Axios: Trump Allies Plot Anti-Racism Protections For White People

The Biden administration has spent the last four years focusing on advancing “antiracism” and “equity” at every level in the Executive branch of the federal government.


If Donald Trump returns to the White House, close allies want to dramatically change the government’s interpretation of Civil Rights-era laws to focus on “anti-white racism” rather than discrimination against people of color.

Why it matters: Trump’s Justice Department would push to eliminate or upend programs in government and corporate America that are designed to counter racism that has favored whites. …

The polarization that this has created has created a permission structure on the Right for an incoming Trump administration to focus on uprooting anti-Whiteism in the federal government. As with everything Trump touches, the execution and results of this will likely be underwhelming.

Just setting the intention to try to do something positive to advance the collective interests of White people is breaking new ground though on the Right. I don’t remember anything like this in his first term except for a campaign stunt executive order which was inspired by Christopher Rufo.


  1. Trump was very successful in getting libs to react and do his campaigning for him in 2016. Not so much now, but the strategy is still present. We should not take the libs’ worst fears as a campaign promise. And even if it was an explicit campaign promise, we all know what “file” that belongs in.

    • Wall Street love Zion Don, and why wouldn’t they?

      Go back to sleep sheeple. Donald ‘Judas’ Trump is going to rescue you from those “liberals, socialists, and commies.”

      • Awww c’mon November….put on your red hat and buy a Trump Bible! We are gonna own the libs and win so bigly!!!

        • @Tikkun Olam,

          Maybe “based” Southern Protestant Speaker of the House Mike Johnson will even get his master’s approval for Trump 2024 yarmulkes to have 1″x1″ Confederated Battle flag patches for their ‘Big Red Machine’ in Dixie? There would be a wonderful compliment to freshly minted Scofield Bibles under one’s arm on the way to Goober’s branch of judeo-Christian services.

          Perhaps, the Mercers and Peter Theil will foot the bill for such provincial swag.

  2. This will be more about enshrining color blind meritocracy than protecting White people. Assuming anything even happens of course. This could just be another hysterical leftoid war cry.

  3. I’m sure it’s nothing more than one of those amazing coincidences, but Israel is experiencing “clashes” over calls (no doubt by the parents of those who are military conscripts – including young women) to draft healthy, able-bodied young ultra-Orthodox men into the military. Who, BTW, are threatening to exodus from Israel if they are called up for the draft.

    I guess there is a consensus that major concessions need to be made to entice stale, pale European males just chock full of toxic masculinity to enlist.

    Or am I getting increasingly cynical in my old age?

    LOL, Onward Christian Soldiers, right?

    • Only if they are set to defend Christendom, and ‘shoot to kill’ all non-Christian, non-White enemies of the Anglo State….

      “With the cross of Jesus, going on before!”

  4. I don’t know whether it is applicable to promote protection from anti-white racism or anti-whiteism, although it would be highly desirable. Using rights against woke (or rather their weapons against themselves is fun).
    Wokism has shown that it may very well contradict and short-circuit in its witch hunt and its effort to enforce its agenda. For example when they say they welcome foreign immigrants (like Muslims) and at the same time have to cope with the fact that Muslims don’t like gender in schools and all the LGBTQ bullshit; another example when real feminists argue that trans people should not be compared to biological females and should not participate in the same races; last and recent example the fact that Canadian citizens of Indian descent have claimed the right to be able to utlize the swastika as their ancient symbol and have accused the government that would like to prevent them of “white supremacism.” ……….ironic that the woke will boomerang back against the woke.

    • @Marcel,

      The Muslims are the real conservatives, not Catholic Hispanics, or want to be White negroes.

      Tbh, Muslims are more conservative than the GOP has been in anyone’s living memory.

      How hilarious is it that the koshervatives in the retardican party cucks to jews who are the antithesis of what people consider “conservative values?”

      USA doesn’t even have enough European Whites of sound minds and bodies to use Weimar solutions to its Weimar problems.

  5. Sounds like a Trump con.He’ll get everyone to vote for him thinking Whites will finally get something to help us.Then he’ll worship his Jews like never before.

    • > Sounds like a Trump con.

      Cheetohead is easily the greatest con-man since Charles Ponzi. Arguably even greater. Look at his cult followers after he delivered them into the hands of their enemies. Kipling described them thus: The burnt Fool’s bandaged finger goes wabbling back to the Fire.

    • I don’t think that Trump himself is even aware of it.

      It is more like the smart people around Trump know that his base is animated by White identity grievance politics and want to use a second term to stokw those fires push forward in that direction.

      To his credit, Stephen Miller has been like a one man pro-White ACLU filing dozens of lawsuits since Trump left office. Miller has done a lot of good work in this area.

    • “Sounds like a Trump con.He’ll get everyone to vote for him thinking Whites will finally get something to help us.Then he’ll worship his Jews like never before.”

      Yeah, get the vote then screw the Voter.

  6. Not even “Fox Mulder” believes that goyslop of beyond the suspension of dis belief crock of shit.

    Just remember, Zion Don is still tied to his son in-law and other Chabad-Lubischers that want us enslaved, mongrelized, and dead.


  7. The CPUSA (D) won’t going that quietly.
    That’s what the imported Trojan Horse armies are for.
    Their prime directive is to burn it all down by any means necessary.
    In their delusion they think that external enemies are milquetoast like the pantywaist poseur pile of shit known as the Grand Old Politburo.
    No room for traitors.

  8. During ’15, ’16 I said over and over again,”This guy has promised every, single, day, everywhere he went that he would give us what no other politician EVER promised us. And that if he didn’t he would be the biggest back-stabber of all time. And we all would hate him like we never knew hatred before. Well…HE DIDN’T. And some 90+ percent think of him as if he had given us EVERYTHING HE PROMISED. Astonishing. A reality check that told us the majority of Whites are even stupider than we could ever have imagined.

    • Hence my above point about him being one of the greatest con-artists in recorded history. The worship of their victimizer is a long-established pattern. His faithful cult-followers cannot allow themselves to face the reality of his many betrayals. They’d have a serious mental breakdown if they did.

  9. One thing I would like to see Trump do, if he makes it, is to set up some kind of commission or tribunal to do something about county D.As and state attorney generals using their authority to conduct political vendettas against people they don’t like. Basically inventing felony crimes to go after somebody like Trump. This committee would have the authority to remove people like Alvin Bragg and Fanni Willis, they would either resign or be forced out.

    The right should try to preserve at least some of due process.

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