Uniparty Ushers In Dreaded Authoritarian “Fascist USA” To “Stand With Israel”

As many astute observers have noted, dumb leftwing college students can protest pretty much anything on campus and get away with it … capitalism, “white supremacy,” misogyny, “the patriarchy,” transphobia, settler-colonialism, Confederate monuments, Christopher Columbus, etc. No one cares.

OUR GREATEST ALLY, however, is sacrosanct.

Suddenly, the jack boot of the police state has come down on college students in both Red States and Blue States. There is no difference between Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Greg Abbott.


  1. The schools and local police, whith the backing of the fed are putting these kids up to this nonsense. There is some agenda at play, these brats shutdown the Golden Gate Bridge for hours leaving Californians stranded on the bridge while the police showed up to protect the activists from angry commuters and providing the activist brats with sustinence while they delicately removed the little shits from the apparantly time consuming elaborate protest setup they were apparatly alloud to construct on a major highway. At the same time similiar events shutting down major thoroughfares in multiple states took place and yet this is somehow not “organised crime”, total fed and corrupt state backed bullshit.

    • No sorry but the Fed doesn’t protest Jew kikes.They are the Jew kikes.And I support any group who protests the Jews.The Yankee Jews in California having to sit in traffic a few hours is just a bonus.Sounds like you love Israel and its Satanic pentagram flag.

  2. “dumb leftwing college students”:

    Most of them are preparing for lucrative careers, so they are mostly profit-oriented or business-oriented, not left-thinking. Being “woke” is not being left as such.

    If the U.S.’s college students are “dumb” (stupid), then the REST of the U.S. population, which does not oppose imperialist war and genocide is even “dumber.”
    I give the U.S.’s “dumb” college students great praise for their active opposition to imperialist war and genocide, which White Nationalists are MUCH too dumb to oppose! Ignorant WN’s are LAUGHING at the college students as they are being beaten, suspended and hauled away, and the MOST stupid (and evil) WN’s are saying “now is the time for us to ally with Israel.” By “allying with Israel,” WNs can distinguish themselves as the good CONSERVERS of the system that they really are, and may hope to receive some reward for their service.

    “Right” always means REACTION – reacting against revolution, to conserve the class system. Revolution NEVER comes from the far right, or from the moderate right or from the fake “left.” Now is a time that tries men’s souls, to see which side (there is no “third side”) you really stand on.

  3. What a revealing of who really runs the steaming fourth world Weimarbabwe.
    External enemies are licking their chops and preparing for easy pickings.
    Like the censored LMFAO teevee version of Scarface…this town (country) is like a great big chicken just waiting to get plucked.

    • I have been saying this also charlie.The Jews do the bidding of their father in Hell,and he wants murder and perversion.The Jews gathering money and power is only an ends to achieving the Satanic goal.The Bible clearly says this will occur.And most of my fellow Christians somehow take the side of the demonic Jews who bring us porn,race-mixing,mass immigration,taking the Lord and His Son from millions,feminism,trannies,and any sick or perverted thing imaginable. Never give in.God bless and keep you.Christ is my Lord.Jesus is the key.

  4. Most people even wise to the (((JQ))) will never know what the two blue lines in the Israel flag represents?

    The blue lines represent rivers from the Nile to Euphrates
    With the Star of David being now present day Israel.

    Know you know ?

    Win !

    • Yes,
      But notice a subtle difference, the flag extends beyond the two blue lines, the blue lines aren’t on the border of the flag.

      Their territorial ambitions go beyond the two rivers,

    • The Catholic Church. It provides more support for immigrants, refugees, asleep, and lobbies for more open borders than all of the Protestant and Jewish groups combined.

      • Agree.And I have lately seen several so-called traditional women in the news bragging about converting to Catholicism as if this is some great new way.Anyone who wants to be taught or preached to by a bunch of sexual perverts is truly lost(and they mostly seem to be women).To see the Pope and his bunch of fags would lead any rational White man to run as far as he could from those abominations.Good comment.God bless you.

        • Perfect example is Hunter’s new favorite Dutch chick, Eva Vlarblahblahblah. Her grandfather was a noted Protestant theologian. But, she apparentely got Jungle Papist fever from her love affair with Theirry Baudet, Dutch MP for FVD. From that affair,, Eva began her journey to being the new Papist Pet among the Nationalists.

          Thierry is descended of Catholic Walloon’s who immigrated to Dutch Netherlands to flee being conscripted into Napoleon’s armies. They eventually moved to the Dutch East Indies, where some of his Dutch colonial settler line married out into the Indonesians. They did pretty well for themselves. But in the middle 20th century got totally phucked by the Japanese, as almost all White Colonial settlers did in the Far East during WWII. After Truman abandoned the Dutch cause and Jungle Niggerism took over, his family lost what remained of their wealth and fled back to Dutch Netherlands. His Catholicism was nominal and he eventually pursued a more mystical approach.

          For a backsliding Protestant blonde bombshell with a conservative Protestant background that only recently slowly embraced neoliberal cosmoshittery, like Eva, this was like presenting catnip to a feline. They banged like monsters for awhile, and Thierry set her up in “The Movement.”

          A surveillance-recruitment agent for the Catholic Deep State found this out and sent an infiltration agent from Nick’s Sussy Squad (Its a team of trannies and effeminate incels he uses for techspionage and sexspionage, to set up a discord chat with FVD, and “interested Americans.” Here Eva was introduced to Nick’s rightwing edge lordism and she soon jokingly and then gleefully engaged in being a psuedo neo nazi blonde bitch repeating his bullshittery.

          The publication of these conversations, (by Nick’s himself thru his contacts with the far left) embarrassed the FVD. The party chose to censor Eva, who promptly quit the party. Nick’s Papist overlords were waiting and quickly got her involved with their network and that’s how her speaking engagements appeared almost overnight in Europe.

          In turn, they introduced to her, Will Witt, a contributor to Papist controlled American Conservative magazine. Thru Will’s Papist American network, Eva was introduced to American audiences. She did relatively well. With this proven success they arranged a marriage between Will and her. But first she had to denounce the Protestant faith of her forefathers which she did with gusto. With, so much gusto she joined an unpublished Catholic organization, took laity vows, and even changed her name to Joan. We believe the organization was Opus Dei.

          Sorry for the long winded response, but it serves to underline the gravity of my incessant points regarding Papists and the existence of other conspiratorial ethno-religious groups besides “Duh, Jews.” Especially as so many of these Papists have taken over major sections of the Deep State and are now pursuing a blatantly sectarian political objective. Also, to your point of the obvious incoherence of having notoriously perverted Palist clergy using sexual relations as a tool in their play-set. Again, people like Nick Fuentes are part of a patter for a reason.

          Therefore, getting Eva, a scion if a prominent Protestant Dutch family was definitely a coup for the Papists. They hate the Dutch Protestant’s with a particular fervor due to their joint success with the English, at essentially toppling the Catholic Spanish Hapsburg Empire, by freeing most of Flanders and obliterating most of Catholic East Asia.

          Note, the Mayflower Pilgrims were Protestant Soldier-missionaries who arrived from Flanders in 1620 where they had been supporting the Dutch in their 30 plus year war of independence from the tyranny of the Anti-Christ. That was a brutal long war of attrition equal to our WWI and the current front in Ukraine. Getting Eva is considered a major coup by those Romans. They have long memories. But so do we.

    • True Arrian.The Jew is a misshapen doughy monster with blood dripping from its fangs.Their time is close and they tremble.Christ is coming soon.God bless you.

  5. Sean Hannity and the Conservitards got their “W Bush At Ground Zero” moment yesterday when the blue-eyed goyim frat boys successfully defended Old Glory at UNC Chapel Hill. Uncle Adolf used to talk about out how skilful the jews are at deftly manipulating an argument until at some point you don’t even remember what the original argument was about. So now protesting the genocide of Palestinians has morphed into Holocaust II and even more suppression of Free Speech because of some bad words spoken about the jews.

    • Right Ringo.Hannity is as sickening as his Jew masters.The Jew pentagram flag and the Yankee flag are a natural fit.Just like my two beloved banners of the CSA and the Third Reich.Theirs represent Satan and mine represent all that is good and pure and of God.Good comment.God bless you.

  6. To be honest, I don’t give a shit about either side.
    On the Australian nightly news this evening, there was this trannie protesting on behalf of Muslims in Gaza. Oh the irony. I guess if it went to Gaza in person, the Muslims would roll out the red carpet for it….
    The fact remains that the trifecta of the Jews, Muslims and white left, all hate the West and ordinary whites. The white Left opposing Israel, are not actually pro you and me. They ALL hate us.
    The West should play no financial or military role over there. I DON’T care about them.

    • It’s easy to have some ridiculous opinion about the fighting in the Near East when one is thousands of miles removed from it. The only proper reaction from the great, uninformed, unwashed should be: “It’s none of our business, it’s thousands of miles away, in foreign lands, a foreign dispute, stay out of it.” Both sides in the latest troubles in the Near East want us dead, six feet under, we have no friends or allies there, only enemies.

      A pox on both their houses and even more so on the scumbag politicians in the West for their corruption and moral cowardice, all of them.

        • Yes Goose, except that we are the ones who always lose something also. This latest stunt with the pier the U.S. Army is building in Gaza, I have read it will be 1,800 feet long, is a potential target for bad actors: Hamas, Mossad, free-lance lunatics etc. It’s enormously expensive, paid for as an additional expense on top of all the money already being shoveled into Our Greatest Ally’s bank accounts.

          It is also a wedge for regular U.S. Army combat troops to enter the battle. The worst insult of course will be that traffic will go two ways; food in and “refugees” i.e. future terrorists out to the U.S. Nothing good has ever come out of that part of the world. If the West had decent, occasionally honest politicians with an ounce of moral courage, truly interested in their own countries’ best interests, none of this shit would be happening.

  7. Who rules, we are all going to get to see. Is it the Jews and their money or Christ and his morality. We shall see.

  8. Please pardon my language, but fuck the united states: a satantic exporter of death, degeneracy and murder, a lapdog for a brutal fascist ideology and an enemy of everything that is good, true and beautiful. And damnation and curses to Mike Johnson and his cowardly party and the people they work for: AIPAC. And fuck Trump with his “support israel more” bullshit.

    The USA is a worn-out whore stripped of assets, an international pariah, a crime against humanity. The blood of the Southern women and children murdered by Sherman will have redress.

  9. “the jack boot of the police state has come down”:

    It certainly came down on the May Day marches in Paris and other places yesterday. The Left is being attacked everywhere in every way. Today, I see that the U.sury S.ystem’s militarized police are firing rubber bullets (which have caused severe injuries, brain damage and permanent blindness) into the UCLA encampment, at this very moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5hiAMOWoOU The U.S. has also deployed its covert forces of PRO-Zionist “counter-protesters” (Antifa) to attack the genuine, anti-genocide demonstrators. Note well that Antifa never opposes Zionism and the genocide of Palestine. Antifa attacks those who protest against Zionism and genocide, just like “ISIS” (or “Al Qaeda”) never attacks Israel but only attacks the victims of Israel. The fake “left” counter-protesters and so-called “radical Islam” are proxy forces of the Right.

    • It is true, the International Aryan elite in the West managed to guide the International Left (BLM, Antifa, Islamo-Commies) into supporting Islamo-Jihadis, thereby becoming associated with terrorism, genocide, and anti-Zionism all at the same time.

      This gave us the political capital to slam down on the Left with brute force. We even managed to use vigilantes to do it, almost all of whom were what you guys call Goyim. Sadly, because of Papist counter-signalong on the right and attempts to dominate the movement, the International far right was mostly left out. Maybe they can go to some sad little pub in Armagh and get diddled by Keith O’Brian aka Keith Wood and his Bishop’s finger.

      • “the International Aryan elite in the West managed to guide the International Left (BLM, Antifa, Islamo-Commies) into supporting Islamo-Jihadis”:

        Those proxies of the ruling Class (or as you call it, the international Aryan elite) are NOT supporting Palestine!

        “slam down on the Left with brute force”:

        It’s happening. The war of The Right against The People is really never-ending. The Right (the ruling class and its proxy forces, including the fake left) will engage in any brutality, and lying deception, stopping at nothing to maintain its rule. The system doesn’t fear and doesn’t really oppose the far right such as White Nationalism. The LeFt is the only real threat to the system besides natural disasters or acts of God.

        A.G.B., you are the most consistent and “honest” commenter on the White Nationalist side on this site.

        • Thank you. However, I would like to point out that most of the system is detached now from its earlier conservative white nationalist moorings. My sides’ attempts to change that are barely working. So, you are right the current ruling class and its neo-liberal system doesn’t fear us much. It fears the Left more.

          That system, which is more liberal than conservative from my viewpoint (maybe not yours) was waiting for this opportunity for some time. The liberal-left professors have been scared shitless of the rise of leftism and wokism on campus. They’ve been eating for an excuse to clamp down and get control of their mutinous pets.

          Equally so, our side knew this moment was coming. But, so did the Papist Gay Grand Inquisitor, who was actually interested in seeing his far right followers associated with these far leftists, smashed, and then reforged into whatever far out social engineering those meddling Roman priests and their dynasts are up too. This has been a years long battle to find, fix, detach the broader infiltrators into the far right.

          So, thanks to our activities, the far right wasn’t much involved in Nick’s entrapment scheme in the campus. But, then the far right werent involved in supporting the crackdown either. Thus, I’d call this recent political battle with the Papists and neo-liberals a strategic draw, but it was a tactical victory in our viewpoints in damaging the far left just prior to Trump’s second coming.

  10. Dear Lord- Destroy this Judaized, Antichrist nation, and all of the satraps, oligarchs, politicians, lawyers and other JEWS for Thy Dear Son’s sake- Exact revenge on the race that killed Our Lord Jesus Christ, O Lord! Smite the Wicked.

    “We’re Jews, and if we’re Jews, we will ALWAYS have DUAL LOYALTY.”- Jonathan Pollard: Jew, American Traitor, Israeli citizen, Criminal

    ” JEWS inherit the blood-guiltiness of their fathers and are for that reason, for all ages, stained with the blood of Christ. When the Jews stretch forth their hands in prayer, they only remind God the Father of their sin against His son. – St. Basil the Great, 4th Century.

    “INDEED… the DEICIDAL CURSE is still upon the Jew. The Deicidal blood curse is still unrepented of and confirms the Jews in a murderous disposition with the wrath of God upon them. This can be seen in the Jews’ penchant to criticize, to continually find fault, that is, to tear down all existing orders, especially the Christian Order of Western Civilization.” – Br. Nathanael Kapner

    • I can give orders of magnitude more statements by Papists claiming their loyalty to the Papacg comes first than your hated enemy, Jews. Lets start with yourself.

    • Father John,

      On the slimmest of chances that your deity hears.your prayers. This is the one I hope it grants.

  11. Asiatics conducting warfare on our land, thousands of miles away from Southwest Asia.

    What would the Founding Fathers say?

  12. Dementia Joe must support Our Greatest Ally because of their death grip on the Democrat Party through bribery, control of the Lügenpresse and Epstein type blackmail.

    Trump must support Our Greatest Ally because of their death grip on the Republican Party through bribery, control of the Lügenpresse and Epstein type blackmail.

    The only difference between the two is that the Democrats have the misfortune of being in the White House when this clusterfuck exploded. If Trump were Mr. President now he would be in the exact same position as Dementia Joe, condemned for supporting genocide and required to support Our Greatest Ally at the same time.

    When U.S. troops are deployed and taking casualties the political equation will change drastically. Support for Our Greatest Ally will drop to zero amongst the public but remain steadfast in the ruling class and the Lügenpresse. Heighten the contradictions, especially when Dementia Joe runs out of troops. What will Trump say then, before (s)election day in November?

  13. Even Stevie Wonder can see that America is utterly under unrestrained jewish power, influence, and privilege.

    David Duke was 109% correct to call this talmudic abomination ZIG decades ago

  14. @Hunter

    Hunter, just think, if you and other Dissident Rightist, hadn’t demobilized your cadres and liaisons with street protesters  and defenders of the broader rightwing, you all could’ve gained traction by coordinating with the Zionists and beating the crap out of BLM-Antifa-Jihadis. The Left is taking serious hits with this stance against Israel. Its disrupted their Coalition of the Fringes, Biden’s approval numbers are tanking, and the wider public is trying to decide who is the good guys: the Pro-Zionist International Right or the Anti-White International Left. You in contrast won’t even register, except perhaps as a secret Anti-White International Leftist.

    As it is, you and most of the Dissident Right, who claim to be preserving and promoting the “Whiteness” of Western Civilization and “Americana,” are at best uninvolved in these political conflicts. The result will see you all marginalized, outside in the cold, as the battle lines against the Left are coming together by other people. In fact, its almost like you would rather align with the Left than do anything productive to stop them.

    In contrast, groups you all formerly aligned with like the Proud Boys and other Patriots are showing up at these campuses to beat the crap out of the left, their vile nigger loving wiggers, Islamo-Commie lesbians, Far Left Professors, BLM thugs, and Islamo-Jihadis in a battle over the Giagantic America Pie. https://youtu.be/myU81w93Uu4?si=Zj1UJU1Tsjmf1UOL. As a result those Patriot Proud Boys and other non Papist anti-Nick Fuentes right wing groups will not be targeted in the future by the feds. Instead they will have earned potent allies in the fight against the International Left.

    Most Dissident Rightists however will be even more marginalized than ever being both persecuted for defending “Whiteness” like Confederate War Dead Memorials, Christopher Columbus Monuments and for attacking “Duh, Jews.” Simultaneously, you all will still be persecuted for not joining with the International Left, and even more so for attacking Israel. Talk about being self destructive. https://youtu.be/UoergU8i5VY?si=nxC_ZrUOAqjddRCJ

    I always said your critique of past street actions in support of “Americana” was misplaced as was the vociferous critique of “Duh, Jews.” In reality, those past street actions pushed the far right out of its isolationism. It also got the public discourse to start talking about our issues, including Leftwing Jewry. They showed that Americans were not yet without a voice. It scared the Leftist Establishment to no end and brought attention to many organizations.

    Therefore, disbanding these street movements following Charlottsville represented an unneeded retreat. For the next few years the Left ran amok in America on behalf of Niggers, Masks, and Lockdowns. It took a few years for us Aryan elite to get Patriots mobilized up to stop rioting in our controlled safe spaces. The Dissident Right, which for years had engaged the street Left in cosmo shitholes, was nowhere to be seen at this crucial moment thereby missing a great opportunity for aligning the historic American nation and the Patriot movement with themselves.

    The last few years have seen those rightwing patriot groups set up conversations with Israelis to work out differences and come to mutual understanding. But, the remnants of the AltRight and Dissident Right, misled by people like Nick Fuentes, Keith Woods, Kanye West, etc went down an epic GLOBAL train wreck promoting Israeli conspiracy and nazisymping long past the point of any meaningful political return.

    It reached apogee with the Gay Papist Grand Inquisitor Fuentes, issuing a fatwa last year declaring Holy War against Jews and Israel behind a swirling toilet of pee. This just prior to the Oct 07 Massacre by Hamas. He’s been declining into non entity status ever since, and thanks to us, being cut off from one after another of his political connections. The only problem is, thanks to you guys supporting Fuentes for so long, he is considered a spokesgirl for the Dissident Right. So, while he is more irrelevant than ever now, the Gay Grand Inquisitor will continue to be a thorn in the side.

    Likewise, VDare, just held its conference and no one cared. Despite being the standard carrier for our victory in politics over the immigration issue, they’ve been slowly leaning ever more into insanity by associating with the likes of Fuentes and his MI5 handler Keith Woods. The result is they lost the opportunity to link their Americana and immigration issues with what everyone else is focused on like Israel, Middle East, Ukraine, and the Border, and all duringq an election year.

    Thus, PB, who has apparentely abandoned his historic Anglo-Saxon Protestant ancestors and become a Papist, decided to highlight the immigration aspect of the conference with keynote speeches by Papist fellow travellers of Nick Fuentes, like the “Italian Stallion” James Kirkpatrick (he’s really Italian and likes to brag about it) and notorious Anti-Semite, Anti-Zionist, Anti-Israeli, crypto-Fenian bastard and Papist Anglophobe, Keith Woods.

    The laters speech was riddled with subtle digs at Protestants and Britishness, like calling Ulster, the North of Ireland, and comparing old British Protestant migration into old Ireland to present day immigration into America by Niggers, Spics, Wogs, and Collies. All the while with PB smiling next to Wood’s lanky MI5 subversive agent frame. Lame. You guys are often seriously tone deaf on the political movements happening around you due to this focus on “Duh, Jews” and the desire to keep promoting young meat to show your relevancy, without properly vettinf them, whether it was Richard Spencer then or Keith Woods now (real name Keith O’Brien).

    In sum, despite seeing the larger Anti-Whiteness Jihad being waged against White Christian Civilization, Anglo-Protestant power, and British American identity, you guys on the Dissident Right are aligning with those who promote such genocide. At the VDare conference, Steve Sailer as usual made the most sense and correctly identified the Anti-White hate that is spreading around the country and how that is adversely effecting Jews. He said this presents an opportunity for the Rightwing to join with the Israeli Rightwing. Unfortunately, most of the American Far Rightwing is too stupid (and Catholic) to see this. They could’ve and should’ve linked tearing down Confederate Memorials to the War Dead, Christopher Columbus Monuments, and replacing European Nations and the Ethno-relgious identity of America, with this bitch. Instead they want to larp for her Islamo-commie b.s. Idiots. 

  15. Piss on a grave of anyone who served in the military in the European Theatre of Operations during WWII foe the (((all-lies))).

    My they rest in piss.

    • Nah, they are all up in the heavens passing down on you mate. Next time bird shit falls on you, it came from gramps.

    • I understand the anger. My former Lutheran Pastor came from a family in Canada who changed their German name when WW1 came around and a couple of them volunteered to go and fight their cousins(for what?). Absolute stupidity. I reserve more anger for idiots like that. WW1 was really the originator of the Israel problem(Balfour declaration), and Chapter 1 of what looks like the beginning of the end for Whites.

  16. Decades ago (around the time Big Pats ‘Death Of The West’ came out) Stephen Steinlight and Michael Weiner (Savage) were warning that too many Arabs were being let in.

    They were right and now this multi-culti Globalist American Empire has some real internal problems. This ZOG may be heading into a bog.

  17. Even if the universities instantly and totally divested from Israel, it would only transfer ownership of the investments and have no lasting effect. The protestors should be targeting media, corporations, federal government and jewish groups.

    Are any “good jews” at the leadership level of these protests leading down a blind ally?

    • > Are any “good jews” at the leadership level of these protests leading down a blind ally?

      Plenty. Most paid 7000 per event by Soros and other NGOs.

  18. Most had no idea of what they were fighting for and mistakenly believed they were fighting for their country. Smedley Butler told them the truth just before they got drafted to die for the real (((slave-power))). Like so many prophets before him, the ‘marine’s marine’ (twice awarded the medal of honor) was ignored and spurned. Soft pretty lies always appeal more than hard truth. Patton seems to have figured it out at least in part late in the game but they conveniently arranged an ‘accident’ to deal with him.

    • Personally, I am glad my grandsire straffed and bombed the Berchtesgarden and almost killed Hitler (although unknowingly thereby botching a SAS Commando assault which assuredly would’ve killed him).

      I am 100% sure he still thinks he did the right thing. As did all seven other grand uncles and cousins who fought in the ETO, all gunfighters on the front line, in the air, on the ground, or both. God bless the two who died taking Normandy and Pegasus Bridge.

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