why give them any views and attention? What are conservative commentators saying about the U.S.’s (“ISIS’s”) bloody terror attack yesterday near Moscow that killed and injured hundreds of Russians at a music concert? The U.S. says, coyly (through its controlled media) that it “had intelligence” (it sure does, because it is responsible for it!) and was warning Russia that this could happen. Conservatives also never mention that “ISIS” (aka Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, PKK, etc.) NEVER attacks Israel and Israeli interests, and that many of the U.S.’s Khazar-krainian (Ukrainian) proxy forces wear ISIS patches on their uniforms. Why can’t conservatives understand (it’s because they don’t want to understand) after all these years what ISIS really IS?

  7. Let’s don’t forget, that Uncle Donald wise politics made this possible.

    Without Donald amplified the Jew worst character traits by giving them all what they wanted, cooler heads probably would have prevailed and Jewry would have avoided going full self destruction mode.

    This is the giving alcoholic a bottle issue. Officially you doing good, giving needy person what he needs most.

    In reality you destroy last psyhological defence lines what kept alcoholic afloat and push this person straight to hell.

    • Interesting point. The events do bear this out to a degree. Not sure if the Great Fellator deserves much credit for it, tho. If Grima ends up in a ‘Stolypin Necktie’, you will be proved correct.

    • @Juri, are Jared and Zion Don letting you in on ‘bargain basement’ deeds in Gaza and the Golan Heights.

      Trump is the 21st century Judas Iscariot of the White Europeans in America. He is faker than a Rolex watch spelled with two Ls.

      By the way, I wrote in Dr. David Duke for POTUS in my primary, and if I vote in November, will do so again.

  8. “Today, I am content to relax and let the edgelords in the conservative media ecosystem like Candace Owens do their thing. They have been steadily chipping away at the taboo on the Jewish Question and questioning our unwavering support for OUR GREATEST ALLY. Support for Israel is drying up even with evangelical Christians under the age of 45. The old consensus is unraveling.”

    Yes, however the real ques. is do we have enough time before jew influence brings down the curtain on White western civilization thru replacement or world war or whatever the jews are going to attack us with ?

  9. HW, don’t minimize the things you have done. ALL OF IT, mentioned in your article, have helped bring us to this point:
    Open, naked Jewish Supremacism on full display, the world over. Let God damn the Deicides, with righteous Wrath.
    Good Friday is coming…. as is Pascha.

    Hallelujah. The Lord will smite them with a rod of Iron.

    • Niggers believe that if you leave a horse hair in a bottle of water, it will turn into a snake.

      White stupid niggers like yourself on the other hand believe that a fictional crazy rabbi from two millennia ago popped out of a virgin, walked on water, raised the dead, etc

  10. Dual citizens are broadcasting their disloyalty to the US. I have no data but would guess that there are more duel Israeli / US Citizens than any other proud self righteous dual traitors in the US.

    • The golem? What are knee-grows beginning to notice that their strings are being pulled by Schlomo? A few of the NOI gang and some Musloids are aware, but most kneegrows are propery worshipful of the Synagogue of Satan.

  11. The problem is that “the chosen people” control the press, the economy and the biggest political parties in your country. As long as that is the case, support for Israel will continue to be impenetrable and strong. It will take more than Owens and Carlson to change this.

  12. If the CPUSA was wise it would quit bring a carbon copy of the Democratic Party and go to Iowa to fight for the working class.

  13. Saw an odd one stating that the real reason was that she called Lil’ Macroleon of Fwance and his wife trannies.
    The Auntie Semitism is just fresh fruit for rotting vegetables kabuki.
    Hymie knows the time is short on the Nimrod Babel II Plan.
    The best laid plans of mice and men.
    Getting away from Shapiro’s deli and mouse voice is never a negative scenario.

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