Time: Donald Trump on What His Second Term Would Look Like

I would take this with a grain of salt.

I think it is important to have very low expectations.

I will say though that this vision is an improvement over Trump’s 2020 “KAG” campaign.


“Donald Trump thinks he’s identified a crucial mistake of his first term: He was too nice.

We’ve been talking for more than an hour on April 12 at his fever-dream palace in Palm Beach. Aides lurk around the perimeter of a gilded dining room overlooking the manicured lawn. When one nudges me to wrap up the interview, I bring up the many former Cabinet officials who refuse to endorse Trump this time. Some have publicly warned that he poses a danger to the Republic. Why should voters trust you, I ask, when some of the people who observed you most closely do not? … ”

I linked to Scott Greer’s VDARE speech above.

Scott makes the case for a Trump victory in the 2024 election.

It is not the case that I would make. I was blackpilled and exhausted with Blumpf and stayed home in 2020, but I am considering voting for him in 2024. I do hope he wins.

As maddening as the Blumpf presidency was for us (browse the archives), I have remind myself that he ultimately succeeded in bringing down immigration levels. He succeeded in crushing Con, Inc. He succeeded in “moving the Overton Window” and making the Alt-Right or Dissident Right an anachronism. He succeeded in changing the base of the party and purging some of the worst people in Congress. He succeeded in changing the Supreme Court and scored some wins on affirmative action and abortion. The economy was better than it is today. The border was in better shape than it is today. We were not mired in a dangerous proxy war with Russia. Even Israel was not as out of control as it is today.

In my view, Biden’s failures and intentions for a second term – none of which are good – currently outweigh the failures and disappointments of Blumpf’s first term. Trump aims to do all sorts of things which are well-intentioned, but unlikely to happen like mass deportations. I also don’t see how he will accomplish much of anything when Republicans lose the House because of Mike Johnson. The most likely scenario after 2024 is a Trump presidency, a Republican Senate and a Democratic House.

Trump is also a wrecking ball who is destroying the legitimacy of the system. See the FBI and DOJ. The current show trials are radicalizing his supporters. Basically, he is a lightning rod and he is going to be around anyway, so I hope something positive comes out of it. The collapse of the Alt-Right after Charlottesville was also the big blackpilling moment of 2016-2020. I had a lot of energy invested in that, but I am over it now. I have a different view of that period now that emotions have cooled and years have passed. I have no desire to physically insert myself into the inevitable anti-Trump backlash.

I’m still on the fence about voting. I haven’t made any decisions. I need to know who will be running for what office in my state. Trump is going to win Alabama anyway.


  1. Donald Trump may or MAY NOT be our hope for better future. Hè’s hard to read, but he’s what’s available NOW !

  2. In the ultimate Kabuki mind melt he will be the crackdown portion of Anarcho-Tyranny if (s)elected?
    Making helicopters great again would be the only silver lining?
    There is no savior, save your self.

  3. “current show trials are radicalizing his supporters”

    Of which, they are now going after the audit firm for DJT corp.
    They are trying to cripple him from every imaginable direction.
    This is all very jwzish, not just one direct attack on a single serious issue, but dozens of attacks from many, seeking chinks in the armor.

    This is the same method they are using on WHITE nations, mass POS immigration, WHITE guilt, toxic feminism, ruined schools, destroyed neighborhoods, perv agenda etc.

    Death of a thousand cuts.

  4. Everyone with any political sense knows it would look almost entirely like a Biden administration, except for on a few cultural war issues like bathrooms, pronouns and rainbow flags, that ultimately don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things.
    Like Biden Trump is a corporatist/crony capitalist, the rich will continue to get richer at the expense of the working poor.
    The fake security and surveillance state will continue to expand at the expense of our rights, freedoms and actual security.
    The country will continue to be flooded with millions of nonwhites.
    We will continue to march towards WW3 with Russia and Iran over two disputed territories most Americans can’t locate on a map.

    • Deck chair feng-shui is always entertaining, from a certain point of view. The only serious question is who will bring about the empire’s collapse fastest: God-Emperor Cheetohead I or the present clown-in-chief Joey Shitpants?

  5. “I have remind myself that he ultimately succeeded ….”

    It’s not a binary world, all good or all bad.
    Trump has a few positive attributes and accomplishments.

    WN folks seem to have a savior complex, “I want someone who does everything perfectly at all times or I’ll just resign myself to total inaction”.

    That isn’t the real world.
    You won’t live long enough to see the Messiah.

  6. If some guy has lied to you thousands of times, would it be wise to put any stock in the word of that liar?

  7. “Trump is going to win Alabama anyway.”

    Yes, but please vote, and encourage your readers to vote for Trump. Thank you for taking the rational, and not impetuous, position on this. A strong segment of your readership have childish attitudes toward Trump, instead of rational, thoughtful positions. Some of your readers live in swing states. Encourage them to vote, and lead by example. Please!

  8. Excerpt from Trumps speech of January 6, 2021—–

    Now it is up to Congress to confront this egregious assault on our democracy. And after this, we’re going to walk down and I’ll be there with you. We’re going to walk down — (APPLAUSE) — we’re going to walk down. Anyone you want, but I think right here, we’re going to walk down to the Capitol — (APPLAUSE) — and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators and congressmen and women……


    WTF happened to him? He ran out on you that is what happened to him.

  9. Nor this A.I. translation of this historical person, perhaps might not sound too far off in today’s climate also:

    • I believe he is stupid and arrogant enough to be manipulated into a war with Iran this time around. In his mind, it would be a way to overcome the failed first term.

      • We may get there first under Dementia Joe’s administration. Of course, he is not making the decisions. Dementia Joe is sleeping on the couch in the Oval Office while those in charge promote their evil schemes. Time is short, they must strike soon before their opportunity slips away.

    • Almost certainly. But I have no choice. I feel I’m strangling on the Biden/dem evil. It’s called desperation.

  10. I am very much on the same page as you. Voted for DJT in ’16, refrained from voting in ’20. Likely I will not in November either. Sadly all the positive things that occurred in 2017 – 2019 will not be happening again should he be returned to office. The world has changed too much. But I do waver. No one deserves to lose re-election more than JR Biden and his loathsome administration. Maybe I can be persuaded between now and then, if only as a symbolic gesture. And I live in Wisconsin, very much a swing state.

  11. Allow me to be the devil’s advocate. If Trump wins want that send a message that we can vote our way out of this mess? Does that not just delay the inevitable so that when it comes America will be a lot more non-white than it is now.

  12. Tom Cullen was a prosecutor in Charlottesville who had some of our guys put away. Trump thought he did such a good job that he gave him a federal appointment.

    That’s too damn close to home for me to vote for that filthy shabboz goyim.

    • Cullen was one of the earlier examples of Trump knifing his supporters in the back. His second term will consist of even more – and even deadlier – examples. Zion Don is not for us. He serves the same spiritual entity his devil-worshipping daughter does.

  13. As you begin the week of “holocaust remembrance,” and Rafah is being bombed and butchered, remember how your Great White Hope (Donald Trump) ordered the change in legal interpretation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act to include “anti-Semitism” as a prohibited behavior for all programs that receive federal funding. Trump also told federal agencies to “consider” using the Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition that includes any negative criticism “of actions of the state of Israel” and “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of Nazis.” Read it: https://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/docs/qa-titleix-anti-semitism-20210119.pdf
    Trump is fully Right wing, perfectly in tune with imperialism including the U.S.’s most important colony and military base. Why would you think it possible for the leopard to change his spots in a second term?

    • Exactly why I won’t vote for him. I’m sick to my back teeth of these insufferable people and those who run interference for them. They have destroyed our country, society, morals, economy. They were the doctors who tortured and experimented on unsuspecting “patients” with MKULTRA. I could go on and on. Trump, supports them and his daughter married into their tribe. No thanks.

  14. Today, the U.S./Israel shut down Al Jazeera completely and raided its office in Jerusalem https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2024/5/5/netanyahu-government-votes-to-close-al-jazeera-channel-in-israel – and issued a warning that any other “journalism” corporations that go off the reservation of Zionist/U.sury S.ystem propaganda will also be shut down: https://www.middleeasteye.net/live/gaza-live-israel-war-rafah-humanitarian-crisis

    Playing “The Good Cop,” the U.S. put a brief temporary hold on an arms shipment to The Bad Cop: https://www.middleeasteye.net/live-blog/live-blog-update/us-stops-ammunition-shipment-israel-reports?nid=360211&topic=Israel%2527s%2520war%2520on%2520Gaza&fid=512971

    Would any of these things NOT have happened if Trump instead of Biden had been (s)elected as the U.sury S.ystem’s puppet figurehead in 2020? By participating (voting) in the system’s (s)elections, you give at least tacit consent to all of the crimes that are committed by it in your name, and at your expense (or with your share of the multi-trillion-dollar ever-expanding “national” debt). You seem to give credence to the fake “democracy,” suggesting its “elections” could be used or swayed by voting, and voting might do some good. If you do vote or want to vote, that means you love and want to conserve the system, because you certainly can’t VOTE your way out of it!

    You can work to conserve same old, evil system OR you can work to replace it with a new, entirely different, much better system. The choice is clear-cut, black or white, right or left. “Populism” is an illusion; there is no “third position,” no grey middle ground.

    • Always has been. Always will be. His entire fortune is a loan from the usual suspects. He’s nothing but a spoiled brat of a rich dad who made a pile as a real-estate racketeer in Jew York City. Daddy was another goyische-kopf for Kosher shearing of the herd and well-paid for his work on behalf of the Kosher Nosetra. Golden-Shower boy was bankrupt after about 20 years and had to obtain loans from the Kushner-Krime Family (not to be confused with Krispy-Kreme).

      The only case for Zion Don is that he’s so utterly retarded he would crash the Empire of Lies even faster than the retarded ventriloquist-dummy is. As HW has noted, more white folks have been jolted into seeing at least some parts of reality since Shitpants was installed than in the four long years of sellouts by the God-Emperor of Grift.

  15. The election will be better rigged against him than in 2020. If you are pro-White you shouldn’t want Trump in and you shouldn’t want him to bring peace and prosperity. Trump represents the safe kosher civil nationalism that normie Whites are praying will save their bacon without pushing them into a fight. That Jewry in its hubris throws this orange olive branch back in their goy faces is fortunate. The reinstallation of Biden and Kamala tells the ordinary White man that there will be no solution but total and unrelenting counter-judaic defiance.

    • @Brian,

      That is the truth.

      Removal of any vestiges of the old America that we have had ingrained in is through elderly relatives, Hollywood, and controlled media platforms is the first step to coming to terms that that “America” is gone forever or never really was what people thought it was.

      A second Biden-Harris puppet administration will cause incredible havoc with the better than not chance of overt US military intervention in jewkraine, a “Black Swan” economic crash much worse than the 2008 sub-prime loans Wall Street fiasco, and a not going back post-Constitutional USA.

      The breads and circuses are going to stop for White Americans, and austerity as bad or worse than The Great Depression for BIPOCs. Just remember that the last time such dire economic conditions existed, America was 90% White, and the last time American White citizens weren’t covered by the Bill of Rights was 1787.

      1984 and Hunger Games meets Brave New World.

  16. Don’t forget that President Trump oversaw the U.S.’s heaviest genocidal bombing of Yemen to date, and now the GOP and Fox News are in the lead pushing for complete, final, destruction of Yemen. The U.S. has killed Yemeni women and children by the thousands, just like Palestinian women and children are being killed by its bombs and shells in Gaza. Now, during “Holocaust Remembrance Week,” as the U.S.’s Israel proxy goes into Rafah, the U.S. and three or four of its other regional proxies are going into Yemen: https://www.mintpressnews.com/exclusive-yemen-braces-for-impending-massive-us-led-air-and-ground-campaign/287342/ Also this week, the U.S.’s two-decades-long imperialist hybrid war in Sudan (Sudan is one of the “seven nations” General Wesley Clark said “we will take out in five years”) is coming to a head, with a historic-scale massacre of women and children beginning in El-Fasher where millions of war refugees from other parts of Sudan have been sheltering. As always, the root of all this evil is the love of money, the worship of Mammon, pursuit of profit and total global monopoly, by about fifty families of “Aryan” Elites and their upper-class cohorts (the rest of the capitalist class, “The One-Tenth of One Percent”), and their upper middle class associates (“the one percent”). As the U.S. has printed on its paper money: the Almighty Dollar is the “god” that “America” REALLY worships or “trusts in.”

    • It is so “funny” that U.S. “news” media is saying the U.S. is “warning” and “concerned” about the current bloodbath in what’s left of Sudan (one of the “seven nations” General Wesley Clark said “we will take out in five years”) because the U.S. is the sole CAUSE of the current bloodbath, and all the other sufferings of the Sudanese over the last two or three decades. Everywhere you look around the world, U.S. imperialism is causing misery and death of the working masses, while enriching a few thousand “Aryan” elites (about fifty “Aryan” families) and their upper-crust and upper-middle class assistants and local oligarchs.

      While the U.S. homeland population’s myopic and short-span attention is focused on Holocaust Remembrance Week and on “Israel’s just war of defense against Hamas,” the (Un)holy Aryan global empire of the Almighty Dollar god is ratcheting up some of its other imperialist wars that you don’t see – hot, cold, financial, psychological, proxy and hybrid.

  17. Con Inc is your Jam. There’s no reason to try to justify it. We are as much on a plantation as the blacks.

    • Spot on, Victoria. Reactionary “Conservatism Incorporated” is his thing. The Plantation is almost worldwide now. Everything is “Saint-Domingue” now.

  18. Who is advising Blumpf these days on foreign policy, economics, immigration etc.? What role does Javanka play?

  19. You should’ve gone to the auctions. You could’ve got beach front property like I did. They allowed vetted Christians to take part. I am now a proud owner of beach front property near an existing resort as well as as a soon to be created artificial island offshore. It wasnt as cheap as I thought it would be and so had to get financed which an Israeli was happy to provide. I plan to invite an International Patriots meeting there in the near future. Nick Fuentes of course will not be invited. Not a joke.

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