1. Right, you kill your Chinese roommates because you don’t want to date a fat girl. Right. Right.

  2. I know plenty of guys who successfully used dating apps. I’m not really seeing it. These aren’t special people, these are average guys succeeding with it.

      • Elliot Rodger was a weirdo and his actions are undefendable, but he was also very much a product of his time. If he had been born 100 years earlier, he wouldn’t have gotten laid either, but he certainly wouldn’t have grown up to become a killer. All the things that made him rage, such as seeing public displays of affection at school, being bullied by co-eds, women dressing provocatively, seeing white girls dating black boys, etc. would not have occurred back then. Hell, in his manifesto, he says that what pushed him over the edge and cemented his decision to commit a massacre was overhearing his younger sister have sex with her boyfriend at his mom’s house. I don’t think many teenagers were having sex at their parents’ house back in the early 1900s.

        Incels have always existed, but modern degeneracy is what is causing them to rage.

      • Guys who got with girls in one case, or got the attention of girls but then didn’t move forward with it but still got their attention in the other.

  3. Older and uglier but still not a virgin.
    The dreamy delightful delicious Bo Derek doppelganger who chose me boosted my morale for decades.
    And it was gooood!

    • Young men being invisible….?

      How about the hordes of older men flocking to Asia, finding women 40 yrs younger for companionship ?

    • The issue that no one will touch is integration.

      The high violence nature of a multiracial society creates an atmosphere of trepidation that prevents much of the once normal social interaction that’s conducive to friendship and mating. Many women have to go ‘cold bitch mode’ just to protect themselves from unwanted attention of the discoloreds, then it becomes habit.

      The jwz, via media and zog laws, have created a hostile alienated society.

      • “The high violence nature of a multiracial society creates an atmosphere of trepidation that prevents much of the once normal social interaction that’s conducive to friendship and mating. Many women have to go ‘cold bitch mode’ just to protect themselves from unwanted attention of the discoloreds, then it becomes habit.”

        Thats the point! You can’t destroy whites thru normal means.

      • Feminism transcends demographic issues. I remember my high school was all white and the girls were difficult and entitled.

  4. Learn from the Jews and the Hindus who have a higher per-capita income in the West. Learn from Mrs. Dashwood and Mrs. Bennet in Jane Austen.

    Match-making by families should do it! And, boys and girls, stop looking for the perfect soulmate.

    Girls, even if you are independent be happy if you have a man to warm your bed and to father your children.

    Overall, have babies! At this point in history, quantity trumps quality. Our descendants (if numerous enough) will take care of quality. Don’t worry if you cannot send your 6 kids to college and buy them the latest toys and fashions.

    • Unfortunately FEMALES are in charge of breeding now, which is why we are in this mess. They’re either not breeding (trying to be girlboss, or a lesbo) or race-mixing with brown scum. We are fucked until we can take their rights away.

    • Yeah, well, within the first five minutes of his video, Whatifalthist’s clip showing a black male / White female couple having a lover’s quarrel successfully incites my “irrational feelings” of tedium and disgust. Also, his vocal inflections are a turn-off. What audience does he think he is addressing? .

  5. Men age like wine, women like milk.
    Young women have an advantage over young men.
    The bottom 80% of young women can sometimes sleep with the top 20% of men.
    However, as these young women and young men age, the women’s value goes down while the men’s value goes up, especially if these young men are becoming successful.
    Plus men get more serious as they age, they play the field when they’re young, but as they age they want to settle down with someone, and not just anyone but the best woman they can get.
    Once most of these young women hit their 30s and 40s they’ll no longer have much, if any access to the top 20% of men, so they’ll have to settle for men of equal value.
    And as they get even older their value plummets while men’s value remains high, especially if they’re successful, well into middle and sometimes even old age.
    So what I’m saying is, it may seem like that to this kid, that women have this enormous advantage, but wait a few years or a decade, things even out for men in the long run.

    As for what men and women expect from each other, it all revolves around money, and men still earn 25% more money than women.
    A woman will expect a lot from a man who earns as much as her, however a man will expect a lot from a woman who earns less than him, and men still tend to make more money than women.
    When a man makes significantly more money than his woman, it’s very likely he will dominate the terms of the relationship.

    My attitude about men and women is everything tends to even out in the long run.

    • Most of this inequality you describe takes place during a woman’s years of prime fertility. It doesn’t matter if she reluctantly decides to settle for someone in her league in her 40s, by that point she’s out of the reproduction game. To say nothing of the psychic trauma and damage she’ll have accumulated during those years riding the “rooster carousel”, which make her a less stable and desirable partner.

      You’re probably older or comfortably in a relationship. This video isn’t just describing dating market asymmetries, it’s describing things that are historically unusual and and often a sign of problems ahead for the whole society. I think you’re being too cavalier about this.

    • Typical incel insanity a la gonzalo lira : Come and take a look at retirement homes, where elderly men are just as physically degraded as women, if not more so.
      Enough of this nonsense from men who aren’t attractive when they are young and who console themselves by inventing for themselves a future life of Casanovas!
      The only thing true in this pack of lies: men are not so limited in time to have children. Female infertility occurs rather early, especially among modern women damaged by contraceptives, abortions and debauchery.

      Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

      • I meant men’s Sexual value tends to go up as they age if they’re becoming successful, women’s sexual value tends to go down as they age even if they’re becoming successful.
        This is because by nature and to a lesser extent these days by nurture, men tend to value fertility and pliability in women, whereas women tend to value wealthy men and maturity in men.
        It’s not that women necessarily value old men, they don’t, it’s that they value the wealth and maturity that often comes from a man who’s several years older than them.
        If this wealth, maturity, dependability, proficiency and resilience isn’t present in older men, then they’d rather sleep with young men on a purely physical level.

      • Middle-aged men (fat and gray ones) are often attractive to teenage girls, I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t experience it myself. That’s reality, men didn’t make it up because they were chauvinists. It was typical in many parts of the world for women to marry men 10-20 years older, it’s important for white men to understand, that they should absolutely reject and avoid any group of feminist bitches, male or female, who would try to keep them from finding a younger spouse. You are under ZERO obligation to these used up 30 something whores!

    • Sigh

      I think we and you need to stop thinking of marriage and procreation in terms of just $ money .

      That s the Jew , Libertarian mind set that always destroys our community our White societies that are yes social , socialism .

      In the short term Whites thinking and acting like Jews can maximize their personal utility by employing , dating , marrying lower cost on Whites , using escorts instead of marrying and risking divorce and vaginamony .

      In the longer term it r communities , cities , states , societies go the way of Haiti , Algeria , Baltimore ir just Jew dominated Harvard and Yale , Hollywood or National Review .

  6. Young men.

    If you don’t get hitched early, fear not your mid 30s will be a good time either way. Life is best around that 30-39 period. You’ve still got your looks but now you’ve got money.

  7. Life isn t complicated

    Neither is dating and marriage

    The old ways work

    Start semi arrange marriages /dating

    Date, marry someone you respect s sister , daughter

    If she tries to hose you . It s on them .

    Also , learn popular forms of partner dancing

    That will give you two things you can enjoy with your woman

    • @Exalted Cyclops

      Simple fact: Some men are not physically attractive, or sexually desirable to women. Period. It means that any romantic inclinations, or a desire to be a husband and father, are not realistic expectations or goals. For such men, it hurts. But there’s absolutely nothing that can be done about it. Unfortunately.

  8. There aren’t enough incels in any one location, to revolt. Three guys in a rural county, and maybe 1K in a huge city, won’t cut it.

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