Ezra Klein Show: The Rise of Middle Finger Politics


I had a good laugh listening to this over the weekend.

It is Ezra Klein and John Ganz discussing the rise of rightwing populism from the 1990s to the 2024 campaign. I know David Duke personally. My father-in-law knew Pat Buchanan and Sam Francis. I have been around long enough to remember Murray Rothbard and Lawrence Auster.

We’re not in an “alt” or “dissident” phase anymore.


  1. Actually David Duke had political success in the late 1980’s and 1990s. The reason he succeeded was that before he wrote all these internet posts and did all these radio shows, it was plausible to believe that he was a Robert Byrd style story that changed all his views. But now that he’s aired all his views over the internet, he found much less political success when he tried to tie himself to the Trump campaign. I’ve corresponded with Duke (and Auster) online and received mail but never met them in person.

  2. “Middle Finger” politics where you sow “chaos” speaks to the incompetence of the right

    Successful people have plans, goals, strategies and then implement them. Trump supporters aren’t capable of that, so the best they can do is sabotage.

    Is the electoral equivalent of blacks burning down a city in frustration because they can’t do anything productive.

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