Senate Moves Toward Final Passage of Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan Aid

The final vote should be tonight or tomorrow evening.

It will be interesting to see how much more out of touch the Republican Senate is with Republican voters.


  1. “Do you want to be Chamberlain or Churchill?”

    Chamberlain !

    I like phoney wars, where soldiers just make funny faces at each other.

    • Easily the greatest grifter and con-man since Charles Pozi. Maybe even greater than Meistergrifter Ponzi himself. No matter how many times he knifes his base in the back, they scream in praise for MOAR! Enjoy the circus, zeks! The clowns are in full flower.

  2. It may be the greatest “CHUTZPAH” (extreme nerve, gall, insolence, supreme self-confidence, and shocking behaviour involving taking extreme risks and not feeling guilty about it) in world history: to be arming a part of Russia to destroy Russia, saying it intends to divide Russia up into at least seven different countries, and arming a part of China (Taiwan) to destroy and break up China and begin a new “Century of Humiliation” – while depending almost completely on Chinese labour and industry. the world’s greatest productive economy!

    The U.S. is the world’s greatest salesman who never takes “No!” for an answer and keeps coming back, and coming back, until he gets his bloody way with his crooked thieving deal!

    The U.S. has the Almighty Dollar and runs the cult of Mammon that has corrupted the world. I call it “Babylon the Great.” It is much worse, almost infinitely worse than the real Babylonian empire of old. When will this “Babylon” fall?

    You “all” should be proud of your college students who are “rioting” (protesting, standing up courageously) against imperialism at the expense of their records and careers, but you White Nationalists say “the protests are Jewish,” and you rejoice when Jewish student protesters against the U.S.-Israeli genocide are arrested and expelled. You would openly praise the extermination of Palestine if it wasn’t being done by Jews (the U.S.’s colonial proxies) and you would support the destruction of Russia if Zelensky and the oligarchs weren’t known to be Jewish.

    • Lol. I bet more than 2/3 of the country doesn’t even know what the hell these idiots are even talking about in relation to ww2 (a war none of these warpigs fought in either).

  3. “see how much more out of touch the Republican Senate is with Republican voters”:

    Out of touch? Republican voters are JUST AS out of touch with REALITY, as their so-called “representatives,” thanks to the lying imperialist propaganda that they are constantly stuffed with from cradle to grave, and thanks to the universal. all-encompassing censorship that starves them of all real truth, combined with the consumerism stunting their intelligence, killing even their common sense, I hear that Republican poll workers stand at the polling places for the primary election telling people going in that the Democrats are SOFT on “the ones who are killing babies and chop their heads off” and soft on young people being allowed to “riot”(protest) on campuses. This is evidently known to be a very effective appeal, tapping a strong belief created in the masses that Muslims are terrorists, and that college student protests on behalf of “the baby-killing head choppers” are misguided, even criminal. Therefore I think the Republican party is in perfect touch with its fully-deluded, conservative, system-conserving base.

  4. “It will be interesting to see how much more out of touch the Republican Senate is with Republican voters.”

    As long as Jewish interests are catered to, nothing else matters.


  6. That old war is good for the economy trope.
    If you are under comrade commissar FDR and need to get out of a serious bankster engineered depression then yes it works.
    That model is obsolete just like the stale oppressed/oppressor ideology of a 19th century German Satanist bum out to burn down the world while prattling on about some workers utopia.
    Let this steaming fourth world turd geriatric gynocracy burn to the ground.

  7. Dang nab it Trump is supporting Johnson and has basically green lit this Globalist American Empire bill.

    Not sure I can stay on the Trump train. May be switching over to RFK Jr. It is like a protest vote of a protest vote I made in 2016.

  8. A man of his word?—–

    “My position has not changed. My demands have not changed. We should not send a dime to Ukraine until our borders are fully secure.”

  9. I’ve said it before. American boots will wind up on the ground. So get out your yellow ribbons and car window flags. And for the more timid, “I don’t support the war, but I support the troops” is a handy line.

  10. Victory for the ****ing scumbag warpig welfare state and their career geezer shit heels. Great touch with the flag waving and empty victory speeches, in a way I’m glad, all the traitors are proudly waving their real flags for all Americans to see. I’m really warming up to Marge too, her response was quite good.

  11. I forgot to ask if this is the same chamber where the ltigbq+p mafia staffers had very gay relations leaked to the public?

  12. Out of touch with voters? Voters are not stakeholders. Dominion can take care of that rabble. Right in touch with the little hats? Yes. That’s all that matters. The little hats will get you re-elected.

    Most or all of those Red Edomite Senators that spoke have no fear of the voters. They know the Republican primaries are rigged. Dealing with Moscow and Bejing, that is what they fear. And they should.

  13. Chamberlain, by the way, was the asshole who started World War 2, with his insane guarantee to Poland. He was gone by the time it all blew up, but he lit the fuse.

  14. What will be interesting is what will happen when the U.S. Govt. brings back conscription. Will the wogs be conscripted: blacks, women, trannies and other freaks too? After all it’s “Our Democracy” at stake so I guess it means everyone is subject to conscription.

    Blacks simply won’t comply and will burn the bitch down first. The wogs will just melt away and suddenly forget how to speak English. They always remember how to speak English when it’s time for them to get paid though. The Usual Suspects will be de facto if not de jure exempt.

    The Govt. will exempt women from military service rather than face open rebellion from millions of fathers, brothers and other relatives. Women are exempt from Selective Service registration anyway so there is legal precedent. The trannies and other freaks will also be skipped over.

    This leaves one group the Govt. will make every effort to conscript and will not brook any resistance from: White, Christian males. The military’s diversity effort has been successful in filling the ranks with the Third World and driving out White males. Now military competence is falling and the Govt. wants an effective military to fight for Our Greatest Ally and needs White males to be successful.

    This will be sort of a Darwinian IQ test for Whites. Cooperate with the Govt. and end up like one of the guys on TV commercials crippled by war; you have failed the test. Do like Trump, Biden, Clinton Bush II, Rush Limbaugh, John Bolton et al. and avoid dangerous military service and you have passed the test. There are no make up tests either, one chance only to get it right.

  15. Rejoice though, at least *** ****ing in federal buildings is proudly legal coinciding with everything else being upside down….

  16. Here is your alt-right. a Christ killing Irish scumbag leading you around by the nose—–

    “I am not a moderate, I’m a fighter,” Bannon said. “And that’s why I’m proud to stand with the state of Israel. That’s why I’m proud to be a Christian Zionist.” Steve Bannon 2017

    The Irish are not Christians, They hate the innocent. They have sold out Christ and are no better than a common street whore.
    Mike Johnson’s dad was a fire fighter, name was Patrick. Tell us about the treacherous nature of Irish blood, we need to hear more……or have you had enough of this gutter filth?

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